Review: Make Up For Ever Artist Brush Collection!

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You’ve all heard the saying “go big or go home.”  When cosmetics brand Make Up For Ever launches a new product, they always go BIG. I love that about Dany Sans, creator and founder of Make Up For Ever. As a former painter and sculptor herself, she saw the need to create products for both the professional make up artist and the every day woman, which led her to reinvent the artist’s most vital tool – the brush. The brand proudly announces a revolution in brushes with the introduction of seventy-six cutting-edge brushes, every one made of synthetic fibers so the entire collection is cruelty free–bravo Dany!

Dany says:

“The brush is an extension of the hand and is a fundamental tool for a makeup artist, whether he is a professional or amateur makeup artist, his canvas is the face.”  “To achieve the ultimate collection, every brush has gone through 25 production stages by 30 craftsmen and has been checked for quality 50 times.”

The brushes are categorized like this:

  • 100’s = complexion
  • 200’s = eyes
  • 300’s = lips
  • 400’s = artistic specially designed for professionals

Since eye makeup is my weakness, I have a lot of eye shadow brushes to share with you. Remember, your makeup is only as professional as the tools you use. I was lucky enough to be sent 10 of the brushes to try so I will review them in two parts. Today the eyes have it!  All the brushes have exquisite marbled wood handles and fit perfectly in the hand. The length is perfection–not too short making them hard to hold and too long making them unwieldy. Juuuuust right!


#244 Precision Shader Brush, Large ($31) – I love this brush for doing a wash of color or base shadow. It’s large flat shape let’s you apply powder, cream or loose eye shadows in one sweep. The dense fibers will give you good color payoff and help to blend quickly and evenly. It saves me time by letting me apply color to my lid or brow bone in one touch.


#258 Precision Eyeliner Brush, Large ($24) – this small, flat mini paddle brush is ideal for cream, gel or liquid liners. It has two sides; the tip can be used for a fine line and the flat side used for a thicker, cat eye line. The bristles are firm for precise application. The very small head makes using gel liner a breeze! If you have ever been afraid to try a winged liner look, this is the brush for you!


#216 Precision Blender Brush, Medium ($25) – the bristles on this brush are rounded at the top–when looking the brush it has a dome shape–this is for really getting into that crease. The bristles are dense making smudging easier. This brush picks up a lot of color for excellent payoff. Works best with powder or loose shadows. I think this brush would be great for hooded eyes.

#236 Precision Blender Brush, Large ($31) – a little larger than the #216, this brush makes defining the crease one easy step. The bristles are round, soft and firm. I had a Sephora crease brush like this a long time ago and loved it, but it doesn’t compare to MUFE. The head of the brush has wavy fibers so it also works great for blending out the edges of eye shadow too. The makeup artist’s mantra? Blend, blend, blend!


#102 Foundation Kabuki, Small ($36) – this cutie pootie brush is “fun-sized” and super soft. The fibers are dense and tapered to get around the nose, eyes and lips so your foundation doesn’t look caked on. I love using it to buff in the concealer around my eyes and nose. I have some redness there and this little brush is the perfect size and shape for those areas. Also great for applying highlighters, this brush is an everyday staple for me.

Bottom Line: I can honestly say that I will use every one of these brushes. They are of the utmost quality and workmanship and perform exactly as they are intended to. Take my word for it beauties, one of the best beauty investments you can make is a good set of brushes–it makes the difference between looking like this…

and this…


Okay, okay that may be a slight exaggeration, but with a little skill and a good set of brushes your makeup could look as flawless as this– pinky swear!


 Do you own a good set of makeup brushes? Are you ready to invest in a set?


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  1. But… But… What if I LIKE looking as if I did my eyes with a dish sponge and a cake of black shoe polish? LOL

    Those brushes look great. Spendy. But great. 🙂

  2. Mamavalveeta03 says

    Those are beautiful!!! (The brushes, not Taylor Momsen’s eyes!) I don’t NEED them, but I sure do WANT them!

  3. These look wonderful! Since I love cream products, I’m always on the lookout for really good synthetic brushes.
    Though Taylor, bless her heart, would definitely use these to bring the black all the way up to her brows I feel!

  4. LOL the two comparison photos! I haven’t taken a look at these yet. I own some MAC, some Bobbi Brown, and some LMdB brushes. I agree good brushes make a lot of difference!


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