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Love Letter Candle

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while now, you know that I’m crazy about candles. You will always find a candle burning in my home year-round. I love the scents and the warm, welcoming ambiance of candles.

So does Love Notes founder, Nya Kam. She has created her very own hand-poured candles that remind you of giving or receiving a love note. Kam is passionate about creating unique custom blended scents that leave a relaxing aroma that’s inspired by LOVE. 

Nya Kam, owner of Love Notes Fragrance.

The name “Love Notes”  was inspired by a relationship that I was in.  At the time, the gentleman too was a romantic and expressed it through cards, letters, and texts.  However, since young, I have been a collector of love letters. (Til this day, I still have held on to old love letters, cards, that I received from old boyfriends, parents, and dear friends). The name “Love Notes” became a no-brainer for me because I think each person has either received or written one, and whether you are the receiver or giver of a love note, it undoubtedly puts you in a place of feeling special, thought of, vulnerability and loved. I want my consumers to have the same emotion and be inspired to create the environment for themselves while burning my Love Notes candle.

Each candle is made with integrity-containing all-natural soy wax, cotton-based (lead-free) wicks and unique custom blended fragrances that will satisfy your aromatherapeutic needs. All in Kam’s Brooklyn home!

Nya was kind enough to send me her newest addition to the Love Notes Fragancesline, the unforgettable Love Letter. Love Letter is a blend of rose, ginger, ylang ylang & white tea. Floral essences of rose mix with delicate notes of ginger, ylang ylang, and white tea to lift your mood with delight, happiness, and balance. To my nose, it is a very sophisticated and sultry scent yet not overpowering. Just opening the box is heavenly!

Love Letter Candle

Love Letter packaging is sleek yet decidedly feminine. Housed in a frosted glass jar with a pink label. The coordinated box is done in pretty shades of mauve pink and cranberry with gold lettering.

Love Letter Gift Set
Love Letter Gift Set
  • Love Letter comes in a 12.5 oz Pearl candle with an included playlist -$38
  • 12.5 oz. 2-wick tin -$25
  • 8 oz. travel tin – $18
  • Luxe Gift Set – $65 which includes a 30 hr burn travel candle, 40 hr burn gold reusable glass candle, and 3 pack aromatic body teas.

Love Letter is the newest addition to the Love Notes Fragrances line. There are several other scents in the Love Notes line from tropical to sweet to fruity to spicy as well as gift sets. Kam also offers sentimental cards and Self-ish Body Teas.

Love Notes is a black woman-owned company featuring all-natural products to delight the soul!

I adore my Love Letter candle and all of its iterations! Any Love Notes candle makes for a wonderful gift too!

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