New! Hard Candy Fox in a Box Powders!

Hard Candy is a fav here at Prime Beauty headquarters. Blythe especially likes to check out their super affordable makeup while shopping at Walmart. Full disclosure: I was going to do this post for Frugal Friday but I can’t wait to tell you about these darling boxed powders–they are that good!

Hard Candy just released Fox in a Box ($7), a collection of five marbelized baked powders inspired by different moods and personalities with custom blended shades and fragrances. Each powder is packaged with a scratch n’ sniff sticker so you can sniff before you buy! Also included with each powder is a cute brush, though I much prefer using my own brushes.

There are two highlighters, one bronzer and two blushes each with decorated with their own girl and personality.

  • Girl Boss is a pretty pale gold highlighter with a vanilla frosting scent
  • Glamour Girl is a peachy highlighter with a pina colada scent
  • Party Girl is a bronzer with a chocolate scent
  • Girl Next Door is a pearly pink blush with a strawberry scent
  • Uptown Girl is a shimmery peachy blush with a sweet peach scent

All the powders are baked so they don’t have as much pigment as pressed powders. They are formulated with finely milled mica, that allows them to blend superbly and look seamless on the face. To me, these seem more suited to light skin tones.

As far as fragrance, some of the scents are more powerful than others: Glamour Girl’s Pina Colada scent is quite strong as well as Party Girl’s Chocolate scent. On the opposite spectrum, I really have to put my nose in Girl Next Door to detect any strawberry scent or peach scent with Uptown Girl. If you have a sensitive nose, I would skip the first two mentioned above.

If Hard Candy’s cute and kitchy Fox In A Box Powders look familiar, they are an awful lot like Benefit’s Boxed Blushes with a mah-jah difference: Hard Candy has 0.20 oz. of product for $7 and Benefit has 0.17 oz. of product for $29. Galifornia and Rockateur were the last boxed blush Benefit released and they weigh in at  0.17 oz., however, their older boxed blushes had waaay more product, 0.28 oz. for the same $29. I will say though, the Benefit blushes are a lot more pigmented. Whether they are worth 4 times the price of Hard Candy Fox In A Box Powders is up to you.

What do you think of Hard Candy’s Fox In a Box? Will you be seeking them out at Walmart?

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  1. Allison @neversaydiebeauty says

    They’re adorable, and a bargain! I like that the shades are not too over the top.

  2. Heather ツ says

    Cant wait to buy these – I love their older ones. TFS!

  3. Oh wow! What a great deal! Hard Candy has some seriously overlooked products by the beauty community!

  4. Jessica Hughes says

    I’ve never tried any Hard Candy products, but these are so cute! It looks like the pigmentation is pretty darn good as well.

  5. They are absolutely adorable! And for $7 well worth trying. I think Girl Next Door is the one I want!

  6. Cute as can be. If I had a teenager I’d buy them those blushes for Valentine’s Day. And if I get to Walmart soon then I’m going to pick up the two blushes. Hard Candy has some fun products.

  7. Joyce Chitwood says

    Yes yes yes. I will def be trying to find them all. No matter how much I wil use and I will use them often I think. But just the cuteness is def what I will be buying for. I don’t really care about the scent either way. I can’t takenit or leave it. But the I have been a fan of Hard Candy for many years now. I wish I had bought the old Fox in the Boxes. They used to have them many yrs ago. But I never saw them. During the yes of raising children and focus was not in makeup like own but I get to enjoy it so much now and there r so many resources now and more makeup. Lol. Thanks for the review.

  8. Those are super cute for kids!

  9. Oh these are fun! I like them all actually but especially Party Girl, Girl Boss & Girl Next Door. I found Hard Candy to be very sparkly in a bad way, how do you find these for over 40 skin?

  10. Rose Ann Sales says

    Oh my this is so cute. Never heard of this product but looks so great. Must try all of them ro see wha’s the best.

  11. Drake Conan says

    This looks like a great line of beauty proucts. In fact that is so cute. My wife would love this fore sure. I need to share this with her.

  12. Theses Hard Candy cosmetics are so cute and girly. I wonder how many shades do they carry?

  13. Kendra Williams says

    I love the packaging on these! They’re just too cute! I’d really want to try the Party Girl bronzer!

  14. Adorable!!! My daughter will LOVE these!

  15. Lola Seicento says

    These are so much fun! The packaging is so cute!

  16. Love everything about these, the packaging is so on point and I love the shaede “girl boss” definitely going to look into getting one!

  17. I like how glimmery they are. I think I should add some glimmer to my make up routine.

  18. Mary La Fornara says

    I love the packaging! I try to stay away from shimmer, but these colors are very pretty.

  19. Wendy Polisi says

    That is a smokin’ deal! I really love the art on the packaging.

  20. I love the packaging and all the shades are super pretty!