NEW! BECCA Volcano Goddess Collection!

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BECCA Cosmetics new Volcano Goddess Collection is inspired by “unearthed gemstones and molten lava, our new Volcano Goddess Collection takes you from day to night.” The collection includes the gorgeous Volcano Eye Shadow Palette, a stunning Shimmering Skin Perfector® Pressed Highlighter in the shade Lava and three Glow Glosses. All I can say is BECCA is on FIYA! I haven’t been verklempt over a collection in a loooong time!

Let’s start with the Volcano Eye Shadow Palette $46. The limited-edition eyeshadow palette features 12 eyeshadows in three different finishes—Ultra-Matte, Shimmer and Molten Metallic. This palette is breathtaking beauties. When I peeked inside the palette, I literally gasped! Yes, it’s that special. The brilliance starts on the outside with the fantastic packaging. The palette is housed in a sturdy case with a full mirror. Each shadow has the name both on the back AND inside–a touch I really appreciate. The design of the palette features a rainbow of sliced agate stones. Most agates occur in cavities in eruptive rocks or ancient lavas so not only is the design appropriate but it is stunning.

The eyeshadow palette is full of earthy, fiery shades but also has cooler ash shades and a few duochromes. True to BECCA’s esthetic, most of the shades are shimmery and glowy—there are only 3 matte shades.

  • Cloud (matte bone)
  • Volcanic Sand (matte light peach)
  • Granite (matte neutral taupe)
  • Gilded (molten metallic gold)
  • Diamond Dust (molten metallic cream w/ gold and pink pearls)
  • Haze (shimmering mauvy rose gold)
  • Red Rock (soft shimmering maroon)
  • Lava (molten metallic copper)
  • Agate Ash (shimmering taupey grey)
  • Crater (deep shimmering stone)
  • Hematite (shimmering gunmetal)
  • Midnight Sapphire (shimmering midnight blue)

The name ‘Volcano Goddess’ doesn’t just come from shades you’ll find inside, but the formula also contains black tourmaline, a natural mineral crystal that’s formed in volcanos. The matte shades are soft, creamy, and blend beautifully. The shimmers have a spectacular light-reflecting finish. The molten metallic formula contains a unique blend of vivid pigment and metamorphic pearl. You will get nowhere if you try to apply the metallic shades with a dry brush, they are a little better with a wet brush and truly shine (literally) when applied with fingers. Keep in mind glitter glue with help too. They do require careful application or you get glitter fallout.

All these swatches are done on bare skin with no primer, aren’t they pigmented? Can you see the pink and gold shift in Diamond Dust? I tried to capture the purple shift in Midnight Sapphire but alas, I failed.

Standout shades for me are: Haze, an incredible mauve rose, Red Rock, a coppery red, Gilded is the exact shade of a flame of fire, Diamond Dust is pearl white that flashes gold and pink, Lava is the shade of hot lava, Hematite is a gorgeous cool ash and Midnight Sapphire is a deep, cool blue that flashes purple. Honestly, there is not a bad shade in the bunch. Some might find the lack of more matte shades concerning, but this is NOT meant to a basic palette–just the opposite, Volcano Goddess is designed for maximum impact. As such, I wouldn’t recommend the palette for beginners. The metallic shades take a little work and I think a beginner may be intimidated.

This eyeshadow palette might be more versatile than you think. The blend of warm and cool tones and the different finishes allow for a variety of looks, whether subtle or dramatic, making this palette very well-rounded. The neutral-ish shades are great for everyday or work looks, and the metallic shades, especially Diamond Dust, Gilded and Midnight Sapphire will be fabulous for festive holiday looks. I’ve got to say the Volcano Goddess palette is lit!

For this eye look, I used Granite in the crease deepened with Hematite, Midnight Sapphire on the lid and under the lower lash line and Cloud on the brow bone.

A new Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Highlighter is also included in the collection. Gold Lava $38 is a limited edition high shine 24K gold with a shimmering light pink pearl finish. It has a wavy pattern embossed on it to represent flowing lava. This universally flattering shade compliments all skin tones, imparting a gorgeous golden sheen build-able for a soft glow or high impact luminosity. Again, this is perfect for the holidays!

To round out the collection, there are three limited edition Volcano Goddess Glow Glosses $22.00.  Metamorphic Gold, Molten Mauve, and Ruby Fire. BECCA first introduced Glow Glosses last spring with 10 shades (reviewed here). Glow Glosses are super hydrating thanks to the Shea and Muru Muru Butters that soften and condition the lips without being the slightest bit sticky! Molten Mauve is an opaque cool-toned mauve with iridescent shimmers, Ruby Fire an opaque crimson with gold and pink shimmers and Metamorphic Gold, a soft gold with shimmering pink pearls. They all have a wonderful texture and are beautiful, striking shades.

My Volcano Look:

From the Volcano Goddess Eye Shadow Palette: Granite in the crease, Agate Ash on the lid, Crater to deepen the crease, Hematite stamped on the outer corner and Cloud on the brow bone. A black liquid liner was used on the upper lash line, ButterLONDON Earl Grey eyeliner was used under the lower lash line. I used the Malibu Soleil Bronzer and Hibiscus Bloom Blush from the BECCA x Chrissy Tiegen Glow Face Palette and the gloss is Volcano Goddess Glow Gloss in Molten Mauve.

I’m so, so happy with the BECCA Volcano Collection. I feel a little more confident when I wear anything from the collection and am looking forward to wearing all the pieces for the holiday season!

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  1. What a great palette for Fall! I especially love that dark blue shade!

  2. LavandaMichelle says

    This color pallete is very cute. I love them and they are perfect for my best friend.


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