New! Lancome Monsieur Big Mascara!

Purchased by me


I love me some mascara. Even I don’t understand my fascination with it. I have fairly long, black curly lashes–I don’t NEED a mascara to perform magic but I want it to! I feel compelled to try to every new brand formula on the market. So, naturally, when Lancome, the ultimate mascara experts introduced Monsieur Big my compulsion kicked in. I didn’t think maybe I would try it, or I should try it or if I get around to trying it–I HAD to HAVE it. The Lancome brand is known for their mascara formulations, in fact, Definicils is the best selling luxury mascara in the WORLD.

Finding the right mascara is totally subjective and different people have different expectations. I have my own set of criteria: easy to apply, doesn’t dry out my lashes, lengthens AND volumizes, can hold a curl and does NOT flake, smudge or clump. Quite a comprehensive list of requirements huh? Well, I’m delighted to say Lancome Monsieur Big Mascara ($25) ticks all of my boxes. Monsieur Big translates to Mister Big–a reference to Sex and the City perhaps? Or could be the HUGE brush. No matter, this mascara makes me want to ditch all my others (like Mr. Big ditched Carrie at the altar, which still pisses me off).

Truth be told, I was not impressed with Lancome’s previous launch, Grandiose, and that wonky wand. Monsieur Big though gives me what I want. As the Spice Girls would say, what I really, really want. Length and thickness in one swipe thanks to the fibers. Let’s talk about said fibers. They are invisible to the eye yet hug and coat each lash making it full and lush. The slightly wet formula builds without clumping and just two coats is all you will ever need for drag queen lashes. The wear is great with no smudging or flaking.

Removal is easy-peasy with my Lancome Bi-Facil or any good micellar water. The brand promises to deliver up to 12x more volume* with up to 24-hour wear. I didn’t measure that, I just know that it takes a LOT to get this mascara jaded beauty junkie excited about a new mascara and Lancome Monsieur Big accomplished it!


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  1. Allison @neversaydiebeauty says

    I got the travel size at Ulta as my birthday gift from them back in April, and I was surprised how much I liked this mascara. You got great results!

  2. I am loving this mascara!! it works so good!!

  3. I really love mascara now that I have eyelashes again! It is so exciting to wear beautiful mascara!

  4. On lazy days, mascara is a savior and it would be nice to have something as reliable as this. I love that it glides easily and doesn’t clump!

  5. I am glad it works for you! I ended up tossing the sample I got from Ulta – it looked great but gave me panda eyes within two hours everytime I wore it. Such a bummer 🙁

  6. Phyrra Nyx says

    Sounds like it works well for you!

  7. This looks perfect for you. Lots of volume which is a definite plus.

  8. FabZilla_Kath says

    I like the volume this mascara gave me but it smudged, not that much so I am going to give another try when fall comes

  9. That’s a really great mascara. I love a low key look with bold thick lashes.

  10. Kelly Hutchinson says

    I need a new mascara. Mine just does not give me the volume I want. I think this new Lancome Monsieur Big Mascara would be a great fit for me.

  11. Vanessa Coppola says

    I’m in the market for a new mascara and haven’t quite found the right one yet. I’ll have to give this one a shot!

  12. I don’t usually wear a mascara but you’re right about finding the perfect one. I guess that’s also why I just gave up on trying out different brands. This sounds perfect though!

  13. Journa Ramirez says

    It’s really hard to find the perfect mascara. I’m so picky about buying one and I think this is the best!

  14. I have this sitting in a drawer waiting to be tried! Can’t wait to see the results

  15. Catherine M. says

    Mascara is my go to make up product because I feel like my lashes are so short but it’s hard to find a good mascara. I like that you didn’t have to clump this one on!

  16. Rachel Catherine says

    I like that this one didn’t feel like you had to clump it. I’ll have to see if I can find it. Mascara is tricky now that I’m getting older.

  17. Amber Nelson says

    I love trying new mascara. This one looks pretty awesome! Going to give it a whirl.

  18. Alexa Ivory says

    It’s not everyday you get to find such nice mascara. This looks like it can do a good job at making our eyelashes pretty.

  19. Ah, don’t you love it when you find a new favorite beauty product? I’ve never tried a Lancome mascara but I have heard good things about the line.

  20. I recently got to try the same mascara via Influenster and I am obsessed! I have spent so much money in the past on mascaras that flake and smudge and are gone before the work day is over but this one is different. It stays put all day and it really lengthens.

  21. I missed getting this as my Ulta birthday perk, which sucks because I have heard so many good things about it. It is definitely on my to try list when I get some extra money.