Nubian Heritage Indian Hemp Hair Care

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Nubian Heritage Indian Hemp

Hemp has become a very popular ingredient in the beauty and wellness industry. Some products use the whole plant, such as CBD-based products, while others use the oil found in hemp seeds.  One such brand is Nubian Heritage and their newly relaunched Indian Hemp Hair Care Collection.

This collection features natural and organic ingredients including hemp seed oil, tamanu oils, and bamboo extract. Hemp seed oil and tamanu oil are known for their nourishing properties, while bamboo extract is known as a natural cleanser. In addition to featuring organic ingredients, the Indian Hemp line is also vegan and, according to the brand, cruelty-free.  

Nubian Heritage was kind enough to send me four products from the collection ($10.99-$14.99) to try out, including the shampoo, co-wash, conditioning mousse, and hair & scalp treatment. Today, I’m sharing my thoughts and experience with all four products.

Indian Hemp Shampoo & Co-Wash
Vegan Co-Wash and Shampoo

Created for damaged or over-processed hair, the Indian Hemp Shampoo cleanses hair, while also restoring moisture. It’s gentle enough to use on color-treated hair because it won’t strip or dull your color.

This shampoo was a big hit with my hair. I also found it paired well with my existing conditioners, regardless of the brand or type. The line does feature a conditioner. However, since I didn’t receive it, I wasn’t able to test it out.

Regardless, I was impressed by how soft, shiny, and healthy my hair looked whenever I used the shampoo. It was felt hydrated, without being weighed down. Most importantly, my hair held up to the heat and humidity of this endless summer, regardless of whether I let it air dry or heat styled it.

Hemp Hair Care Performance

Unfortunately, I can’t say the same for the Co-Wash. Designed to be both a shampoo and conditioner, the Co-Wash cleanses and moisturizers hair in one easy step. Like the shampoo, it also features hemp seed oil, tamanu oil, and bamboo extract.

Though the Co-Wash leaves my hair clean, it doesn’t improve styling. I also found my hair felt weighed down and a bit oily, especially on day 2 and 3. It also seemed to be a tad try on the ends. As a result, I usually end up having to wash it sooner, regardless of how much dry shampoo I used.

Conditioning Mousse and Hair & Scalp Serum

In addition to shampoo, co-wash, and conditioner, the Indian Hemp Hair Collection also features styling and treatment products. These include the Conditioning Mousse, Deep Treatment Masque, and Hair & Scalp Serum.

As I mentioned above, I received the mousse and serum to test out. Of the two products, I found the Conditioning Mousse to be the most effective for my hair. I especially liked using it on days when I let my hair air dry because it brought out my natural waves.

Vegan Conditioning Mousse and Serum

Although the mousse is conditioning, it’s not heavy at all. It never weighed down my hair or made it feel like I had tons of product in it. Instead, my hair looked and felt soft and flexible. It also had a decent amount of volume to it, as pictured above.

Finally, we have the Hair & Scalp Serum. Designed to nourish the scalp with its ultra-moisturizing blend of hemp seed, tamanu oils, and bamboo. Unfortunately for my hair and scalp, this product was too moisturizing. Each time I used it, both on dry and wet hair, my hair felt oily and weighed down.

This typically happens to my hair when I use ultra-rich products. They tend to bring out the oil in my hair faster. I think this serum would be more effective on a very dry scalp or in thick, coarse hair.

While the Nubian Heritage Indian Hemp Hair Care Collection wasn’t a complete win for me, I did enjoy trying it. I think the shampoo and mousse are standouts in the line, especially if you are looking for a more hydrating line of hair care products.

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