New! The Jane Iredale Spring Makeup Collection

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Spring is only a few days away. Although you wouldn’t know it due to the crazy weather we’ve had the last few days. It’s even a bit chilly here in Florida. But I don’t care because I have the new Jane Iredale Spring Makeup Collection, $25-$44, to warm me up.

I’m a big supporter of Jane Iredale and their commitments to the environment, animals, their local community and the world at large. I’m also a huge fan of their makeup and skincare. So of course, I adore this beautiful new spring makeup collection. It features new PureMoist Lipsticks, PurePressed Eye Shadow Triples, an In Touch Cream Blush, and a Bronzer REFILL. All of which I was lucky enough to try out. And all of which I know I will keep on using beyond spring.

The New Jane Iredale Spring Makeup Collection

PureMoist Lipsticks – $25

Anytime I get to try a new lipstick, I’m a happy lippie junkie. Therefore, I’m extremely excited by the two new shades of PureMoist Lipsticks in Susan and Lisa.   They are both the perfect neutrals for spring.

Lisa – creamy rose beige

Susan – soft cool pink

Both lipsticks feel amazing on the lips. They are very creamy and extremely hydrating as a result of ingredients like natural oils and superfruit extracts. One of my favorite aspects of the PureMoist Lipsticks is their buildability. One swipe gives me a more sheer look. Two to three swipes across my lips and the color is more intense.   The packaging design also makes me super happy. The skinny tube is great for travel, popping in any size bag, but most of all make the lipsticks easy to apply.

PurePressed Eye Shadow Triple – $30

Next up in Jane Iredale Spring Makeup Collection are two new eye shadow triplets. These tiny gems come in Pink Quartz and Soft Kiss. Just like their lippie counterparts, they are also very pretty matte and shimmery spring neutrals.

Jane Jane Iredale PurePressed Eye Shadow Triple

Pink Quartz – matte light pink, shimmery soft pink, shimmery cool plum

Soft Kiss – matte warm mauve, shimmery port wine, shimmery smoky brown

I really love the decision to release a warm PurePressed Eye Shadow Triple and a cool one. It’s nice to have two options for those who like different tones. I tend to gravitate towards the soft colors of Pink Quartz, but I also adore the warm, smokiness of Soft Kiss.

The one thing I did notice right away is the shadows kick up a lot of powder in the packaging. However, this doesn’t translate to fallout upon application. The shadows actually apply like butter. They are perfectly pigmented and easy to blend. You can build them up or sheer them out. I had no fallout from either trio and found both to be long-lasting. Since shadows tend to crease on my eyes, I did find that wearing a primer helped eliminate this problem.

In Touch Cream Blush & Bronzer Refill – $28 & $44

The final beauties in the Jane Iredale Spring Makeup Collection are two stunning face products. There’s the new In Touch Cream Blush in Candid and the Bronzer REFILL in Peaches and Cream. Like the other products in the collection, both are perfect spring neutrals.

Jane Iredale Spring In Touch Cream Blush & Bronzer Refill

Candid Blush – warm rosy neutral

Peaches & Cream Bronzer– warm peachy pink

The first cream face product I ever tried was from Jane Iredale. It was a Just Kissed Lip and Cheek Stain and I was instantly a fan. I’m also a fan of the Candid cream blush. The super creamy texture makes application seamless. The formulation is also very blendable as it transforms from a cream to a powder finish. I love that each time I wear it my cheeks have a nice rosy glow to them.

Another great benefit of the In Touch Cream Blushes is they’re are very hydrating. As someone with dry skin, especially on the cheek area, it’s great to be able to wear a blush that doesn’t sink into my dry patches.

When I first saw the Peaches & Cream Bronzer REFILL I wasn’t sure what to make of it. It isn’t your typical bronzer. It reminds me a bit of Bobbi Brown Shimmer Bricks, only better. The Peaches & Cream Bronzer is so versatile. As a result, I can use all four shades on my lips, eyes or cheeks, either individually or mixed together.

As you will see by look I created below I did just that. I used the two darker shades as my bronzer and the two lighter shades as a cheek, lip, brow bone and inner corner highlight.

The one thing I will say about the Bronzer REFILL is it also kicks back a lot of powder like the shadows. Again, this doesn’t affect application or cause fall out. Rather I find the formulation of Peaches and Cream very blendable and easy to apply. I’m able to create a light glowy look or build up the colors for more intensity. I’m so happy to have this bronzer in my life. I also know I will get a lot of use out of it all spring and beyond.

Jane Iredale Spring Makeup Collection Look

Overall:  The Jane Iredale Spring Makeup Collection is a must-have for spring. The colors are beautiful and the formulations are perfection. Most of all, the collection is very well curated. All the products work extremely well together. If you’re looking to invest is some stunning neutrals for spring, I highly suggest checking out the cruelty-free Jane Iredale Spring Collection, $25-$44.

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  1. Robin Rue says

    I have heard so many great things about this brand. I have been dying to try it!

  2. Allison @neversaydiebeauty says

    Great shades for you! I love your spring look with these Iredale goodies!

  3. Oh I love the Susan color. Just my shade.

  4. Karen Yannacio Morse says

    I have only tried her self-tanner which was a nice way to get a glow! I should check out her eyeshadows and especially the cream blush for the moisturizing bonus!

  5. LaToyia Dennis says

    Is the color called Susan? It is super cute…looks like a copper.

  6. Travel Blogger says

    I really love the lipstick in the Lisa shade! I like that it is in a skinny tube as well. I travel a lot, and I like have smaller cosmetics that I can carry in my clutch. I really like the Pink Quartz eyeshadow, too. I am always drawn to soft colors like that, and they look so fresh and pretty for spring!

  7. Wow, I love how it all turned out on your face in the picture. Really natural but put together! It’s cute and funny and kind of unusual to name those shades normal human names, haha!

  8. Morgan Cunningham says

    Can I start by saying that you have such a beautiful and feminine blog! I love how soft and shimmery all the pinks are. That blush looks so gorgeous and perfect for spring.

  9. That bronzer looks beautiful! Might have to look into getting that. Now we have had some sun here I want that sunkissed look but without the skin damage!

  10. I’ve wanted to try Jane Iredale for a while now. Her products look and sounds like they are great quality.

  11. Krystel Seijo says

    Loving those light simple colors. I feel like they can go with anything. Products look high quality too.

  12. That bronzer is gorgeous, I love how it gives your cheeks a nice bronzed but flushed glow. I love the look of the lippy as well x

  13. I love the colors, they’re all perfrct for Spring and Summer. It doesn’t look thick at all. You can wear it everyday!

  14. The eyeshadow packaging looks so cute! And the shades are so lovely. I haven’t tried this brand before but will be checking this one out.

  15. I love Peaches & Cream – that’s a great product for spring. And both eye trips, love their formula!!

  16. These products look terrific on you Blythe. I am really enjoying using the ones I have myself. The colors are beautiful.

  17. Heather Staggs Garcia says

    I have never tried this brand, but it looks great on you! Bonus points for them being enviromentally and animal friendly!

  18. Lisa Marie Heath says

    I really like the Pink Quartz trio and of course the Lisa lipstick! These really are nice shades for Spring

  19. Paris Anderson says

    I love supporting companies that are environmentally and animal friendly! The colors look terrific.

  20. The blush looks awesome. Love that they’re animal friendly.

  21. polarbelle says

    Gee Cindy, how you’ve changed…lol. I’m particularly drawn to the pink lipstick and the bronzer.

  22. The PureMoist lipsticks look great, I love that they’re versatile and you can get a sheer or more intense look out of them.

  23. Phyrra Nyx says

    I like the look of the peachy bronzer.

  24. I love Jane Iredale, it’s one of my favourite brands! Really need to pick up a few bits from her spring collection it looks lovely x

  25. TheMummyToolbox says

    ooo this looks like a fab brand and some of these are the perfect color for me! I need some new makeup

  26. Mandy Young Carter says

    I have never heard of this brand of makeup but I like the colors a lot. You look great!

  27. I really like that Susan lipstick! It’s been chilly here in Georgia too, but at least you have some makeup to pretend it’s Spring. Kind of like, fake it until you make it, right?

  28. Melissa Chapman says

    I use makeup sparingly but I would love to support a company that cares about the environment. Those lipstick colors are different than I have seen before and I really liked the Lisa shade.

  29. Sona Sethi says

    I dont use make up that often and have very few products but looks like a good collection especially the lip shades.

  30. Brandi Puga says

    I really love those lipstick colors, I look funny when it is iobvious that i am wearing lipstick but i also really like a little more color than i have, these seem like they would be subtle and perfect1

  31. Katriza Luna says

    I love these colors! I really like natural these are and perfect for my skin color and spring season!

  32. I have actually never tried anything from this brand, but I have heard great things. Maybe next time I do some makeup shopping I will check them out.

  33. I really like the natural look, so these products appeal to me. In Touch Cream Blush & Bronzer in particular, look to be winners.

  34. These products are so pretty! I love the bright and natural shades, especially in those lipsticks

  35. This makeup collection is absolutely lovely! I love all of the shades of red and lots of glittery shimmer! I wear a lot of these kids of colors, and this is really my most preferred color combinations

  36. Angela Milnes says

    Love them all! The shades are so great. Super nice and fantastic! I want them all. I think I should start now to collect this all items. 🙂

  37. I haven’t heard of this brand before. I love finding new makeup to try out, so I’ll check them out! I really love the Susan lipstick, such a pretty color!

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  39. Thanks for sharing the Jane Iredale Spring Makeup Collection! I have never tried this line but was always curious! I love that the shadows are very pigmented!

  40. These are lovely shades. Perfect for spring. I would live to try these out. Will remember to check them out next time i am at the mall

  41. You are absolutely glowing yet you don’t look like you have heavy make up on! Beautiful! These shades are lovely.

  42. Kristin & Megan says

    You had me at hydrating with those lipsticks. My lips are so dehydrated after a dry winter. Ugh!

  43. Love the pink hues, they will be perfect for summer. Thanks for introducing me to a brand I had never seen before.

  44. I love the sunkissed way they make your skin look. So perfect for spring and even summer.

  45. Krystle Cook says

    These look great! Even though I don’t wear a lot of makeup when I do I want it to feel and look great.

  46. Laura Londergan says

    wow those colors looks so good on – I love how they are so perfect for spring – loving the pink/corals together

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