Natural Aqua Gel Cure for a Youthful Glow!

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CURE Natural Aqua Gel

Exfoliation is essential for aging skin. Turning over those nasty dead skin cells is crucial to revealing fresh, radiant skin. Natural Aqua Gel Cure $38 is a quick and easy way to recapture that youthful glow.

Natural Aqua Gel Cure, is Japan’s #1 exfoliator with 1 bottle sold every 4.5 seconds! Cure’s status as a cult hit and Japanese beauty product legend stems from the simple fact that Cure does what it promises: exfoliate gently and effectively, without harsh chemicals.

General chemical peels use strong acids (approx. pH1.3) to dissolve protein. Cure, on the other hand, gently catches dead skin cells on the surface of the skin and removes them with a unique activated hydrogen water formula. There is no need to rub or scrub hard. It exfoliates your skin gently and effectively – no harsh chemicals such as AHA or other acids. It is also free of preservatives, fragrance, colorings, and mineral oils.

Natural Aqua Gel Cure

Cure is 91% activated hydrogen water, which has an anti-oxidant (anti-aging) effect. Plus, it contains Aloe, Gingko and Rosemary extracts to remove unwanted dead skin cells. It leaves my skin soft as a baby’s!

Using Natural Aqua Gel Cure twice a week, it activates the skin’s ability to reproduce new, fresh skin. It also helps solve mature skin issues like pigmentation, spots, wrinkles, blackheads, open pores and dry, dull skin. Beneficial effects of the gel should last approximately 3 to 4 months if used properly once or twice a week. The formula is suitable to all skin types, even the most sensitive. I also use it on my hands and neck and anywhere that needs exfoliating.

Natural Aqua Gel Cure

The gel morphs into a peel as you massage it into your skin, gently lifting away dead skin, dirt, and any residual makeup. I apply two pumps to cleansed dry skin and massage in (avoid the eye area) for about 20 seconds until the gel balls up as it grabs onto the dead cells on the skin. Being the skeptic that I am, I wasn’t convinced that those balls of goo were actually my dead, dry skin so I tried it a second time and no balls! This also assured me I had done a thorough job of exfoliating. Complete by rinsing and patting dry. There is something both gross and satisfying about seeing those balls of goo!

Natural Aqua Gel Cure

I didn’t experience any tingling or irritation and the gel is much gentler on my mature skin than some scrubs that use harsh exfoliating beads or nutshells. I was amazed at how the dry patches around my nose immediately vanished! My skin feels so fresh, and squeaky clean with no tightness or dryness.

After exfoliating with Natural Aqua Gel Cure, I apply my current overnight facial oil and wake to bright, happy skin! My skin is so soft and supple and really does have a luminous glow!

Bottom Line: This stuff is amazing! It’s a safe, gentle, super effective exfoliator that doesn’t cost a months rent. Highly recommended especially for over 40 gals!

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