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Butter by Keba

Butter By Keba is a premium line of all-natural moisturizing fragrances. The line of luxurious butters, lotions, and salts will give you softer, smoother skin while lifting your spirit using aromatherapy and perfumery techniques. If you are looking for smoother softer skin or struggle with finding a fragrance that isn’t overwhelming and compliments your unique body chemistry then you must try Butter By Keba.

Butter by Keba

Butter By Keba $32 easily absorbs into the skin leaving a light whisper of moisturizing fragrance throughout the day.  This premium body butter is paraben-free, made from Shea butter which is oil-rich in fats derived from the karite tree (also known as the shea tree). It is known to be an ultra skin-softening moisturizer and a mild form of natural sunscreen. The texture of the butter is like a balm and immediately melts when it touches your skin. Amazingly, it isn’t greasys and it works wonders for the driest areas like feet, elbows, and knees. I was scent Lavender and Camomile and it is sooo light and soothing.

In addition to shea butter, Butter by Keba adds plant-based oils of grape seed, rice bran oil, and candelilla wax to make the butter more soluble.  Grapeseed & Rice bran oils are known to be wonderful skin foods.  And, candelilla wax contributes shine and functions as a fast-absorbing lubricant and a nourishing skin conditioner. Candelilla Wax is reputed to help reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

There are 10 fabulous scents available:

  • Citruese-citrusy
  • Chateau–creamy, cool spice
  • Green Tea–light, clean, soft
  • La Vera–fresh, woody
  • Lavender Cami–lavender and camomile
  • Le Coconut–coconut, sweet orange, coriander
  • Lotus Nut–tropical, jasmine, rose, coconut
  • Precious Sudan–spicy, cinnamon, vanilla, frankincense
  • Almost Unscented–extremely light lemon and basil
  • Georgia Tea–fruity and sweet

All the scents are heavenly. If you’re unsure of which one is for you, you can order 6 samples for $20. Based on availability Sample Kits come with an assortment of butters, lotions , viles of oil and salt.  Samples are good for 1-3 uses.

All the butters, salts and lotions are natural  and typically have a 6-12 month shelf life when unopened. Refrigerate unused product or keep them in a cool environment specifically if you are located in a warm humid climate.

Bottom Line: There really something different and wonderful about Butter by Keba. The scents are delightful and I love that there are options for people who are sensitive to fragrance. The texture of the balm is amazing and absorbs so quicky there is no greasy feeling yet it carries a light lasting scent.

Unity Code by Butter by Keba

Unity Code Parfum by Butter by Keba $22 is a gender neutral 2 part aromatic experience created by The People for The People.

“ I asked my customers one question.  What are the scents that make you happy?  We received so many responses- Grapefruit, Oud, Musk, Fig and more.  Using suggestions from our IG audience we started to experiment with a new method of creating perfume.    

 I call it Unity Code because we are our best selves to each other when we are happy, and since the fragrance incorporates scents that make my IG family happy I consider it a code for Unity.  In an era where we are witnessing a growing ‘cancel culture’ I thought we could all use a little UNITY.” – Keba

This blend leads with woods and citrus.  It has POW!  While it is gender neutral it leans towards the feminine with a mild floral backdrop. It consists of essential oils, natural and phthalate-free fragrance; macerated in 190 proof Un-denatured Organic Sugar Cane Alcohol.  It has a bright uplifting intro with a warm woody finish, perfect for everyday wear or an evening scheduled special occasion. 

Top Notes: Linen, Grapefruit, Cedarwood, Cassis, Fig

Middle Notes: Lemon, Sandalwood, Musk, Oud, Seagrass, Bergamot 

Bottom Notes– Cedarwood, Cactus Flower, Palo Santo, Vetiver, Patchouli

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