New! Pinkie Swear Party Powder

Pinkie Swear Party Powder

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A few months ago, while attending IMATS, I discovered Pinkie Swear. At the time, the brand carried two products, their Lips Paints & Clip Gloss. Little did I know they had something else coming up on the horizon, Pinkie Swear Party Powder, $20.

Prismatic Party Powder

If you’ve read my previous Pinkie Swear review, then you know I broke my no lip product buy for their Lip Paints and Clip Gloss. I love the formula, color selection, and blendability. So naturally, when Party Powder was released my curiosity was piqued. It’s hard to not be intrigued by the idea of “Fairy Dust Just Got Real”.

Pinkie Swear Party Powder Swatches

Currently, these prismatic, multi-use powders come in five shades. I choose to pick up three:

  • Fever Dream – a duo-chrome light rose
  • Lucid – a metallic bronze/peach
  • Alice – a whimsical blue, green, teal and silver

While I love a good highlight, I’m not big on glittery highlights. Although Party Powder looks glittery in their cute little packaging, they don’t apply that way. In other words, I don’t look like a disco ball. Instead, each buildable color delivers a reflective shine no matter where I apply it.

In my case, this happens to be on my cheeks, lips, and eyes. You can also wear them wet or dry on your body, in your hair, or on your nails by mixing them with other products. I’m looking forward to mixing Alice, Lucid or Fever Dream with a clear polish for a metallic manicure.

Pinkie Swear Party Powder Wear Suggestions

In addition to featuring unique colors, Pinkie Swear Party Powder wear extremely well on the face. I tested them out in the 90+ heat and humidity of summer and the wear time was impressive. If you are going to wear the powder on your eyes, I recommend using them wet and with a glitter glue. This will help improve wear time during the warmer months or if you have hooded eyes.

Pinkie Swear Party Powder - Lucid and Alice Wear


Pinkie Swear Party Powder - Lip Swatches

Another great perk of these little gems is their packaging. Each comes with a sifter cover, which prevents the powders from going everywhere. This is especially helpful for travel. There is nothing worse than finding highlighter dust covering every inch of your makeup case.

As it probably pretty apparent, I’m thrilled to have the Pinkie Swear Party Powder as part of my highlighter collection. Though they are a bit pricey, I do think it’s worth the investment. They’re fun, unique and feature a cruelty-free formulation. I can’t wait to see what the Pinkie Swear makeup collective comes out with next.

Which Pinkie Swear Party Powder is your favorite?


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