Ollie Belle is our “maskne” savior

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Covid has caused a lot of problems in the last 15 months. Some huge, some small, but all unpleasant. One of the unpleasant ones is MASKNE – those breakouts you get from wearing masks all day long. The masks trap in dirt and oil no matter how great you take care of your skin. And then Maskne arrives to get you down.

Well OLLIE BELLE has worked hard to overcome these problems. While they aren’t the end of the world, they are uncomfortable and don’t help with self esteem. After all we don’t live in those masks and if we’re vaccinated then there are occasions we can be without. So let’s solve this problem with Ollie Belle.

Ollie Belle maskne products

What is Ollie Belle? It’s a company created particularly to help with maskne, a problem created during the pandemic because we want to be safe. Wearing a mask holds in the problems caused by hormonal breakouts and the stubborn acne that we dread. Their company has looked at every way to solve your problems. They carry special medical-grade acne patches. These are a drug-free, non-drying treatment because they use medical-grade, dual-layered hydrocolloids used by medical professionals.

Ollie Belle mask with Cover Dots

The Cover Dots are the solution for the breakouts you are experiencing. Cover Dot Acne Care is an adhesive that promotes fast healing of pimples, acne & small wounds. Acting as a second skin, Cover Dot contains hydrocolloid which creates the perfect environment for the pimple to heal and regenerate skin. Cover Dot Acne Care is vegan, drug-free and cruelty-free.

Ollie Belle Cover Dot

There are a lot of choices. Cover Dot Acne Care comes in a variety of sizes. Start with a variety pack if you have bigger acne problems. Since acne isn’t always just on your face this is a great way to start since this $12 kit. That’s why they have designed blemish patches for your face, neck, chin, back, and chest. The large acne patch (the largest in the market!) is great for expansive problem areas where a small patch can’t provide full coverage. Alternatively, an acne dot is perfect to zone in on individual blemishes. 17 different sizes for just $12.

Ollie Belle Cover Dots are drug free, non-drying, and waterproof. They reduce scarring because they exudate from pimples with Hydrocolloid technology extracts. The Cover Dot changes from clear to white when oil and pus are absorbed. Acne Cover Dots are available in 24, 48, 72, and 120 counts.

Ollie Belle Cover Dot Acne Care with 120 dots
Ollie Belle Cover Dot Acne Care with 120 dots

There are a few mask sets too that are great to use. The Phyto Anti-Acne Face Mask (2 per package) is processed with “phytoncide” to combat acne and pollutants. This gives you anti-bacterial and UV protection. These masks are reusable and wash with lukewarm water. (Phytoncide: An organic natural plant compound with anti-inflammatory properties.) The masks are made from Aerosilver fabric and aren’t an irritant to skin, they dry quickly to prevent sweat from causing acne.

Ollie Belle Phyto Anti-Acne Face Masks
Ollie Belle Phyto Anti-Acne Face Masks

Another great option and one I really recommend is the Maskne Duo. There’s one of the great masks and a packet of 12 Cover Dots. This $12.95 duo will show you everything that Ollie Belle has to offer. “Reusable, the fabric of the mask absorbs moisture from the skin’s surface and helps you remain sweat-free. The lightweight, breathable material ensures your skin is free from irritating synthetic fibers that can cause redness and irritation, while the 3D design guarantees ultimate breathable comfort.”

Maskne Duo
Maskne Duo

Ollie Belle has been a company that’s helped me out tremendously over the last months. The Cover Dots are perfect for overnight care, I do my skincare and make sure the areas I want to heal are clear of moisture. Then apply a dot and forget about it until morning. I usually forget about it until I’m washing up since they are so comfortable.

Visit Ollie Belle and get 15% off your first order. Then see for yourself how clear your skin will be.

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