New! Pixi Glow Cakes!

Press Sample

The newest addition to the Pixi Beauty line is the PixiGlow Cake. PixiGlow Cake is an all-in-one highlighter, blush and bronzer in a beautiful ombre pattern. You can use the colors individually or blended together for the signature Pixi Glow. 

PixiGlow Cakes come in two shades: GildedBare Glow which has a gradient of beige champagne, coral and golden brown. PinkChampagne Glow has a gradient of icy pink to medium pink to hazelnut brown. The three shades allow you to highlight and contour for a flawless look.

GildedBare Glow
GildedBare Highlight, Blush, Contour, all 3 blended.

I really like the finish on these because it’s not to glittery, they just provide a nice ‘lit from within’ natural glow. Blended with ceramides, peptides and grape seed extract, these palettes are perfect for over 40 skin.

PinkChampagne Glow
PinkChampagne Highlight, Blush, Contour

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for an instant glow without blinding anyone, try the Pixi Beauty PixiGlow Cakes!

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  1. I am always in the market for new beauty products! Do these products contain natural ingredients? I love the shades!