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When you think of KORRES, the brand from Greece, you might think of bath and body products but did you know KORRES started as a pharmacy? KORRES was founded in 1996 based out out Athens’ oldest homepathic pharmacy. They believe in the power of plants and with a deep knowledge of over 3,000 herbal remedies, KORRES identifies the most powerful natural ingredients and maximizes their effectiveness using the latest scientific advancements.

One such advancement is taken from the leaves of the Arcadian chestnut tree. Lupeol is a powerful natural ingredient that contains incredible antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and skin-regenerative properties. Already renowned in the pharmaceutical world and the food supplement market, Lupeol has never before been used as an active ingredient in cosmetics due to its insolubility.

In designing the Castanea Arcadia Collection, KORRES developed an innovative molecule known as HALupeol, which encases pure Lupeol in a hyaluronic acid shell. This new molecule creates a special system that allows the active to penetrate the skin, reaching deep into the epidermis for maximum efficiency. And this new collection is making it’s debut on HSN on May 17th! 

Thanks to this innovative scientific breakthrough never before seen in beauty, KORRES has harnessed the power of the ingredient in the new Castanea Arcadia Collection, a line of transformative anti-aging creams that fight wrinkles and visible signs of aging making it perfect for us over 40 women!

Each innovative cream uses liquid crystal emulsion for a light, velvety texture. The crystals contain a delivery system that helps to reflect light, mimicking skin’s natural moisture to deeply hydrate. Formulated with active ingredients like betaglucan, black oat extract and lecithin at clinical efficiency, the creams reinforce skin’s natural moisture retention and bolster skin’s structure, leaving your complexion looking youthful and resilient.

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KORRES Castanea Arcadia Day Cream (93.3% Natural Content, $49.50) is made with a nourishing blend of moisturizing Abyssinia oil, Apricot oil, olive oil esters, and sweet almond butter, the cream is rich in essential fatty acids, and vitamins A, C, and E for increased hydration. Though richer in texture than the Black Pine collection (reviewed here), this day cream does NOT feel heavy on the skin. It absorbs well and isn’t greasy. It keeps my skin fresh and hydrated all day without looking oily. Another thing I really appreciate is that this day cream does not ball up when I apply a primer over it.

KORRES Castanea Arcadia Night Cream (96.1% Natural Content, $59) is filled with Jojoba Oil D-panthenol which gives this cream its long-lasting hydrating power, while soothing Chamomile Oil is rich with nurturing antioxidants. Apricot Oil delivers a host of beneficial vitamins, moisturizing deep into skin and improving skin’s texture. Deeply moisturizing, my skin still feels hydrated the next morning! Rich in texture it doesn’t clog my pores and lets my skin breathe. Both creams have a lovely, slight lemon scent that is so pleasing!


KORRES Castanea Arcadia Eye Cream (96% Natural Content, $46) is formulated with extracts of Rhodiola Rosea Root and Oats. This eye cream instantly lifts, smoothes and firms the delicate skin around the eye, all while reducing sagging and brightening skin tone. Argan Oil and Jojoba Oil are rich in essential nutrients that increase skin’s elasticity and improve its texture, while calming Chamomile Oil and Apricot Oil deliver a boost of beneficial antioxidants with nourishing properties. If you remember, the KORRES Black Pine Firming, Lifting and Antiwrinkle Eye Cream didn’t work so well for me. I’m happy to report that is NOT the case with KORRES Castanea Arcadia Eye Cream. This is nicely hydrating, is NOT greasy and does not migrate into my eyes. It works beautifully under concealer and moisturizes throughout the day without making my mascara smear. My under eye area has been super dry from the Tria laser and this eye cream has saved me from peeling skin! As far as firming, I need more time to assess but I’m liking my results so far.


I’ve been using the KORRES Castanea Arcadia Collection for the last 3-4 weeks with great success. I’ve continued to use the Black Pine Firming, Lifting and Antiwrinkle Serum under the day and night creams as my first step, then the cream, sunscreen and eye cream. For those of us with dry skin, this collection provides deep hydration without looking or feeling greasy or being too heavy.

Available at HSN/ beginning May 2016

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  1. Robin Rue says

    That sounds like a great line of products. I will be on the lookout for them on HSN.

  2. Allison @neversaydiebeauty says

    I love Korres. This new collection sounds so appealing!

  3. says

    This sounds like a product I need as I am in my 40’s and my skin is not looking as young as I would like it to look.

  4. Annemarie LeBlanc says

    I would love to keep my skin as firm and supple as when I was a young girl. The right choice of moisturizers and firming creams would help me achieve this goal. I will have to check out this new product you mentioned. If it worked for you, I guess it would for me too.

  5. Jennifer Clay says

    I always like to try new skincare products. I am about to turn 30 and I have noticed some changes in my skin! I don’t have that youthful super tight skin anymore!

  6. Aleya Bamdad says

    This line sounds amazing and I love that they use almond oil and olive oil to make some of their products.

  7. I am dying to try this new line. I have tried a few things from Korres that I liked in the past. Good to know it’s on HSN since I never see it at Sephora anymore!

  8. It sounds like this would be great for my skin. I’ve been trying to keep the skin under my eyes healthy and firm.

  9. These sound like they are right up my alley!!! Creams at night are a MUST for me!

  10. I don’t have to use this just yet, but it’s good to know what works and what doesn’t. I love that it works well for you, I will definitely take note of this brand!

  11. FabZilla_Kath says

    I used to buy Korres a lot back in the day. I need to revisit this brand

  12. Karla Ramos says

    Being available at HSN means the product is achieving success. Success means it works. Good thing it doesn’t clog pores unlike my usual.

  13. I think I should try this one, I’ve never heard it but in your review it looks so awesome. I’ll have to check it out. Thank you.

  14. I haven’t tried Korres yet but now that they’re on HSN that will change!

  15. I love all the Korres products I’ve tried so far, but they’re mostly bath and body care and lip butter. The eye cream sounds awesome!

  16. I love Korres brand, their body butters are my favorite things ever 🙂

  17. Nicole Cochingco Escat says

    I love using essential oils. I would love to try these products.

  18. i never heard about this brand before but it seems to be really good.thanx for your post

  19. I was introduced to the Korres line by my younger sis, who happens to be an editor in chief of a magazine at that time. When I went to Greece I spotted the Korres stores…love all their products! Thanks for sharing your review!

  20. Looks like a good product to try. Thanks for sharing your amazing review.

  21. I have never heard of this product before. I will have to check it out! Thank you for posting!

  22. Amy @ Marvelous Mommy says

    Such pretty pictures, that night cream looks so smooth! I will share this with my sister, she’s crazy about applying her night cream.

  23. Lisa Marie Heath says

    Adding these to my wishlist!

  24. Lisa Rios says

    Though I have heard lot about KORRES products, I have never had a chance to try any of them. The Castanea Arcadia Day Cream & Night Cream sounds amazing with natural content covering up more than 90% & I would love to grab those as I love such natural products so much anytime.

  25. mail4rosey says

    I would love to try the day cream. My skin could use a little help.


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