My IMATS New York Experience & Haul

  My IMATS New York Experience & Haul

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by Blythe

Although I’d heard other Bloggers and Youtubers talk about IMATS New York, I’d never been. When I discovered the event would be going on during my upcoming NYC trip, I jumped at the chance to attend. Through a stroke of luck, or a glitch on their mobile system, I was able to snag a ticket for the already SOLD OUT Saturday event. I couldn’t wait to experience this unique event live and in-person.

If you’re not familiar with IMATS, it’s known as the world’s biggest gathering to discuss, display and collect the best the industry has to offer. It happens is cities around the world. Today, I am happy to be sharing my IMATS New York experience and haul with you.

IMATS New York – The Event

After watching some videos about IMATS, I made my plan. First, I did some research on the events that would be occurring during the day, as well as researched the different brands in attendance. I made a list on my phone of must-sees and maybes.

I also came to the conclusion it would be better to arrive at the venue a little later in the day. This would help minimize the time I would have to wait in line just to get inside. I highly advise this if you plan on going to any of the IMATS events.

IMATS New York - Venue

Upon arriving at Pier 94, I made a lap or two around the venue to get a general feeling for the event. I also wanted to find the booth locations of my must-sees and maybes. Some of the lines for booths like Kat Von D, Morphe, Anastasia of Beverly Hills, and Sigma were extremely long. Because I really wanted to visit brands I could not find anywhere else, I skipped those lines. I was also hoping to attend a panel later in the day and knew waiting in the lines might cause me to miss it.

One of the best things about IMATS New York is having the opportunity to see all the amazing displays of makeup artistry. The talent and skills it takes to create incredible makeup transformations were evident throughout the event. You can check out some examples in this Battle of the Brushes video from the IMATS New York website.

The Haul

My second favorite part of IMATS was discovering new brands and getting great deals on products. I picked up a couple of goodies from Belif, Bdellium Tools, Makeup Eraser, Frends Beauty and Pinkie Swear.

After hearing raves reviews and wanting to add some new brushes to my collection, I purchased the Bdellium Tools Golden Triangle Phase 1 Set. I was drawn to the gorgeous blue handles and the 50% off price tag.

IMATS New York - Haul

Next, I checked out the Belif and Makeup Eraser booths. After receiving a few samples from both brands, I was hoping to try out more products. I bought two full-size Makeup Erasers, for the price of one. I kept one and gave the other to a friend. Then I bought some Belif lotion for my niece and a travel skincare kit and face masks for myself. I’ve been using the travel skincare kit and I really love all the products. After I use up some of my current skincare I plan on buying some full-size versions.

The only line I waited in was for Frends Beauty. I did so only so I could pick up the Beauty Blender pack. For $30 I got two full-size Beauty Blenders, two minis, and a solid cleanser. I also received two free shadows for following Frends Beauty and Stilazzi on Instagram. It was a nice little perk during the long wait.

Finally, I discovered a new favorite, Pinkie Swear. As a lippie junkie I couldn’t resist their bold lip clip paints. The colors are beautiful, the packaging unique, and the formulation perfection.  (I’ll be sharing a full review of my new Pinkie Swear Clip Paints and Gloss soon.)

Overall, I’m really glad my NYC trip coincided with IMATS New York. Even though I did skip the panel because I was too tired from all the walking and shopping, I did enjoy my time at Pier 94.

Have you been to IMATS before? What brands would you wait in line to see?

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