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Here at Prime Beauty, we love Eddie Funkhouser. He and I go way back and I hadn’t heard from the brand in a while so I reached out to the PR team see what’s new. Eddie responded to me personally because he is just awesome like that. The man is so, so in tune with his fans and customers, it’s incredible. And his brand is equally incredible. These are luxury quality cosmetics at a drugstore price. I’m telling you, it just doesn’t get any better.

Eddie sent me two of his new vegan eyeshadow palettes (there are 4 in the line) and some other goodies which I will talk about later. Today we are taking a look at the Dreamstate Eyeshadow Palette and a lip gloss bundle.

Dreamstate boasts a new formula and an ethereal otherworldly vibe. Think magical fairies and unicorns. There are 10 shimmer shades in the palette. The right kind of shimmer, beauties. Not over the top glitter but a subtle glow that makes eyes pop.

Lucid Dream is a creamy beige

Dreamstate is an icy pink duochrome

Utopia is a rose duochrome

Soulcraft is a pretty copper

Ananda is an icy pale lavender with pink shift

Now Voyager is a violet with pink undertones

Transcendence a pale iridescent lavender with pink shift

Visionary a deep plum

Dreamlandia a warm gold

Magic Hour medium peach with gold shift

The shade Utopia came crushed in my palette–thanks Mailman! but I just pressed it back together. The shadows are smooth and creamy but very soft so make sure to use an eyeshadow base and don’t dig into them. I used my trusty Too Faced Shadow Insurance and got no fallout. They blend like a dream–heh, heh get it?

I’ve had so much fun creating looks with this palette! Here is a purple look I created. This palette doesn’t have any mattes in it but that doesn’t prevent me from using it exclusively. However, if you wanted to use a few mattes with this it will certainly play nice. I used Now Voyager in the crease, Transcendence on the lid, Lucid Dream on the browbone and Visionary under the lower lashes. I normally will use another shade on the outer corner of the eye but Transcendence is so stunning I wanted to see as much of it as possible. I also used my Pixi Beauty eye bright liner (a flesh color) on my waterline to make my eyes more open. Fairies have big eyes, right?

For the second look, I used Utopia in the crease, Dreamstate on the lid, Now Voyager on the outer corner, Ananda in the inner corner and Lucid Dream on the brow bone. I placed Visionary under the lower lash line.

Dreamstate is a seriously beautiful palette. Shades of iridescent peach, rose, lavender, copper, gold and plum shimmers work together to make eyes shine and glow. I’m not planning on going to any festivals this year, but I love the soft, romantic, magical quality of this palette. It just makes as happy as a Fairy riding a Unicorn through the land of Dreamlandia.

Dreamstate is Vegan, Cruelty and Gluten Free, has no parabens, soy and is non- GMO. And did I mention it’s only $29.99? For Realz!

I also have this great lip gloss trio to share with you. These glosses are part of the Hyperreal line and they are currently on sale for $25 for all 3! That’s an excellent price as the regular price for one is $12! There are 3 colorways to choose from and I chose Unapologetic/Girl Gone Bad/Definitely Maybe. The hyperreal glosses are comfortable to wear, have zero stickiness and are color rich. Vitamins A, C & E nourish and brighten and Aloe Vera moisturizes and soothes. Unapologetic is a sheer nude peach, Girl Gone Bad is an opaque pink berry and Definitely Maybe is a pretty mauve.

I highly recommend Eddie Funkhouser’s Dreamstate Eyeshadow Palette and Hyperreal lip glosses. Like I said, this is luxury quality at drugstore prices! Next week I’ll have of Eddie’s products to tell you about.

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  1. Lola Seicento says

    Wow, the colors in that palette are so gorgeous and vibrant!

  2. I am crazy about Dreamstate. I love the duochrome colors. I’m always finding new combinations of shadows I own to work with this palette. It’s the best!!

  3. claudia_csn says

    That palette looked fantastic on your eyes! Really fun colors!

  4. Those shades look awesome on your eyes! I feel like the palette needs a couple mattes though!

  5. Jenny Silva says

    The colors are so pretty and pigmented. They look really pretty on you as well.

  6. Samantha Page Grimwood says

    Loving those color palettes. Pinks are my favorite!

  7. Junell DuBois says

    I always love fun pretty eyeshadows! Purple is a big favorite of mine.

  8. That palette is so gorgeous once you swatch it. It looks almost dull by comparison in the pan.

  9. I love all of those palettes. I am not sure which one is my favorite. I use a lot of the same colors but need to break free from my typical!

  10. hey i love this palette! It looks good on your skin. would it also look good on mine? I am aiming for the purple glittery shade!

  11. This is such a gorgeous palette! I have been wanting to experiment more with makeup and this is just perfect!

  12. oh I love this packaging. I am all about pinks so this pallet is perfect!

  13. I never heard of Eddie Funkhouse before but I love the eyeshadow pallettes. I love how bright the colors are!

  14. Wow, these products look beautiful, and I love the eye looks you created. I love watching Eddie’s videos, he is just such a natural.

  15. It really does look like a beautiful palate. Lots of great colors and they are beautiful. I’ll pass this along to my daughter.

  16. Eloise Maoudj Riley says

    LOVE those colors and the shimmer makes it even better!