Pixi Beauty + Dulce Candy Collection

 Pixi Beauty + Dulce Candy Collaboration

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Recently, Cindy shared her thoughts on the new Pixi Beauty Influencer Collabs, featuring Chloe Morello and Weylie Houng. Today, I’m sharing my review of the third collab created by Pixi Beauty + Dulce Candy. As with Cindy’s review, I also have mixed feelings and mixed results.

Popular Influencer and Youtuber Dulce Candy created two multi-use palettes, known as Dulce’s Lip Candy and Café Con Dulce. Both palettes retail for $24.


Pixi Beauty + Dulce Candy – Café Con Dulce

Pixi Beauty + Dulce Candy Collection - Cafe Con Dulce

Let’s first start with Café Con Dulce, the eye and cheek palette. This Pixi Beauty + Dulce Candy palette is designed with versatility in mind. Each shade can work as eyeshadow, blush, and highlight to achieve that all over glow. Although my palette arrived with three shades broken, it was easy to see this palette was all about shimmer.

After repairing the damaged shades, I got to swatching. I was impressed by the pigmentation, but not the diversity of color. Several of the shades look very similar in color and tone. This lack of shade range is very noticeable upon application. I know this might not be a popular opinion, but I find this palette to be kind of boring.

Pixi Beauty + Dulce Candy Collaboration - Palette Swatches

I tried to create different looks from the nine powder to cream shades, but just couldn’t. Each look came out pretty similar. While the formula delivers on pigmentation and blendability, it lacks versatility in color, at least for me. I also find these shades don’t have the best staying power unless you use a good primer. Each time I wore this palette, I ended up with bald spots on my eyes. They might have better-staying power with a glitter glue.

Pixi Beauty + Dulce Candy Collaboration - Wear Test

I’m also not a huge fan of the blushes. They are supposed to be duo-chromatic, but this shift didn’t translate on my face. While I like the colors I don’t like the shimmery/glitter formulation. Again, this is more of a personal choice since I don’t usually gravitate to blushes with glitter in them.

Pixi Beauty + Dulce Candy Collaboration - Look

 Pixi Beauty + Dulce Candy –Dulce’s Lip Candy

Pixi Beauty + Dulce Candy Collection - Dulce's Lip Candy

Next up in the Pixi Beauty + Dulce Candy Collection is Dulce’s Lip Candy. This palette features nine cream shades that can be used on the lips and cheeks. The colors in this palette are very pretty and will work for a wide variety of skin tones. There is a nice range of nudes and light and bright pinks.

I know not everyone is a fan of cream lip and cheeks palettes, but I enjoy them. They allow me to mix and match to create my own custom shade. I did have fun doing this with this Pixi Beauty + Dulce Candy palette.

Pixi Beauty + Dulce Candy Collaboration - Lip Palette Swatches

Unfortunately, the formula just doesn’t work for me. I don’t know what it is about Pixi Beauty, but I seem to have trouble with some of their lip products. There must be something in the formulation that doesn’t mesh well with my lips. I need to do more research to figure out why this happens.

Pixi Beauty + Dulce Candy Collaboration - Lip SwatchesPixi Beauty + Dulce Candy Collaboration - Lip Swatches 2

As you can see by the lip swatches, most of the shades went on very patchy. Whether I use my fingers or a brush, I struggle with achieving a smooth application, unless I mix in a balm. Even when I do this, the formula isn’t that comfortable on my lips. It also tends to settle in every lip line and start to fade off or flake off in the center of my lips.

Pixi Beauty + Dulce Candy Collection Lip Palette Wear


Overall: The Pixi Beauty + Dulce Candy Collab is more of a miss than a hit for me. I had some issues with the formula in both palettes and the shade range in the Cafe Con Dulce palette. I feel bad saying this, but this collection really doesn’t inspire or move me. However, if you’re a nude shimmer fan, I think you might enjoy Café Con Dulce more than I do. And if unlike me, you don’t have problems with Pixi’s lip products you will really like Dulce’s Lip Candy.

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  1. This was my favorite of the three collabs of the year!

  2. This was my favorite of the three collabs of the year!