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Phytomer is known for creating high quality products using natural ingredients from the sea. Their newest skincare line, CYFOLIA ORGANIC, has been created to reinforce their commitment to beauty that’s healthy and sustainable. Sea Algae now has received organic certification and Cyfolia is based on this. Their vegan, all-natural formulas are manufactured in laboratories in France.

Phytomer Cyfolia Organic

There are 5 products that make up the CYFOLIA ORGANIC line: cleanse, remove makeup, exfoliate, moisturize and comfort. Some of these can be skipped but if you can afford the entire line it’s a great bonus for your skin.

CLEANSE: With CYFOLIA ORGANIC, our new, essential face care line, PHYTOMER continues its commitment to preserving and protecting your skin and the sea. Its organic CYFOLIA algae, native to Brittany, leaves skin radiant and glowing once more. Meltingly rich, CYFOLIA Radiance Cleansing Cream melts into the skin to gently cleanse and remove makeup. This first beauty routine step envelops the skin with a fresh, vegetal accord of aloe vera, rose, and cedarwood enhanced by a spice accord formulated with pink peppercorns. Day after day, skin is softer, fresher and more radiant than ever.

Phytomer Radiance Cleansing Cream

This very rich creamy cleanser is especially good for dry skin. There is a fragrance to it that’s a natural fragrance. It melts onto your skin upon contact and washes cleanly off.

REMOVE MAKEUP: Radiance Toning Cleansing Lotion. This toner is used morning and/or evening to remove all the remnants of makeup. Not everyone uses a toner but this one is an excellent one. Put it on a cotton pad and apply, don’t rinse after.

Phytomer Radiance Toning Cleansing Lotion


Only use this scrub once or twice a week. Radiance exfoliating Cream has organic argan kernel and pomegranate seed particles that do the exfoliating. These are gentle and you’ll find a creamy texture to this scrub.

Radiance Exfoliating Cream

MOISTURIZE: Radiance Hydra-Comforting Cream

Use this cream both morning and evening (in the day use a separate SPF).
Radiance Hydra-Comforting Cream bathes the skin in comfort, hydration and radiance. This is a fragranced moisturizer using a fresh, vegetal accord of aloe vera, rose, and cedarwood enhanced by a spice accord formulated with pink peppercorns. There is a gift set with Cyfolia Organic Radiance Hydra-Comforting Cream + Cyfolia Organic Exfoliating Cream for the same price as the Hydra Comforting Cream alone.

Radiance Hydra-Comforting Cream
Holiday Radiance Face Set

COMFORT WITH Radiance Moisturizing Mask. This twice a week mask combines natural red clays and organic cyfolia algae to leave the complexion fresh and to visibly plump and restore the skin’s natural comfort and radiance.

Radiance Moisturizng Mask and Radiance Toning Cleansing Lotion

This beauty ritual of cleansing and removing makeup with a toner follow-up, exfoliating up to twice a week, moisturizing to bathe your skin in softness and nourishment, and masking with a creamy red clay infused mask comes together to give your skin hydration, softness and radiance. PHYTOMER CYFOLIA range from the best of Marine Cosmetics.


Organic Cyfolia Algae
Certified organic CYFOLIA algae is grown in Brittany (France) at an exceptionally pure harvest site. Each harvest is carried out using eco-conscious methods where each year’s new growth is cut by hand and washed on site to reduce waste and encourage regrowth

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