Natural Greek Beauty from BIOSelect Naturals!

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From the Mediterranean to the gates of the East, BIOSelect Naturals travels the ancient routes to discover herbs, fruits and exotic spices. These organic ingredients are then formulated to offer mild yet effective solutions for everyday skincare needs. BIOSelect Naturals features a wide variety of products focusing on health and beauty from the Greek market to the U.S. More good news–most products are under $20!

The Inspiration

The driving force that created BIOselect® Organic Cosmetics is the Greek land. The island of Crete offers unique benefits of the organic and natural ingredients found solely there.

Making soap on the Island of Crete 1953

The Innovation

Dictamelia® is a patented organic product and is the main ingredient of all BIOselect® Organic Cosmetics. Dictamelia® is created and produced solely for their product line, under specific extraction and maturation processes. This is in order to secure the maximum benefits of the dictamnus herb and extra virgin olive oil, which are it’s main ingredients.

The combination of Dittany and Olive Oil was used in ancient Crete as a remedy for wound healing, to alleviate irritation, and for the overall protection of the skin, due to its antiseptic and regenerating properties. 

Products – Body Care

The brand offers 4 key body care products in three different scents. The brand was kind enough to send me all 4 products in the scent Exotic Passion. Exotic Passion is a unique scent inspired by the Madagascar forests, that offers a sense of revitalization.

BIOSelect Naturals Gentle Shower Cream

The Gentle Shower Cream $12 cleanses and protects skin with mild ingredients and the soft soothing scent. The rich formula with natural oils of coconut, macadamia and organic olive oil, hydrates your skin and imparts a silky softness while the natural vanilla extract provides antioxidant protection. 98% naturally derived and SLES-SLS free.

The Moist Hand and Body Lotion $14 has a silky texture and absorbs nicely without being greasy. This has the same rich formula as the shower cream with the additional ingredients of almond oil and shea butter. My skin feels velvety soft and this lotion maximize skins elasticity–nice bonus! 98% naturally derived.

Souffle Body Butter $19 has the same ingredients as the Moist Hand and Body Lotion but it’s thicker and richer. I love this for my knees, elbows and feet! 97% naturally derived.

The Hair and Body Fragrance Mist $12 can be used for the hair or the body. The mix of natural oil of macadamia and natural vanilla extract pamper your hair and skin.

Olive Spa Regenerating Facial Massage Oil- $25 this massage oil with Dictamelia stimulates skin circulation while providing suppleness. It is enhanced with good-for-the-skin natural oils, such as apricot, jojoba, almond, hypericum (balsam oil) and passionflower oil.

BIOSelect Facial Oil

These are also rich in omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids, which moisturize and calm stressed and tired skin. Vitamin E and natural extracts offer instant lifting properties to the skin as well as elasticity and firmness. Ylang-Ylang, geranium and orange essential oils help revitalize the skin. Use once or twice a week on a clean, dry face and neck. Massage lightly with fingertips until it is almost absorbed.

Bottom Line: BIOSelect Naturals a wonderful brand for body care and more. I love the hydrating formulas, scents and affordable prices!

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