New Launches from Eyeko That Will Make Your Eyes Stand Out!

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How utterly adorable and practical is this? A mascara “wardrobe” is just what every girl needs!  The kit comes with three different brushes for three different lash looks–genius! Create your own lash look with the three-in-one conditioning formula with Carbon Black finish and a choice of three brushes–one to define, curl, and volumize. The extra-thick, glossy black formula means you can create a faux-lash look with just two coats!

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The mascara tube is bit smaller than regular size, which makes it perfect for travel. If you’re looking for a really, really black mascara, this is it!  The downside to this is that changing the brushes frequently will pump more air into the mascara making it dry out faster. Bummer.


Another new launch I’m particularly excited about is the Eyeko Liquid Eyeliner Trio ($19). This is a sample (but very generous) size that includes Black, Brown and Navy liners.

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What I like SO much about these is the precision-point pen tip. It allows even klutzy girls like me to create the perfect cat-eye look or a super thin flick. Hold the pen on it’s side for a thicker line or use the fine tip for a thinner line. The formula is long-lasting,  pigmented and smudge-proof. I do wish the brown was a little darker, it’s more of a reddish brown.  This eyeliner doesn’t flake or fade and is easy-peasy to use! Cross my heart this is the one of the VERY few eyeliner pens I can use and actually like the results. If I can create the ideal winged look with this pen, trust me, you can too!

This cruelty-free product is vegan and gluten-free and I LOVE that!


I know, you’re probably thinking “another eyelash curler, so what”. The Eyeko Limited Edition Blue Velvet Eyelash Curler ($16) is different. First, it has an extremely comfortable handle with a with velvet soft-touch to provide the perfect amount of pressure and control. There is no crimping your eye instead of the lashes. Second it is ergonomically designed for ease of use and to provide the optimum curl. Speaking of curl, what I like the best about this curler is the fluffy curl I get. It curls up AND out do you don’t get those “standing at attention in a firing squad” lashes. You get sexy, doe-eyed sweeping lashes.

With these three kits from Eyeko, you’ll have well defined eyes with soft, flirty lashes and that’s a win!

Eyeko are cruelty-free product and gluten-free and can be found at Sephora, in the US and Harvey Nichols in the UK.


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