NEW Hot Girls Pearls Chicklet Bracelet!

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Hot Girls Pearls

You may remember me talking about these ingenious bracelets and necklaces that are Hot Girls Pearls. Hot Girls Pearls are lightweight freezable pearl necklaces and bracelets that were initially created to provide relief for women going through menopause. BUT, they really cool you down for whatever life throws our way.

Though I’m past menopause, my base temperature has risen and it seems I’m always HOT. Other people in the room can have goosebumps and I want to turn on the air conditioning. I use my Hot Girls Pearls necklace every single morning when I dry or style my hair–that’s all it takes to make me break into a sweat. But, first, let me tell you how this stylish cooling jewelry works.

The pearls come in a great travel pouch, which keeps them cold for up to 4 hours after you take them out of the freezer. Once on, you get about 30 minutes of ice-cold relief. Ahhhhh, it’s like wearing little ice cubes on your pulse points! The patented light-weight pearls are filled with the same non-toxic gel in ice packs. They won’t leak or sweat and since you keep them in the freezer, they’re ready to go when you are!

Hot Girls Pearls

The newest addition to the Hot Girls Pearls line is these chic Chicklit Bracelets $48 in 7 different colors: Amethyst, Blue Lapis, Midnight, Sand, Slate, Sweet Pea, and White. Each color has a beautiful marbling effect. They give a more intense cooling sensation because they lay flat on your wrist, and rest on the pressure points for immediate relief. I chose amethyst and it is a beautiful purple shade with blue, white, and brown marbling.

Hot Girls Chicklit Bracelet

Bracelets come in two sizes and have an elastic wristband so there are no clasps to fiddle with. For a snug fit- any wrist 6 ½” or smaller should order size 6 (this is my size) and for wrists larger than 6 ½” or would like a looser fit, order size 7.

Hot Girls Pearls Chicklet Bracelet

I LOVE this bracelet! It has been 97+ for what seems like forever which makes it really hot in the salon so I wore my bracelet today and it gave me instant relief! I even put it back in the freezer and put it on again for more relief as the day wore on. Keep up the great styles Hot Girls Pearls!

Bottom Line: Turn hot flashes into haute fashion with the chic cool of Hot Girls Pearls!

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