Perricone MD Cold Plasma+ Fragile Skin Therapy!

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I got the Perricone MD Cold Plasma+ Fragile Skin Therapy in a Vox Box. I was super excited because it claims to ” dramatically improve the appearance of thin, crepey and delicate skin, leaving it feeling smoother and firmer.” What woman over 50 doesn’t want to improve the look of her crepey underarms, legs, and chest?

Formulated with peptides, hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid, and retinol, this body treatment improves the appearance of skin, leaving it feeling smooth.

My décolletage is getting quite crepey thanks to years of sun damage and generally dry skin so I had high hopes for this body lotion. I do like it, I do. I love the lightweight, non-greasy texture. I have other lotions that absorb quickly, but Perricone MD Cold Plasma+ Fragile Skin Therapy leaves zero oiliness or tacky feeling. In fact, it feels like velvet on the skin. My skin does FEEL hydrated and it looks smoother after the apply the lotion, but I find it doesn’t last.

The luxury packaging is very nice. It comes in a glass bottle with a pump. Others have complained that the lotion is too thick to use with the pump though I haven’t had that problem. I like the light, pleasant scent and it doesn’t interfere with your fragrance or other products.

So what’s not to love? After using Perricone Cold Plasma Plus+ Fragile Skin Therapy once a day for 2 weeks, I haven’t noticed a visible improvement. My skin isn’t firmer and I can still see the crepey texture. The smoothing effect seems to be temporary. I will say though, this gets tons of rave reviews in that short amount of time, so maybe I have stubborn skin. I’ll try using twice a day but I hold no expectations of it being a miracle product as so many seem to think it is.

Which brings me to my next point….the Perricone Cold Plasma Plus+ Fragile Skin Therapy has a pearl-clutching price of $99! And…. you don’t even get a full 8 oz! It’s only 6 fl. oz. and I apply to my arms, legs, and chest so this bottle isn’t going to last long, I can already tell. Personally, I’ve always thought Perricone products were overpriced and this is no exception. I won’t repurchase for that price. I have plenty of body lotions that hydrate and make my look smooth for less than half the price!

Bottom Line: while the Perricone Cold Plasma Plus+ Fragile Skin Therapy does have some nice features, in my opinion, the $99 price doesn’t justify only a temporary fix for crepey skin.

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  1. Such an iconic product, but too bad it hasn’t made a difference at this point. I had always wanted to try it, but no rush now.

  2. Aww, sorry to hear that it did not make a huge difference. I haven’t tried this brand myself but I am familiar with it. The price tag is pretty heffty if it in fact isn’t working as well.

  3. Ola Broom says

    The beauty industry makes so much money off is ladies. How unfortunate that this didn’t work for you. I hear this brand name tossed around a lot though. Perhaps you should give it a longer trial run to see if it makes a difference?

  4. In the past I’ve used a lot of Perricone with varying success. I’d probably keep this just for the chest area because of the price. The price doesn’t seem right for a body product.

  5. kumamon jeng says

    What I like about this product is it leaves zero oiliness or tacky feeling, this is my most fear.

  6. Rashida Abiola says

    Love the packaging but wish I could say the same for the price.

  7. Monidipa Dutta says

    The price is a bit ummmm. but yes the packaging is really good. At some point I may try it.

  8. I am going to try this lotion, always looking for the best for my skin, taking care of myself it’s my priority

  9. I get wanting to try longer or adjusting how much you use if there are a ton of great reviews. I can also understand being frustrated as your own personal skin has it’s own issues and so something might not work for you. Sounds interesting though.