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Just like a great pair of heels, the right eyelashes can completely transform your look. Mademoiselle Lashes create the world’s most beautiful and alluring eyelashes. Lashes that combine an expertly-designed shape with cruelty-free materials and durable, hand-crafted construction to ensure they last. The brand is growing and customers confirm that Mademoiselle Lashes are the fluffiest, softest and easiest to wear.

Mademoiselle Lashes are one of the few false lashes brands offering only 100% silk lashes. Unlike synthetic fibers, real silk eyelashes look completely natural and feel feather-light, just like your real lashes. The brand also prefers silk lashes to mink or natural hair versions because silk is exceptionally durable and holds its shape. This allows them to create a range of very precise curl options to flatter different eye shapes and ensures that your Mademoiselle Lash reusable eyelashes retain the same silhouette wear after wear after wear.

From everyday subtle to over-the-top drama,  Mademoiselle has developed six lash styles to suit every occasion. From the wispy cat’s eye flick of Tina through to the spiky clusters of Mimi, there’s a pair for every eye shape too. If you’re not sure what style to wear with your eye shape, there is a Lash Guide to help you recognize your eye shape an recommend the best lashes for that shape. The website also has tips for application and how to care for your lashes.

Y’all have probably never seen me in false eyelashes only because I’m such a disaster at applying them! With some help from the eyelash extension expert at work, I tried the most popular Mademoiselle style of Thuy $24. Thuy lashes have shorter hairs but still give enough drama and volume for a night out. My real lashes are long but lack volume so this style is perfect for me and for every day. This is also the style Mademoiselle recommends for over 40 beauties like us.

Thuy double layer lashes are 3D lashes that offer enough depth and shape to open up your eyes, but are a little shorter and less dense than our other silk lashes that could easily pass for natural. These are winged, cat eye lashes that are tapered at the inner corner and get progressively longer towards the outer one. It’s a classic, universally-flattering look that lifts the eye for a beautifully bewitching gaze. I’m amazed at how natural these look AND at how lightweight they are! I’ve tried false lashes in the past and they always felt heavy and clunky, but after a few minutes, I can’t even tell I have these on! Thuy lashes are not that much longer than my real lashes but they are so pretty and thick they give me the volume I crave! I also appreciate the wide band, it makes it look like I have eyeliner on when I don’t!

THUY Lashes

Mademoiselle Lashes believes that you get back only what you put into this world, so we strive to seek out and work with charity organizations and non-profit organizations that are doing great and important things. When you buy our reusable false eyelashes you’re supporting charities such as Children’s Hospital of Orange County, which helps families of children with terminal illness treat and finds cures for those illnesses. We have also worked with Two Wings, a non-profit that helps women who are the victim of sex-trafficking to find jobs, pursue their dreams and ultimately go on to live fulfilled financially-independent lives.

Bottom Line: if like me, you are new to false eyelashes, I highly recommend Mademoiselle Lashes. Take advantage of the tips and recommendations on their website and you’ll have seriously bat-worthy lashes!

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