NEW! Fresh Rose Deep Hydration Sleeping Mask!

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fresh has uncovered the secret to beauty sleep with new Rose Deep Hydration Sleeping Mask, $50 a 2-step treatment that instantly drenches skin with moisture lost during the day and then locks it in overnight. I love sleeping masks because they work while I’m catching my zzzzzz’s. Perfect for us over 40 beauties!

fresh co-founder Lev Glazman’s love of multi-masking inspired this unique 2-step formula specifically designed to address the skin’s needs at night. “A high level of hydration is one of the best things you can offer your skin while you sleep because your temperature rises which leads to moisture loss,” explains Lev. “These two steps combine the benefits of rose with advanced time-release technology for the most hydrating mask fresh could possibly achieve.”

Here’s how it works.

Step 1: Apply the amber-colored cooling gel essence to literally drench your skin with calming rosewater. It also has damask rose extract to hydrate, smooth, and strengthen the skin’s barrier and my favorite hyaluronic acid for a plumping effect. The essence is really a serum that has a lovely cooling effect and absorbs in an instant. It does have quite a strong rose scent at first but it disappears quickly.

Step 2: Follow with the silky water-cream mask powered by time-release technology to form a moisturizing veil and evening primrose root extract to lock that hydration in and keep it there. This has a nice velvety non-greasy feel and is meant to be the final step in your nighttime routine. This has a more subtle rose scent and I love that it is so lightweight. I can’t stand sleeping masks that are thick and end up all over my pillow!

Key Ingredients:

Rosewater sourced from Turkey, Morocco, and Bulgaria soothes, tones, and comforts the skin. · Introduced at fresh for the first time, damask rose extract from Bulgarian roses improves hydration, smoothes, and strengthens the skin’s barrier.

· Hyaluronic acid acts like a sponge, attracting and maintaining moisture to improve skin suppleness with a smoothing and plumping effect.

· The time-release liquid patch technology forms an invisible veil on the skin’s surface to help attract and trap moisture while you sleep.

· Evening primrose root extract helps to keep skin supple.

· Rose flower oil helps to nourish and balance dry skin.

available this month at fresh shops,, Sephora, and

Bottom Line: fresh Rose Deep Hydration Sleeping Mask delivers instant and deep hydration while you sleep for anyone that wants to perk up dry skin!

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  1. I’m certain you have glowing skin in the morning

  2. I want this. It goes on my list. Maybe if Sephora has their spring sale event, I’ll get this one. It is so up my alley

  3. I love how the two sides are different. I’d love the hydration.

  4. I need all the hydration I can get.

  5. Renee Perez says

    Some of these goodies look so good to eat! I’m always looking for a new creme and will definitly tune in for more!

  6. This sounds like a great product for a night cream. I agree lightly scented (especially when heading to bed) is so much more enjoyable with a cream like this.

  7. I have dry skin, so I’m always trying new products that help my skin keep moisturized. I need to try this one! I love that is a night cream and that it contains Rosewater. Plus those always smell soo good. Thanks for sharing!

  8. christopher mitchell says

    My wife would absolutely adore this stuff! I’ll pass this info along to her!

  9. all_the_words025 says

    This sounds amazing! I love their masks.