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As we usher in 2018, many us will be making working out a priority. Some of us will start a new health journey, while others will want to work off all those holiday treats. I plan on upping my workout game by maybe trying something new. Part of this new will include the sweat-resistant formulas of the E.L.F. Active Collection, $3-$8.

This new collection, which launches in-store at Walmart in January, features sweat-resistant formulas designed to hydrate your skin without clogging pores. E.L.F. was kind enough to send me a sampling of the collection, including the Hydration Stick, Post-Workout Cool Down Mist, Post-Workout Cleansing Body Wipes, Workout Ready Lip & Cheek Palette, and Sweat Resistant Mascara & Brow Duo.

E.L.F. Active Collection – Hydration Stick ($8)

E.L.F. Active Collection Workout Ready Hydration Stick

Formulated with Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Aloe, and Grape Seed Oil, this hydrating stick delivers instant hydration. Not only does it moisturize your skin, but it also cools it down. The feeling is incredible; just rub it on your face, hands, or elbows and get ready for refreshment.

The Hydration Stick has quickly become a pre-workout favorite. I like to use it to help keep my face from feeling overheated. It really does seem to help. Plus, it’s sweat resistant, so it lasts throughout my workout. It’s small enough to toss in a gym bag for pre or post workout cooldown and hydration. I also think it will be a great addition to summertime activities when it’s so hot your skin craves an instant refresher.

Post-Workout Cool Down Mist ($8)

E.L.F. Active Collection Post-Workout Cool Down Mist

My second favorite product in the E.L.F. Active Collection is the Post-Workout Cool Down Mist. I live for a good hydrating mist to give my dry skin a little boost. Even though I get really sweating after a workout, my skin can feel dehydrated. The Cool Down Mist helps to nourish and cool my skin down.

In between workouts, you can use the mist to set makeup or for extra hydration throughout the day. As the packaging says, it helps you “maintain that just got out of yoga glow.” It does have a light fragrance so if you are sensitive to fragrance you may not like it. I can also see using this come summer to keep me from feeling hot and gross.

Post-Workout Cleansing Body Wipes ($3)

E.L.F. Active Collection Post Workout Cleansing Body Wipes

Although I work out at home, I don’t always have time to take a shower before going out. Or sometimes I’m just lazy (we all do it). For all those times, there’s the E.L.F. Post-Workout Cleansing Body Wipes. They work like just like makeup wipes. You can use the Aloe Vera infused wipes to remove makeup and give your skin a refresh.

I really enjoy the light fragrance and soft texture of these wipes. I tend to use them to wipe off my neck, upper back, décolleté, face, and underarms. They leave my skin feel clean and refreshed, without clogging my pores.

Like the E.L.F. Active Collection Cool Down Mist and Hydration Stick, the wipes are highly portable. You can throw them in your gym bag, purse, or even a beach bag (when the weather warms up). I like to keep all of three of them near my workout space so I can refresh and hydrate my skin once I’m done getting my sweat on.

E.L.F Active Collection – Makeup

Although I don’t tend to wear makeup during my workouts, unless I have some left over on my face from the day, I know many people do. This can be a challenge. As you sweat, your makeup can smear or run off. And no one wants to be that person at the gym or yoga studio.

E.L.F. Active Collection Workout Ready Lip & Cheek Palette

Enter the Workout Ready Lip & Cheek Palette, $8, and Sweat Resistant Mascara & Brow Duo, $6. These multiple purpose palette and duo are designed to be sweat resistant without clogging pores. The Lip & Cheek Palette features a highlighter and three high-pigmented shades that work great on most skin tones. The palette also comes with a lip brush and small mirror, which makes application anywhere easy.

E.L.F. Active Collection Sweat Resistant Mascara & Brow Duo

The mascara & brow duo features a waterproof, smudge and smear proof mascara, as well as a sweat resistant, clear brow gel. I did have some issue with duo. The brow wand is very small, and kind of flimsy. While the formulation of the gel works well, applying it with the wand is challenging. The same can be said of the mascara. The long thin wand isn’t the easiest to work with and the formulation is a bit sticky. I have long lashes which would stick together in some places until the mascara dried.

Regardless, I can definitely attest for the staying power of both the palette and the duo. They didn’t budge throughout my entire workout. With that being said, they were also easy to remove when I washed my face, which I definitely appreciated.

Overall: The E.L.F. Active Collection is not only extremely unique, it’s also very affordable. Priced between $3 and $8, you can try a few products out or the entire collection. If you’re looking to give your workout beauty routine a boost, I highly recommend checking out the vegan and cruelty-free Active Collection. You can find them on the E.L.F. website or at your local Walmart (starting in Jan 2018).


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  1. Allison @neversaydiebeauty says

    I’m one who often wears makeup when I work out. Good to know about this line from elf!

  2. Krystal Butherus says

    I thought E.L.F. only made makeup! I’ll have to look for those post-workout products!

  3. Who knew such a thing existed?! I will definitely be looking into these products for post-workout and also for a little blush and lip during (I’m totally that girl!).


  4. Lola Seicento says

    I prefer not to wear makeup when I workout, most of the time, but these sound great!

  5. I am definitely getting the hydration stick and cool down mist! Two things that I have struggled all year with after my yoga! Love their unique packaging!

  6. I have always loved ELF products! I totally need to try out this new line, it seems prefect to keep in a gym bag!

  7. The hydrating stick sounds really interesting. I’d like to try that one!

  8. People are very into how they look when they workout where I live. But that make sense since I live in L.A. So I’m sure the makeup specifically for workout would be a big hit. I’ll sometimes where mascara if the workout is low intensity. But if I know I’m going to be drenched in sweat, then just forget it. You’re supposed to look like crap when you’re getting your butt kicked…lol.

  9. Who would have thought that there’d be a collection specifically for your after workout look. I think it’s really lovely though. Especially that hydration mist!

  10. Interesting new line for them. When I work out I’m a bundle of sweat so I don’t need to wear makeup but I do like to cleanse easily after.

  11. Laura Raymond says

    Just what I need, more E.L.F. products to go hunt down! The Hydration Stick sounds like it may be lifesaver on my long training runs! My face always feels so warm towards the last half of my run!

  12. Reesa Lewandowski says

    I need to find these products for the summer months here in NJ! I don’t excercise enough to need it for that LOL!

  13. Intrigued to try the mascara. I exercise a lot and that’s when I usually try a new mascara

  14. I didn’t know ELF made all those products! Or even had an active collection! That’s awesome.

  15. Brianne Manz says

    This brand sounds incredible, I must check it out! I so need makeup like this for my workout regimes!

  16. I’ve never heard of a hydration stick before! That sounds really cool. I think I’ve used some stuff from ELF before, so I’ll have to check these out, especially the workout proof makeup.

  17. The wipes are perfect for after my walks during lunch. I also am interested in the hydration stick…sounds awesome.

  18. Kimberly Lewis (Lou Lou Girls) says

    I love elf products! they are so reasonable in price but quality products. I have never tried these but it’s on my list, now!

  19. shoshana sue says

    Wow I cant believe how your make-up stayed on throughout the workout. This is incredible that the formula while being resistant to sweat is designed to hydrate your skin without clogging pores because most of the sweat resistant makeups clog pores. I need me some elf Active makeup!

  20. I have never heard of this brand! It sounds great and something I will definitely give a try!!

  21. Maria Katsulos says

    ELF was probably the first-ever makeup I used, and I love to see that they’re continuing to expand their products!

  22. Oh wow! That’s so cool they came out with an active collection! Their products are great and so affordable!

  23. Jamie Sanders says

    I’m always a fan of makeup wipes!

  24. This looks like a great line of products and one I’d love to try! I haven’t seen any other lines marketed this way.