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Pixi Beauty has a few recent collaborations you need to know about. The collection includes four palettes that can be used to create a complete look for eyes, cheeks and lips, all curated by beauty bloggers and makeup artists. 

Pixi + Louise Roe

First up is Pixi + Louise Roe Cream Rouge Palette $20. This multi-tasking cream 25 shade palette can be used alone, mixed or layered for a customized look. The formula gives a sheer stain on lips or a translucent flush onto apples of cheeks.

Louise Roe helps women feel more confident through her beauty advice, both on screen and on her blog, Front Roe. As a mother, she is all about fast, flattering makeup. I remember from years ago on The Fashion Police. I wish they would bring that show back!

Though a lot of these shades look similar in the palette, there are subtle variations. Shades range from nudes, peaches, and neutrals to pinks, rosy shades and more vivid shades as you move down the palette. Where I usually like paler lip shades, I found in the this palette the brighter shades appeal more to me. I will admit though, lip palettes are not my favorite–I don’t like dipping my fingers into them. Using a lip brush is preferred but this lady rarely has time for that. That said, I can definitely see myself dotting my cheeks for a rosy flush.

Rather than swatching the palette and making a mess, here is a swatch picture courstey of Pixi.

Pixi + Louise Roe Palette
Pixi + Louise Roe

Pixi + Promise Shapeshifter Contour Palette $22. Contour, highlight, brighten, shape & define with this multi-use palette! “Bring out your best features and sculpt your cheekbones, eyes and nose with this pro-contouring palette designed by Promise and co-created with Pixi. Shades are universally flattering, sheer and easy to blend for the ultimate pro finish and fool-proof result.”

Promise is a makeup artist known for her amazing transformative makeup techniques and beauty tutorials. She encourages her followers to have fun with makeup and experiment.

Pixi + Promise

Due to my lack of contouring skills, I normally stick to two shades–a light bronze for cheeks, neck, and nose and a highlighter for brow bone and tip of nose (sometimes tops of cheeks). In addition, lately I have been happier using a cream contour stick. Bottom line is that this palette won’t get a lot of use for me. I can see however, if you are into contouring and unlike me, have more than basic skills, this would be a wonderful palette for you!

Pixi + Promise Palette
Pixi + Promise Palette

Pixi + Makeup by Denise Mind Your Own Glow Radiance Palette $18.
“This multi-use glow palette, created with a natural mineral pigment formula, gives the ultimate radiance and luminosity to the face. These colours are curated and designed to be mixed together or used solo. Swish on these gorgeous shades to easily recreate Denise’s stunning looks!”

Denise is a published content creator who loves sharing her tips and tricks with her dedicated online community. She is passionate about helping people glow from the inside out, travel, philanthropy and photography.

Pixi + Denise

The palette contains 9 glowy, radiant shades that will definitely up your glow factor. The shades are nicely pigmented and can appear soft or bright depending upon the application. These are mostly warm tones, it would make more sense to me to add some cooler shades.

Mind Your Own Glow Palette
Mind Your Own Glow Palette

The shades are made to be used alone, layered or mixed. The lighter shades can be used as blush toppers too. Hmmm, I think I will use some of these shades as eyeshadows too!

Pixi + Tina Young Tones & Textures Eyeshadow Palette $24

This palette contains shades curated by Tina and co-created with Pixi to easily take you from morning to moonlight with a mix of natural to vibrant colors in textures from silky to matte to glowy metallics. Highly pigmented and blendable hues make it easy to help create any look for a fresh new eye creation.

Consisting of 25 matte and shimmer shades, Tina wanted a one-and-done palette that will take you from day to night. The mix of neutral shades with some brights thrown in for fun should appeal to most. I’m a neutral girl but I do like to add pops of color so I will use the vivid shades as my liner. With a very few exceptions, the texture of the shadows is smooth.

Pixi + Tina Yong

Rows Across R to L:

Feelin’ Fresh, SoftFade, Sand, Crease & Buttercup
Gleam. SweetPea, Foxy, DailyDose & Butterflies
Rosie, Sassy, Vibin’ Flavsome & Snug
Electric, Juicy, Thriving, Shoutout & Depth
Melon, Mood, Seaside, Magic & AfterDark

What do you think of the newest Pixi Collabs?

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