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YBF Beauty Must Haves lip duo + illuminating creme

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It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost a year since I’ve talked about YBF Beauty on the blog. Back then, the brand was new to me, but I quickly became a fan of their bronzing powder with kabuki brush. When I was asked if I wanted to try their Beauty Dripping Bling Illuminating Crème, $24.80, and Fall in Love Lipstick and Lipgloss Duo, $22.80, I couldn’t say no.  These YBF Beauty must haves appealed to my love of lippies and highlighters.

If YBF Beauty is still new to you, let me share a few tidbits about the brand. Founded by model and entrepreneur Stacey Schieffelin, YBF is an HSN top seller around the world, from the US to Australia. All of their products are paraben and cruelty-free and enriched with natural extracts.

YBF Beauty Must Haves – Beauty Dripping Bling Illuminating Crème

YBF Beauty Dripping bling illuminating creme

Highlighters are all the rage these days, and for good reason, they provide that glow we all crave. This limited edition, ultra-silky illuminating crème delivers just the right amount of sheen to the skin. I found I could create a subtle look or go all out for a more intense ba-boom highlight. I also really like the fact that YBF included a highly-detailed product card which shares more about the Beauty Dripping Illuminating Crème and how to best use it.

What I love most about this highlighter is its creamy texture. Not only is it easy to work with but it doesn’t make my pores look huge. The formulation of the crème, made from crushed faux pearl pigments, is designed to reflect light and illuminate skin. The result is truly radiant glow, without any hint of glitter, except on the packaging. Since I’m not a fan of glittery highlighters, this makes the Beauty Dripping Bling Illuminating Crème my ideal cream highlighter.

YBF Beauty dripping bling illuminating creme swatch

Beauty Fall in Love Lipstick and Lipgloss Duo

YBF Beauty fall in love lipstick and lipgloss duo

My love of lipsticks and lipglosses is no secret. Each time I try to curtail my ever growing collection, I discover another formula or color I love. This is the case with the Beauty Fall in Love Lipstick and Lipgloss duo in Bloomin’ Berry and Rockin’ Raspberry. (The duos are also available in kissable coral, passionate pink and red.) I would absolutely say both are YBF Beauty must haves.

What I instantly notice each time I wear the lipstick, gloss, or both together, is how delicious they smell. It’s nothing overpowering, more of a slight vanilla cupcake scent. Secondly, I adore the beautiful berry color. It’s not like anything I have in my collection. The berry tones are bright, but not overpowering, rich, but not overly intense. They are perfect for spring, summer, and really all year.

YBF Beauty fall in love lipstick and lipgloss duo swatches

Another reason I consider this duo to be part of YBF Beauty must haves is the formulation. It’s paraben-free and infused with the brand’s signature Smart Active Immune Complex, as well as extracts from the earth. This combination helps to make your lips look radiant and triggers your immune system to fight against environmental damage.

The creaminess of the gloss and lipstick feel amazing on my lips and I like knowing each time I wear them it is helping to keep my lips looking healthy.  Since the formulas are extremely creamy, I would recommend pairing them with a liner to prevent any blending and to extend wear time.

Overall: These YBF Beauty must haves are worth giving a try. If you love a good cream highlighter, I recommend picking up the limited-edition Beauty Dripping Bling Illuminating Crème. If you love lippies as much as I do, then the Fall in Love Lipstick and Lipgloss Duo is for you. The unique paraben-free formulations of both items will have you wondering why you haven’t tried YBF Beauty sooner.

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  1. Robin Rue says

    That lipstick/gloss duo is right up my alley! I love both of those shades and want to get one for ME 🙂

  2. Allison @neversaydiebeauty says

    Love the lippie and gloss. I reviewed some of their eye makeup last summer, and I loved them. Must find that pretty green shadow in my stash ASAP

  3. Janel Berchielli says

    Those are some gorgeous colors of lipsticks. I love how it comes with the directions on how to apply the other make up for a not so save person like me.

  4. Cassie Liz says

    I love those lip colours! Absolutely gorgeous. Will definitely have to look up this brand too because it looks fantastic!

  5. How cool is that mirror from the lipstick! I love the colors and they’re perfect for your lips. It’s so nice to know that it’s paraben-free as well.

  6. That highlighter is gorgeous!

  7. I love the sound of the illuminating cream. That’s a product I’d love to try. I’ve reviewed some YBF in the past and really enjoyed the products I had.

  8. Kristina Pache-Ferency says

    Love those lip colors! I’ll have to look at those and try them because I like trying out new colors for my lips. I don’t have those colors either.

  9. These all look awesome! I haven’t gotten new makeup in a while, but I might have to see about picking up one of those lip colors!

  10. Danielle says

    I love the lip color. I’ve really been collecting lip products lately, but I don’t think I have a shade like this.

  11. I haven’t heard of this brand, but the lipstick and the gloss look very nice.

  12. I love the little jewels they have on their packaging.

  13. Cecilia C. Cannon says

    looks like a greta new skin regimen to try especially with summer here I am looking for some good makeup tips. Thanks!

  14. Holly Conway says

    Looks great! The lip color is really beautiful!

  15. Ooh the illuminating cream looks lush as I love highlighters as well. I like the sound of the lippies as well they are gorgeous x

  16. I’ve never used anything from YBF but the lip colour looks really stunning x

  17. Amber Nelson says

    Wow, that lip color is so pretty! I need myself a nice red!

  18. Melissa Chapman says

    Your lips look amazing even without that great lip color but the colors are perfect and I will look for them.

  19. Those lipsticks look amazing! I haven’t tried anything from YBF but they look like great products!

  20. The colours of the lipsticks are a great colour. I have never heard of YBF before!!

  21. Sona Sethi says

    I never heard of them. I dont use too much of lip colors and prefer nude shades as much as I can. I use such bright colors very rarely as I feel they are too bold for me.

  22. TheMummyToolbox says

    These look like good options and my makeup bag is in need of an overhaul. I haven’t heard of this company before!

  23. I received a YBF product in a subscription box recently but haven’t had a chance to try it yet. You have such good things to say about all of these products though that it makes me want to bump it up on my to be tried list.

  24. I have never personally used this brand before, but I have heard nothing but good about it over the years. I love those colors!

  25. Brittany Muddamalle says

    Ooh I love all of these so much! I love the pink lipstick! I used to not like that color on myself, but it’s been my favorite this summer!

  26. Rachel Catherine says

    That lip color looks lovely on you. I like that it’s a really natural color. I’ll have to see if I can find it.

  27. I hardly ever wear makeup anymore, but these colors are really pretty! I need to start thinking about again. Thanks for sharing.

  28. What pretty colors. I only wear makeup on special occasions but these definitely look like a few I’d love to try.