Phytomer Firming Contour Serum – green & clean

I believe very strongly in the power of serums. When I first started writing about the beauty world over 20 years ago I didn’t know one thing about serums. I thought I was taking great care of my skin yet I’d go to a counter and was always being told my skin needed hydration. I really thought it was just a way to get me to buy their products but now I realize that the people I admired knew more than I did. That’s when serums became important in my life.

A good serum targets different areas. They are not all the same. You’ll find many that are hydrating, add Vitamin C, use hyaluronic acid, or contain a variety of vitamins to spotlight certain conditions. One that I’ve been using lately is PHYTOMER’S STRUCTURISTE. It’s a new addition to their extensive skincare line and is a companion to their iconic Structuriste Intense Firming Cream.

PHYTOMER Structuriste Serum

STRUCTURISTE FIRMING CONTOUR SERUM is a way to deliver fast results for skin that has lost volume, density and resilience. Phytomer is known for employing only green and clean techniques and processes for producing their marine based products. They are vegan-friendly, cruelty free, and safe for skin. It’s a great company for the Prime Beauty target audience who are ready to spend a little more to get the best for their skin. Phytomer is sold on their website as well as at many spas where they expect excellence.

Structuriste Firming Contour Serum delivery system

Phytomer’s motto is “From the sea to the skin”. Their dedicated laboratory in France grows their own seaweed and micro-algae since they are considered a sustainablity program. Many of their ingredients are ones you won’t find elsewhere. Here are the marine ingredients in Structuriste:

GMR – Global Marine Reshaper: Redensifies the skin’s support structure, consolidates the architecture of the skin and improves cell cohesion on the surface of the skin.
Eco-Chlorella: Stimulates the structural proteins of the skin for a firming and anti-slackening effect.
Cocktail of 3 firming ingredients: Marine Mannitol brown algae, Silene organic plant and Adenosine.

Structuriste Firming Contour Serum

This is a creamy white serum that softens my skin beautifully. There is a fragrance to it so I don’t use it twice a day as recommended (I have insomnia and fragrance makes it worse) but I do use it during the day. It’s lightly scented with “gentle floral notes of lily of the valley, jasmine and peony”.

Structuriste Firming Contour Serum

It’s a lightweight serum that glows when you first apply it. They describe it as a “second skin” texture. I don’t really notice it on so it must be like a second skin. It hasn’t interfered with foundation (which I occasionally use) or been a problem with my moisturizer and/or sunscreen.

The published results of the effects after 1 month are incredible.

Redensifying effect: Suppleness improved by +87%

Lifting effect: Firmness improved by +95%

Restructuring effect: Face contours reshaped 82%

If you are ready to improve your skincare and use a line that is committed to your skin and to anti-aging treatments that preserve and protect the natural world then you need to be aware of PHYTOMER and add it to your life.

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