OGX Kandee Johnson Holiday Collection

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Looks like Kandee Johnson isn’t taking a break after her success with the Too Faced I Want Kandee Collaboration. The pink haired beauty maven who is known for her fun personality and colorful makeup looks has just teamed up with drugstore haircare brand OGX for a holiday collection that smells good enough to eat.

This limited-edition seasonal line will be made up of three sets of shampoo and conditioner inspired by your favorite holiday treats. The three scents are named after the most popular holiday desserts Candy Gumdrop, Frosted Sugar Cookie, and Sparkling Cider.

Kandee says: “To me, scents spark wonderful memories and emotions. Whether you’re the hostess with the mostess and entertaining guests, or simple want to enjoy and share in the sweetness of the holidays, we hope you savor a moment in the world of Kandeeland with OGX Beauty!”

  • Candy Gumdrop smells like gumdrops and vanilla sugar sprinkles. It has a definite sweet candy scent.
  • Frosted Sugar Cookie smells like your baking Christmas cookies in your kitchen. It actually contains notes of real Christmas cookies and vanilla.
  • I was sent Sparkling Cider shampoo and conditioner which I think is the best scent and after one use I’m hooked! This duo smells exactly like hot apple cider with notes of notes of sparkling cider and delicious spicy cinnamon.

You won’t get a lot of lather with Sparkling Cider shampoo and that’s okay, I would rather have a sulfate-free shampoo than lots of lather. Rest assured your hair will still get clean. The Sparkling Cider conditioner is lighter than most conditioners which is great for me because it doesn’t weigh down my fine hair. It still detangles and makes my hair feel soft and I LOVE that the fabulous scent lingers.

I’m really glad that Kandee decided to partner with such an affordable brand this time. If you’re having trouble getting in the holiday spirit or just need a fix for your sweet tooth, grab the OGX Kandee Johnson Collection!

You can get this line now at Ulta, Walmart, and Walgreens suggested retail price $7.99 each.

What scent do you fancy?

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  1. I love this brand of shampoo and conditioner. I haven’t seen this holiday scent! I’ve got to find it.

  2. Melissa Chapman says

    Those scents sound like so much fun for the holidays and cider shampoo is definitely worth a try. I will look for them at Walgreens.

  3. Reesa Lewandowski says

    Oh these scents sound so lovely! I need to find these at my local stores to pick up!

  4. Love the idea of the Sparkling Cider one. I saw an ad on FB with her and these and she looked so adorable.

  5. I just saw these today when I was shopping. They smell so good and I would love to smell like this for the holidays!

  6. Lizethvsqz says

    Great giveaway!

  7. Krystal Butherus says

    Perfect hair care products, just in time for the holidays! I love the sparkling cider shampoo/conditioner.

  8. Emily Eileen says

    I am going to have to look for these when I shop for my daughter. She loves good smelling shampoo.

  9. I received the Candy Gumdrop set and it smells so good. I’m thinking that I need the Frosted Sugar Cookie, too.

  10. Aww what a cute collab!

  11. I use the Coconut shampoo and conditioner from this brand. I will be on the lookout for this limited edition scent now!!

  12. OMG two of my favorite things in one! The OGX hair products and Kandee Johnson! I adore her and have watched her for so long!

  13. First time hearing this and now I’m curious to check it one out. Sparkling cider sounds like it has amazing scents.

  14. Andrea Broom says

    I haven’t heard of this before and it is really interesting. Really like the limited seasonal scents they have, gonna have to check them out. Thanks!

  15. Roxanne Ferber says

    This is my favorite brand of shampoo and conditioner. I didn’t know about this limited edition! I’m on my way to get some now! 🙂

  16. Kaity Johnson says

    Omgggggg I love, love, LOVE OGX and had no idea that they did limited edition holiday scents like this!!! That Sparkling Cider will be happening in our house this year, for SURE.

  17. What a fascinating idea! It has to be Sparkling Cider for me! (Though if the cookie scent is vanilla… that runs a close second.)

  18. Wow, these look awesome for the holidays! They would make excellent stocking stuffers and gifts for friends too!

  19. Melissa Ratliff says

    Oh my gosh those are so awesome for the holidays! Can’t wait to try them out.

  20. I bet these smell amazinggggg, I would love to try them!

  21. Cassie Tucker says

    I just recently got this set but I have sadly not had the chance to try it out yet. HOping to check it out this weekend!

  22. Nayantara Hegde says

    Wow I could almost smell the scents. I love bath and body products that smell of vanilla or even better, Christmas. I think I would have loved to try the Candy gumdrop.

  23. Hannah Rooks says

    These look so yummy!! I just want to smell them all. I love both Ogx and Too faced so these sound amazing!

    Hannah Rooks

  24. Tara Holland says

    Oh that apple cider shampoo probably smells so good! I need to try some new hair care products, have to add these to my list.