Patty’s Current Foundation Obsessions (Part I of a Three Part Series)

Make Up For Ever Face & Body Liquid Make Up:   I have been intrigued and mildly obsessed with this foundation for several years now, but only recently have I mastered the art of application and discovered my perfect shade in this formula.  I blame my old and dear friend Kellie (aka SephoraSlave) from the now defunct Emakemeup beauty board for starting this obsession with a review she wrote about it.  In her review, she told a story of getting caught in a Midwest storm and how well this foundation held up for her while being pelted with driving wind and harsh rain.  Although I have not put the wear of this product through such a vigorous weather test, I have put it through the test of Crossfit and a mud run, and I’m happy to say this foundation came out the victor!

 I probably should back up and explain why it took me many years to master the art of this foundation.  The Make Up Forever site describes this as gel-based and waterproof.  I’m pretty familiar with most foundations on the market, from drugstore to high-end to theatrical, and I know of no other foundation like this.  My past mistakes were attempting to use a foundation brush or a sponge for application.  While the MUFE site recommends fingers or a sponge, I found that brushes or sponges sucked up the product.  My fingers were the best application.  My 2nd mistake with this product was never finding a good shade match.  A few months back I stumbled on a video tutorial that demonstrated the application process that eventually worked for me (I will describe here in a moment).  Once I knew the correct application method, I headed down to the MUFE boutique inside the South Coast Plaza Sephora store.  This is unlike the MUFE display in most Sephora stores, this is literally the ENTIRE line and a mini store INSIDE of a Sephora.  The artists are all very well trained MUFE artists who know their line well.  I was carefully matched to #32 Alabaster Beige.  Now for anybody who knows me, there is nothing Alabaster about me, but I can attest to it being a PERFECT match.

To apply this gel-textured and somewhat tricky foundation, I start with 2-3 pumps on the back of my hand and apply with my fingers to one small area of my face and apply in circular motions.  (I moisturize and prime first with MUFE’s HD primer).  I continue to apply in a circular motion until the product no longer moves and I’m met with resistance.  This is when I know it has “set”.  I then move on to another small area, massaging and moving on until I’m done.  At first, and only for a few moments, this product looks light on me.  Almost like when you mix a cleansing oil with water and you get that whitish emulsification.  The first few times I would be taken aback, but within just a few seconds it sets with the warmth of my skin and disappears virtually undetectable.  Once it’s all blended, I take my Armani Designer Foundation Expert Shaping Brush and pick up any remaining product from the back of my hand, and brush my face in a downward motion.  This completes the blending process and brushes down any hairs that were disrupted during the circular application process.

To set, I brush the lightest layer of MUFE’s HiDef Powder.  The MUFE website suggests blotting the foundation with a light tissue of you are dressing immediately to lock-in the transfer-resistent properties, but I don’t find this to be necessary if I powder with the HD.  The coverage is light-to-medium and somewhat buildable.  You can’t build this up to a full coverage foundation, but I have found I have never wanted to make this a full-coverage foundation.  This is strictly my go-to foundation for at-home wear, errands about town and to the gym.  It evens out my skintone and lasts all day.  I’ve seen some reviews where this was described as dewy and others where it was described as matte.  While I think it’s dewy AND matte, I also don’t think it’s simply one or the other.  It’s not dewy in the sense of a traditional dewy foundation (Lancome Teinte Miracle and Armani Luminous Silk are two that come to mind) and it’s not matte like a traditional matte foundation, but it I can see both descriptions being appropriate.  

The strength factor of this foundation is awesome!  I have left the gym after very intense sweaty workouts on many occasions and friends have told me I still looked “fresh as a flower”.  I’m pretty sure I wasn’t nearly that fresh, but looked appropriate enough to venture into a few stores and business establishments as I conducted errands on my way home.  This past weekend I had the real test:  The Warrior Dash!  3.11 miles of running, climbing obstacles, swimming a lake to climb over structures and finally shimmying through a mud pit on my belly.  To wash off, we jumped in a lake.  My buddies in this adventure looked at me when we were all done and were amazed that my makeup stayed intact!

The MUFE site lists this product in 19 shades, while the Sephora site lists 16 shades.  If you happen to live in SoCal, you have a few options for the entire line:  Nigels Beauty Emporium in North Hollywood, Naimies in Valley Village and the MUFE Boutique inside the Sephora store at South Coast Plaza.  Even if you live outside the area, 16 shades gives you a wide variety to choose from.  I would strongly suggest you get matched in the store and take home a couple of samples of shades to play with to find your right shade. 

Sephora’s site has this to say about this product: The secret is all in this top-selling formula. This waterproof, ultra-light, water-based gel contains no emulsifiers and provides a totally natural, satin finish. Ideal for normal skin-types as well as for fine lines and large pores. Gives skin a uniform tone without accentuating imperfections. A makeup artist’s favorite. Dany’s Tip: “This foundation is also formulated for the body. Apply a fine layer, let dry three minutes, then blot the excess with a tissue before getting dressed.”

This product retails for $38 for 50ml of product.  This is very reasonable considering many foundations are now in the $55+ range (or more).  I do feel like I use more of this product than other foundations, but after several weeks of almost daily wear, I have only made a small dent.  As the weather continues to warm up and I find myself getting some color, I’m definitely going to pick this up in a darker shade for the summer.

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  1. Great review Patty. I can’t believe you still remember Kellie’s story! I had totally forgotten it.

  2. Fantastic review!! This is one of my very very favorite foundations. I have been using it for a while, and I think it is superb (and reasonably priced). Your tips on application are spot on!! This is probably one of the best foundations out there, and it is so underrated!