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I hope you’ve been following my journey to discover the fountain of youth. Okay, maybe that’s an slight exaggeration, but by using the PaloVia laser I did hope to see less wrinkles and crinkles around my eyes. Track my progress in my first, second and third posts.

 I was chosen by PaloMar/PaloVia as one of eight bloggers to test the PaloVia Skin Renewing hand-held laser and write about my experience.  At the end of the four week test period (mine went longer because of my forgetfulness), PaloVia rewarded us with a round trip flight to New York, a one-night stay at the Gansevoort Hotel on Park Avenue,  a lovely dinner and makeover/photo shoot!  I definitely had my “supermodel moment” having my hair and makeup professionally done and then my picture taken by a professional photographer. It was a wonderful experience!

It was very interesting comparing notes on the laser and our results. Some testers started right away on the high setting, some spent a few days on the low setting, moving to medium and high rather quickly. I was probably the slowest moving of the bunch but that’s just because I’m basically a chicken and have had bad experiences (hello pain) with beauty devices in the past. I started using the laser on the lowest setting and used it there for about two weeks, here is my before pic. Then I switched to the medium settings for about a week and a half. I ended up taking an unscheduled break for 5-6  days when I went to New York City and forgot to pack it! When I returned home I started the high setting and have used the device there for a week or so. I will have to say I could only use the high settings for three days and then I would have to take a one day break. At the high setting my orbital area was very red and dry and a bit sore. Taking a one day break and then resuming was the right choice for me and still gave me good results. 

Before and after right eye


I believe it’s fair to say most of the testers agreed that for fine lines the laser works beautifully, literally erasing them on some testers (me included) but the deeper wrinkles–towards the temple are definitely more stubborn. PaloVia recommends going to “maintenance mode” after the four week mark and using the laser just twice a week. I will start maintenance next week. Seven of the eight testers were pleased with the results and I certainly am.

Final Thoughts:  I am very pleased with my results. What you can’t see in the pictures is that the skin under my eyes is much firmer and has lessened my bags somewhat–that alone is a fantastic result. But wait…..there’s more… crow’s feet are softened and the finer lines have  pretty much vanished.  The PaloVia at-home laser did in 30 days what years of creams and serums haven’t been able to accomplish.  After trying many, many beauty devices, I can honestly say the PaloVia at-home laser is the fastest and easiest to use. It only takes 3-4 minutes each night and is painless (there is some discomfort on the high setting). Expect to see dryness around the area and some redness–you may even have a tiny bit of swelling for the first few days. This is all minor and so worth it!! I realize $499 is an investment, but it is much less than fraxel laser treatments at a dermatologist’s office and you own the laser so you can resume treatment any time you like. And here’s the best part!  The PaloVia at-home laser comes with a 60-day money back guarantee so what do you have to lose except your crow’s feet???

Here are links to the other testers so you can read about their experiences as well.

Beauties, you KNOW I wouldn’t keep a great anti-aging, turn-the-clock-back secret like this to myself and thanks to the generous people at PaloMar, the makers of the PaloVia at-home laser, one lucky Prime Beauty readers has a chance to win a PaloVia® Skin Renewing Laser® system of their very own worth $499!  In order to win, you must correctly answer a question in the Rafflecopter widget. This is the mandatory entry method, there are also ways to get extra entries so don’t forget those too. The answer to the question can be found on the PaloVia website.

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  1. Great results. I’m so happy that you saw these!!

  2. pick me, choose me, love me…”Meredith Grey” The results are remarkable. I bet that was a super fun quick trip.

  3. Great results and only after 4 weeks. Can the PaloVia only be used to treat crows feet?

  4. courtney b says

    2010 is when they celebrated

  5. In 2010, lasers celebrated their 50th birthday

  6. Jennifer says

    Great results-2010

  7. 2010. Your results are impressive!

  8. 2010 is the anniversary of the laser. I agree with Kat, your results look fantastic

  9. I agree with Kat, your results look fantastic. Thanks for letting me stopped by, hope to come back here again.

  10. 2010 was the anniversary of the laser. Your results are fantastic.

  11. the palovia skin laser celebrated 50 years in 2010

  12. 2010!

  13. Barbara Williams says

    I can really see that it is effective through the pictures. Growing old also means growing wrinkles but I never knew you could actually defy ageing! Where can you get one? Thank you very much for sharing this information by the way,

  14. 2010 is the anniversary of the laser.

  15. Sherry B. says

    50th Anniversary was celebrated in 2010.

  16. This is definitely very effective.. I just hope a lot of people would be so interested with this to take advantage of the benefits they can have..

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    It was celebrated in 2010

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