New! e.l.f. Drugstore Finds

New! E.L.F. Drugstore Finds

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Last month, I shared with you some of my favorite e.l.f. drugstore finds. Well, I’m back again with some more goodies, including the Beauty Shield Lipsticks, $6, Matte to Shimmer Lip Transformers, $6, Silicone Blenders and Highlighting Sponge Duos, $8-$10. And, like last time, I’ve found new things to love and add to my collection.

e.l.f. Drugstore Finds – Beauty Shield Lipstick

E.L.F. Drugstore Finds - Beauty Shield Lipsticks

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it too many times to count, multitasking products are a must-have in my makeup routine. I don’t mind a little skin care or nourishment in my makeup. This time it comes in the shape of e.l.f. Beauty Shield lipsticks in Dusty Rose and Red Siren.

Packaged in slim cases, these satin, matte lipsticks deliver on pigment and antioxidant power. Each lipstick (there are currently five in the collection) is formulated with sunflower seed oil, pomegranate seed oil, and vitamins B and E. The combination of these ingredients helps minimize fine lines, while also hydrating and protecting my lips.

E.L.F. Drugstore Finds - Beauty Shield Lipstick Swatches

Both Dusty Rose and Red Siren feel extremely comfortable on the lips. The satin matte finish is perfect for matte and non-matter lovers, and the color payoff is perfection. They also have pretty decent staying power and leave your lips feeling amazing long after the worn or been taken off.

 Matte to Shimmer Lip Transformer

E.L.F. Drugstore Finds - Matte to Shimmer Lip Transformers

Of the items I received in my box of e.l.f. drugstore finds, I was most excited by the Matte to Shimmer Lip Transformers in Red and Berry. To me, there is nothing sexier in the fall and winter than a bold red or berry lip.

Each glorious palette features four matte shades and one transforming shimmer shade. Think of all the lip combos you can come up with from just one palette. My favorite way to wear these lippies is to mix up a couple of the matte and then top them with the shimmer.

E.L.F. Drugstore Finds - Matte to Shimmer Lip Transformer - Red Swatches

The result is lip heaven that also comes with great color payoff and a formula featuring grape seed oil, shea butter, and coconut oil. Not only do my lips look great but they feel pretty good as well. Now if I could just decide whether I want a red lip or a berry lip.  Or, if I want to try the other two palettes in the collection, pink and nude.

E.L.F. Drugstore Finds - Matte to Shimmer Lip Transformer - Berry Swatches

Silicone Blender Duo & Silicone Blender and Highlighting Sponge Duo

E.L.F. Drugstore Finds - Silicone Blender Duo & Highlighter Sponge

I must admit, when I saw the silicon duos in my box, I was apprehensive. While I haven’t tried the trend, I have seen plenty of mixed reviews and test runs online. However, I was still curious to give them a go myself. The first duo I tried was the Glitter Silicone Duo. The kit features a large blender for applying foundation, primer, or even skincare, and a smaller blender for targeted application, like concealer. The Silicone Blender and Highlighting Sponge Duo features a smaller blender and angled sponge.

E.L.F. Drugstore Finds -Silicone Blender Duo & Highlighter Sponge Close up

The thickness of the larger blender came as a surprise. I don’t know if the reason for the ½ inch thickness is to make the sponge easier to hold or to blend with, but it does feel a bit clunky. The silicone also doesn’t do a great job of blending in my foundation. It leaves streaks/lines and leaves my foundation sitting on top of my skin, instead of blending into it.

I did find the small blender, which comes in both kits, easier to use. I really like the smaller size and thickness, as well as the tab for my fingers. The smaller blender works well with cream products, such as blush or concealer, which is what I use it most with.

E.L.F. Drugstore Finds - Silicone Sponge Blending Fail

The Silicone Blender & Highlighting Sponge Duo is a unique e.l.f. drugstore find. It’s not often you come across a cruelty-free and vegan blender and sponge duo. Again, the smaller blender does a decent job of blending in concealer or other cream products.

The glittery, angled sponge makes highlighter application very precise, while also allowing you to blend where needed. The Highlighting Sponge is dense, but very soft and has a decent amount of give. You can use it wet or dry, depending on your preference.

Overall: Once again, these new e.l.f. drugstore finds were a mix of hits and misses. I love and highly recommend the Beauty Shield Lipsticks and Matter to Shimmer Lip Transformers. As for the Silicone/Sponge Duos, I would pass on these. I think e.l.f. has a lot of great brushes that would work much better.

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  1. I love that berry lip transformer. That is such a hot color! E.L.F. cosmetics is one of my favorite brands.

  2. Allison @neversaydiebeauty says

    Those lip palettes are so pretty. I need one of those

  3. These lip colors, all of them, are so perfect for the holidays!

  4. I love the lipsticks!

  5. Kimberly Lewis (Lou Lou Girls) says

    I love ELF products! They are so cheap and really good products. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Krystal Butherus says

    I’ve heard of Elf before. Some of my friends who use it swear by it.

  7. I’m familiar with the Elf brand though I’ve never tried it myself. Love that you found some good lipsticks. Almost makes up for the disappointment with the sponges. I’ll accept buying a “miss” as long as I also came home with a “win”.

  8. It’s difficult to use the silicone “sponges” since it takes practice that I’m not willing to put in. ELF has some great products and I love searching for new ones.

  9. The lip products sound awesome and my daughter’s definitely going to love those! Which is great because I have no idea what to get her for Christmas. I have no knowledge when it comes to sponges or brushes!

  10. I really want to try more elf. It’s only just become available here in the past couple years so it’s still not completely accessible other than buying online.

  11. Can | says

    I have been wanting to try some new makeup. This looks really nice. I may have to add this to my list of things I pick up this week. 🙂

  12. Cas | Getyourholidayon says

    This make up looks really nice. I may just have to add it to the list of things I pick up this week. Thanks for the idea! 🙂

  13. Elf is one of my favorite drug store finds, especially because of their super low prices! Thanks for sharing these, love the rose lip color!

  14. I actually like the Elf products. I randomly picked up a mix of their stuff because it was cheap for stocking stuffers a few years ago. Loved several things, especially their brushes.

  15. I love the packaging of the elf lipsticks, so pretty. Reminds me of Too Faced a little bit. Sucks that the blenders weren’t quite right for you. I’ve never tried one, I just love a brush too much.

  16. Reesa Lewandowski says

    Oh I have been using ELF for a long time now. They’re so affordable for quality product! I need to find these. Those silicone blenders really are interesting.

  17. Elf is such a drugstore find! Love their brushes. And they are economically priced

  18. elf has been bringing out a lot of interesting things lately that are on my radar

  19. I have loved ELF for quite a while. They always have killer deals this time of the year as well. Those new sponges look really interesting too, I may have to check them out but I am not so sure how they would compare to my beauty blender.

  20. I have a few products from this brand and really like them a lot. I also really like the price!

  21. Brianne Manz says

    These are great color palettes, especially those lipsticks! I love finding new cosmetics in my drugstore!

  22. That Dusty Rose Lip Shield is absolutely gorgeous! It looks like the perfect color for year round. Thanks for such an honest review.

  23. margemadness says

    I agree with the silicone blenders. You need another brush or real sponge to blend it out. Too much hassle for me!

  24. Jeanine @ says

    I just bought some E.L.F products for my daughter for Christmas! I love these colour palettes, and the lipsticks are so pretty!

  25. I’ve been super curious about those silicone blenders. Good to know my pass instinct was correct.

  26. Laurie Nykaza says

    I had wondered about the Silicone Blender so nice to read your review on them I hate to waste my money on products that dont work well. Love the colors of the lipsticks too.

  27. I love elf products for sure! I need to try the silicone blender to see how it feels on my face, definietly will get to you if it works for me!

  28. Cecilia C. Cannon says

    I see elf all the time and have yet to give it a try, will grab some next time I am at the counter.

  29. Love the finds you made! Makeup is life for a lot of women. Thank you for sharing your finds!

  30. I always love to hear truthful reviews. I think the lip transformer is the my favorite and I definitely want to try it out for the holidays.