New Hallu Bath Bombs!

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Since debuting in 2018, Hallu (pronounced ha-LOO) has been a wildly popular bath and body line that offers a mythical place in time where escapism is a reality. Hallu makes high-quality bath and body products that look and perform like higher priced bombs that may or may not rhyme with Mush. I’m sure you get my drift.

Hallu wanted to make unique, personal care experiences more attainable and affordable and allow everyone to indulge and escape into a magical world. To this end, all products within the Hallu line are priced under $5!

Debuting this month are several new Hallu treasures: The Wish Upon a Star Bath Bomb and Mermaid Tiki Torch Bath Bomb are the industries first lightable candle and incense burning bath bombs. How’s that for innovative?

“The act of soaking in beautiful waters and gorgeous fragrances has the power to cleanse the mind and escape the day, which is what Hallu is all about,” said Rachel Joy Swardson, Senior Marketing Manager of New Product Development. “This brand allows us to push conventional bathing boundaries and introduce fire to water with our revolutionary floating candle and incense burning bath bombs. The pre-bath ritual to cleanse the air before engaging in a stunningly beautiful soak offers the most magical bath-time experience on the market.” 

Add color, intrigue and a soft glow to your tub with the Hallu Wish Upon a Star Bomb. Light the candle as you gently submerge within the warm bath water, breathe in the soothing hibiscus and water lily fragrance and watch as the bath bomb slowly transforms the waters around you into a beautiful unicorn sky. Be sure to make a wish on this shooting bath-time star before it melts away so all your dreams may come true. The Wish Upon a Star Bath Bomb retails for $4.97 and will be available at Walmart stores starting March 30.

For the most mer-mazing bath of all time, try the Hallu Mermaid Tiki Torch Bath Bomb featuring lightable incense. Simply light the cone’s tip and let the Palo Santo fragrance permeate the room providing energy, cleansing and spiritual purification. Once the desired level of scent is achieved, add the bomb to your bath to extinguish the ember and indulge in the swirling greens, pinks and purples while absorbing the moisturizing benefits of myrtle and almond oil. The Mermaid Tiki Torch Bath Bomb retails for $5.97 at Walmart and will be available at stores starting March 30.

Kroger stores are exclusively debuting three new Hallu bath bombs along with a mix of 13 Unicorn, Fairy and Mermaid bath and beauty fan favorites. The new bath bombs include a Fairy Die Cut Candle Bomb, Fairy LED Large Bomb and Mermaid Tail Die Cut Bomb.

Enjoy a relaxing bath in a splash with the Hallu Mermaid Splash Bath Bombs. Die-cut in the shape of exotic mermaid tails, the bath bombs come in two varieties: a swirling mix of teal, sky blue and sea foam green or sunny yellow, pink and apricot. Both bath bombs release Sea Salt Citrus scented bubbles and streams of colorful radiance to turn your bathroom into a seaside oasis. Cleanse, unwind and let your tail down with one of these 3.5-ounce bath bombs retailing for $5.75.

For flashier bath-time fun, check out the Hallu Fairy Dance Party Bath Bomb. The 4.9-ounce nourishing pink bath bomb floats, bubbles and streams intertwining ribbons of radiant color and naturally-derived golden mica before revealing a flashing LED light inside. Retailing for $5.75, these spa-tastic bath bombs feature Hallu’s popular Island Hibiscus fragrance — a floral scent that mingles in a garden of hibiscus, water lily, jasmine and rose rounded out with notes of sheer vanilla, musk and shaved wood.

You are probably aware of my bath bomb addiction by now. I love me a good hot bath, a glass of wine and my kindle. Hallu bath bombs are so colorful, cute and fun to use! And at $5 or less each, I can afford to indulge my addiction!

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  1. Absolutely adorable bath bombs. I think a basket of these would make a great gift for someone.

  2. Absolutely adorable bath bombs. I think a basket of these would make a great gift for someone.

  3. This is really a creative idea. Moreover, it’s a treat to self pampering. I agree with marciaf, it can be given as gift too.

  4. I need that Hallu Mermaid Tiki Torch Bath Bomb !

  5. oh i love bath bombs! I will try these for sure, super awesome. Thanks a lot.

  6. I like the brand name, also the shapes of these bath bombs

  7. I love these bath bombs. Perfect for a relaxing bath.

  8. Monidipa Dutta says

    I am addicted to bath bombs as well. I love a good hot bath and a glass of champagne to relax at the end of the day. I have not heard of this brand but I will check this out.

  9. Pubali Babi Chatterjee says

    These are so cute! I gotta check my Walmart here in Canada to see if I can find any of these!

  10. Those look like some pretty fun bath bombs. I have made a few bath bombs myself as crafts at my work. But I would love to find bombs some way I could make some more ornate designs out of them like this.

  11. Lola Seicento says

    I absolutely LOVE bath bombs, and these are really cute!