New! Joico Texturizing Shake Series

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Those of you who read this blog regularly, know of the struggle with my fine, limp hair. I am on a permanent quest for big, bouncy voluminous locks. Enter Joico Texturizing Finishers. Some days, you have a hankering for beachy and wild; the next, you’re looking for more restrained volume. The Shake Series has you covered 24/7—with a collection of transformative texturizers that take you wherever you want to go, high or low. Just shake, spray, and go!

Fine hair like mine needs texture to keep it from falling flat and to give it some body. Joico’s Shake Series consists of three texturizers for each hair type because, helllllo, texture is everything. Use as the last step before hairspray on dry hair.

Body Shake $19.99 is a fine, dry aerosol for fine to medium hair. It’s made with powder, resins, and lightweight conditioners for the look of naturally thick hair with no white powdery residue. This body-building mist absorbs oils, giving roots a boost and plumping up hair with dramatic body and a soft, clean feel.

I love that Body Shake isn’t sticky or stiff so it doesn’t wear my fine hair down. It also helps to combat humidity so it will be perfect in the summer. Remember to shake and then I pick up pieces of hair where I want more volume and spray it underneath.

Beach Shake $19.99 is a tactile, fast-drying aerosol for medium to thick hair tough it works for my fine hair too. Its formula includes Coconut and Sunflower Seed oils combined with beeswax and light resins for shine and separation. If you love messy, tousled waves, this is for you! Shake, shake, shake and apply lightly, lifting layers and letting the layers fall through the mist to carve out satiny separation. You’ll get that modern beach look without the crunchy salt of traditional beach sprays. Beach Shake has a lovely light tropical scent that will have you sipping a drink with an umbrella in no time.

Finally, Hair Shake is a liquid-to-powder (non-aerosol) texturizing finisher for most hair types. It contains powder, clay, and silica in a fast-dry liquid base for moldable yet dry texture for separation, definition, and lift. This one works best on layered hair.

Bottom Line: the Joico Texturizing Shake Series gives light, fluffy volume and shine to flat, lifeless hair.

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  1. I LOVE Joico hair products, especially the shake products. They’re some of the only products that give my hair volume.

  2. Wow your hair looks totally amazing. That’s how you should wear it every day. These are perfect products for you.

  3. Your hair looks fabulous! Although texturizes aren’t for me, JOICO makes my favorite conditioner/treatment bar none.

  4. Paula (lilpeej) says

    So, which one of the three was your favorite? My hair is fine and thinning and I would like to try one.

  5. Lola Seicento says

    Your hair looks great, Cindy! I haven’t used Joyce in years, but did for a long time!

  6. Shannon Graham says

    With my crazy curls, I’m definitely changing it daily. Often times, it’s not even on purpose! lol

  7. Brie Jaramillo says

    Wow, your hair looks amazing, I will definitely look into this product more, thanks for sharing

  8. all_the_words025 says

    So much love for Joico products! I definitely need Hair Shake.

  9. First the packaging is really cute and the names as well! That alone got me curious to try this 😀

  10. After my third pregnancy, my hair totally changed. I am on the hunt for the volume I used to have! This line sounds like just the trick to get my big, bouncy waves back.

  11. My hair is on the opposite side of the spectrum. It’s all poof and rarely lays flat. There are many products out there. It’s good find a company that works so well for you.