Natasha Denona Mini Star Eyeshadow Palette!

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I’m jumping on the Natasha Denona band wagon beauties! If you recall, I tried the Mini Nude Eyeshadow Palette and loved it! I’ve been using it non-stop since I purchased it. When I spied the Mini Star Eyeshadow Palette at Sephora I immediately fell in love with the Olive shade and had to have the palette.

This limited edition Mini Star Palette includes five shades selected from the full-size Star Palette (18 shades, $169). The shadows are long-lasting, with excellent color payoff, thanks to a high percentage of pure pigments. The texture of the shades, both matte and shimmer is perfection. The shimmers have the perfect amount of shine but there is no glitter or chunky texture.

Extremely buildable and blendable, these shades will not crease, and I didn’t get any fallout. You’ll get more intensity with the shimmers if you use a wet brush or your finger.


Orion -green-brown duo-chrome

Atik -medium transition nude matte

Bellatrix -nude metallic

Earth -dark brown matte

Cosmo -sparkling golden olive

Cosmo is definitely the stand out shade for me. A stunning olive gold shimmer, it looks beautiful on any eye color. Orion is a beautiful duochrome with a brown base and blue/green shift. It is your typical blue/brown pigment shade Mac made famous years ago. Bellatrix is a pretty peachy beige shimmer. Atik is the perfect nude transition shade and Earth works impeccably as both a liner and an outer corner shade. I will say I found the shimmers in the Mini Nude Palette a bit creamier than in Mini Star Palette. The palette is also free of parabens, vegan and cruelty-free.

Make no mistake, when Natasha says ‘mini’ she means it–this little gem is smaller than my IPhone 7. However, there isn’t a bad shade in the bunch! I’ve read several reviews where people have complained about fallout from the shimmer shadows. I didn’t experience that but just know that you WILL need to use some type of glitter glue.

For this simple look I used Atik in the crease, Cosmo on the lid, Earth to line upper and lower lashes and Cosmo again on the inner corner.

I absolutely love the shades in this palette–they are neutral and wearable yet make a statement. Yes, it’s mostly warm but are no reds or oranges–yay! These Natasha Denona Mini Palettes are only $25 so they are a great way to try the brand without making your wallet cry!

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  1. I have it. It looks great on you!

  2. That gold is all that and more. I love a shade like that. I’ll have to get out my glitter glue base and retry all the Natasha Denona I’ve bought.

  3. Michael Oyco says

    Nice to see that the colors are with textures.. really unique from others.

  4. I like the cosmo from your swatch!

  5. Your first pic shade looks good. I have noticed the kind of products you use for reviews. Your choice of shades and palettes is really nice.

  6. I really like these metallic colors, in these natural shades, to use them also for everyday make-up to give the face a touch of light.

  7. Sherry Proch says

    I’ve talked myself out of one of these on more than occasion. But this one! Be still my heart! Gorgeous look you did🔥

  8. Love all the colors they have on this palette. It’s so pigmented, too! I might need to get my hands on this soon!

  9. Oh so pretty. I love those colors. I am trying to convince myself that I don’t need these but those are the perfect colors to accent my blue eyes. I am in love with the duochrome.

  10. Pubali Babi Chatterjee says

    I really like the gold shade in this palette!

  11. These mini palettes are so pretty and a great way to try the luxury brand!

  12. Bindu Thomas says gorgeous looking palette! I love all the shades very much.


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