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Pixi Beauty is fast becoming known for their glow-inducing products and I have a few more to share with you today. In their most recent PR package, I received Liquid Fairy Lights, a liquid glitter eye shadow and two Glow-y Glossimer Duos, powder highlighter twins. The summer is when you really want to amp up the glow and be your shining best and these Pixi beauties will help you to be a Glowy Summer Goddess.

The Glow-y Glossmier Duo Highighters $18 come in two colors: Subtle Sunrise and Delicate Dew. These powder duos lighten, brighten and impart a luminosity to the skin. They are very finely milled and have a creamy, buttery texture. What I love about them is that there is no glitter–they have a wet, beaming look without the chunky glitter. They can be applied with a duo fiber brush with a light hand for a subtle suffused glow or can be made to be vibrant and gleaming.

Delicate Dew is the cooler toned of the two and has a soft pink champagne side and a rose gold side. The pink champagne shade is perfect for brightening and is quite blinding. The rose gold shade has a pretty peachy undertone that I like to wear as an eye shadow also. I really wish you could feel the texture: it’s silky, soft and velvety and feathery light. I have light (not porcelain) skin and I can sheer these out to work beautifully on my pale skin.

Subtle Sunrise has a pale yellow gold and a deeper rose side. They are very metallic and reflective producing lots of luster. This would look great on all skin tones–the lighter shade can be worn by pale skin and will look stunning on darker skin tones.

Both duos look very similar in the pan, but they are different on the skin. The light shade in Delicate Dew is definitely pink and the light shade in Subtle Sunrise is definitely pale gold. The difference in the deeper shades is that Delicate Dew is peachy and Subtle Sunrise is pinky.

The Liquid Fairy Lights $15 come in 5 glittery colors and can be used as shadow toppers or bare lids. These give the  eyes a little more sparkle. I did try a few on their own and there is a LOT of glitter, but I also got a few compliments on my eyes, especially when I wore Crystalline, a white silver base with tons of multi-colored micro glitter. I applied straight to the lid with the doe foot applicator and got some fallout, but actually much less than I anticipated. The hard part for me was removal–that’s where I ended up with glitter on my face. I used a cream eye makeup remover and maybe that was a mistake and I should have used an oil-based remover.

The 5 shades are:

In my opinion, the two lightest shades, Crystalline and SunRay are best used as toppers because they are thinner than the others and are fairly transparent. RoseGold, BareBrilliance and PassionLight are simply stunning and I am SO NOT a glitter girl! They can be worn alone and hold their own. RoseGold is very pretty for some summer sparkle with an otherwise soft, ‘natural’ look. BareBrillance and PassionLight need to take center stage so I would tone down the rest of my makeup. That said, I do like to use a powder shadow as a base and layer these on top not only for a more polished look, but for better staying power too. The Glow-y Glossimer Duos make a pretty base for these as well as a highlighter.

I know a lot of people compare these to the Stila Glitter and Glow eye shadows which I haven’t tried. I have done a little of research though and the Pixi Fairy Lights are referred to as a dupe for the Stila which, incidentally are $24 compared to $15 for Pixi. Of course you may disagree because I am going off popular opinion not my own. I know these swatches are kind of sloppy but I really wanted to try to capture the color and sparkle.

For my 4th of July look I used Crystalline all over the lid with matte brown in the crease. I wore a grey and white striped swing dress and this shadow added a nice of sparkle to an otherwise plain outfit.

I was truly expecting to hate these and I surprised myself because I actually like them. I think they are pretty and fun and I’m never going to get too old for fun!

What are you waiting for? Get ‘yoself to Target and get some Pixi Glow Getters!

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  1. These are all so gorgeous! I can’t wait to try them!

  2. These are all so gorgeous! I can’t wait to try them!