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The newly reformulated Mally Evercolor Shadow Sticks Extra, $25, are an improvement on the old formulation. Though, truth be told, the old formula was pretty damn great. The reformulation is supposed to provide more hydration along with additional anti-aging benefits. Okay then, bring ’em on!

These  multi-tasking eye shadows are like having an eye primer, eye base and eye shadow all in one AND there are 15 amazing shades to choose from! With the new formula, you have 30 instead of 45 seconds of play time and then after that, your eye shadow is going to be smudge-proof, transfer-proof and crease-proof, or like Mally says “bullet-proof”.


I love them for creating a pretty, polished look in no time flat. You can create a sheer wash of color or layer them for more intensity. They are also great for a beautiful smudgy eyeliner for a smoky eye, so they work equally as well for day or night! To wear more than one shade, apply a lighter shade all over your lid, from lash line to crease. Next, take a deeper shade and apply it to your crease and the outer “V” of your eye. Then, blend any harsh lines with your finger or brush.

You know by now neutrals are my thang so I chose Moonlight, a pretty beige gold, Brownstone, a lovely bronze and Mahogany, a deep chocolate brown. All have a beautiful shimmery finish. I felt some of the original shadow sticks were too shimmery and usually wore them at night only so I’m glad these are more daytime/work appropriate.

Moonlight, Brownstone & Mahogany

Moonlight, Brownstone & Mahogany

No worries ladies, the new Mally Evercolor Shadow Stick Extra are still creamy, long lasting and quick and easy to use. They are hydrating with a gorgeous shimmery finish.

Bottom Line: The new Mally Evercolor Shadow Stick Extras are rockin’ my world. The performance is exceptional and the shades so flattering that I think I need them all.

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  1. Allison @neversaydiebeauty says

    I went to Ulta the other night specifically to pick up at least one of these during the 21 Days event. They didn’t have all 15 of the shades but I swatched all that they had. I was so impressed with the swatches – gorgeous color and they definitely dried down and didn’t budge. It was so hard to choose but I bought Under the Taupe. I wore it yesterday over primer and unfortunately the color doesn’t show up very well on me. I will try applying it over a real base and see what happens. If not I may swap it for a deeper shade. I think the formula is a winner

  2. Oh these are just glorious! I’m a fan of By Terry eyeshadow sticks but these look just as good and cost way less. I gotta try them!

  3. Very pretty!

  4. Aren’t the part of Ulta’s 21 Days of Beauty? I have 3 of them and use them often. The taupe one is an easy one to wear on its own. They glide on beautifully.

  5. I love these– I love them as all over lid shades to just blend out with my finger and get out!

  6. Eye shadow sticks are so convenient to have especially if you’re just looking for shades that you can wear everyday. I think these are great!

  7. I haven’t tried an eye shadow stick but looks like so easy to use. I want to buy some of those colors.

  8. Nicole Etolen says

    I like the shades of these eye shadow sticks. I use some and they are really convenient to use.

  9. My wife will be so glad about this. She struggled using here eye shadow pallet.

  10. Nicole Escat says

    Oh, I love this! I want to buy some. I love the shades too!

  11. CourtneyLynne Storms says

    Oooooo what fabulous colors!!!! Perfect colors for fall!

  12. Kendra Williams says

    These colors look so gorgeous! I need to try them out!

  13. Annemarie LeBlanc says

    Since I don’t usually use make up, these Mally Evercolor Shadow Stick Extras would make a great Christmas gift for my grown up nieces. My daughter would love these too! On occasions when I have to use make up, I also choose neutrals or natural earth tones which are very versatile for daytime or evening wear.

  14. I love the shimmer in those and theyre just my color. Ill have to pick those up!

  15. Michelle Kneece Waller says

    I love these colors. I tend to only wear earth tone colors. I am really loving the darkest color.

  16. These are so pretty. I really need a truly smudge proof shadow so I will be trying these.

  17. Those tones are cool, I like what I’m seeing. Moonlight’s my pick too!