Hard Candy Glamoflauge Foundation & Concealer

 New! Hard Candy Glamoflauge Foundation and Concealer

Press Sample Purchased by me

Dry, Oily, Normal, Combination. Pale, Light, Medium, Tan, Dark. Matte, Hydrating, Full Coverage, Light Coverage. When it comes to finding the right foundation and concealer, the struggle is real. Even brands are feeling the heat these days to create products that meet more than just the average person’s needs. Enter the new Hard Candy Glamoflauge collection, featuring Foundation, $7, Concealer, $6, and Mix-in Drops, $7.

The brand was kind enough to send me their concealer to test out, and I picked up the Foundation at my local Walmart. Since I was able to find a shade to match my skin tone, I didn’t need the Mix-In Drops. Though it would be great if there were more foundations shade options, the Mix-In Drops do allow you to customize any liquid makeup to your skin tone.

Hard Candy Glamoflauge Foundation

Hard Candy Glamoflauge Foundation Swatches
Finding foundation has always been a struggle for me. I have very pale skin, with pink undertones, that is also very dry and sensitive. Many foundations are either too dark, don’t contain the right undertones, or are too mattifying.

Thankfully, I was able to find my shade in the Hard Candy Glamoflauge Foundation; Ivory. Shade 532, or Ivory, is a very pale, pinky foundation that matches my skin perfectly. Unfortunately, it was a little to mattifying for my dry skin.

Hard Candy Glamoflauge Wear

Formulated with superfine pigments, the Glamoflauge Foundation delivers full coverage, without looking caked-on. It is also infused with kaolin clay to improve wear and oil absorption. The foundation is also transfer resistant and designed to deliver 12 hours of flawless perfection.

I did struggle with this foundation, even though I tried pairing it with four different types of primer and two different setting sprays. The more hydrating the primer and the more applications of setting spray, the better the results. Even with this, I still find the Hard Candy Glamoflauge Foundation clings to my pores and settles in fine lines. It also makes my skin look very matte and dry.

Glamoflauge Concealer

Hard Candy Glamoflauge Concealer Swatches

I also gave the concealer in Fair a try. Designed to provide full coverage, the Hard Candy Glamoflauge Concealer helps cover blemishes, freckles, dark circles, and even tattoos. It’s also highly pigmented, long wearing, and comes with a color match pencil for filling in tattoos.

Since I don’t have tattoos, I can’t speak for the effectiveness of the pencil. I will say agree that the concealer is very full coverage and highly pigmented. I do wish the formula wasn’t so thick or maybe came in different packaging. The squeeze tube makes it a little hard to work with, but this is more of a personal preference.

Hard Candy Glamoflauge wear2

Like the foundation, I had no trouble picking out a shade to match my skin. Fair blended in well, even with my pink undertones. But again, just like the foundation, the formula didn’t work so well with my dry skin.

Each time I use the Hard Candy Glamoflauge Concealer I struggle with the application. It takes a wet sponge and some patience to get it to absorb into my skin. However, once it is blended it, it doesn’t look heavy or cakey.  As the day wears on though, I do notice it settling into fine lines or just the skin folds around my eyes and nose.

Hard Candy Glamoflauge Looks

As a fan of Hard Candy, I do wish these products would have worked better on my skin. Who doesn’t love an affordable, cruelty-free, drugstore foundation and concealer? While the Hard Candy Glamoflauge Concealer and Foundation aren’t ideal for dry skin, I do think they would be a great fit for oily, combination, or normal skin.


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  1. 25 Sweetpeas says

    Bummer about the settling but it does look nice on you

  2. 25 Sweetpeas says

    Bummer about the settling but it does look nice on you

  3. I have combination skin. I definitely should try these products out.

  4. I have combination skin. I definitely should try these products out.