Pixi Beauty Influenser Collabs

Pixi Beauty recently collaborated with a few popular beauty influencers to bring you three distinct looks. Pixi +Chloe Morello, Pixi+ Dulce Candy and Pixi  +Weylie Houng.  Today I’m sharing my thoughts on the Weylie Houng and Chloe Morello collabs, Blythe will review the Dulce Candy palettes soon.

Let’s get started with the Weylie Houng Dimensional Eye Creator Kit ($20)

Highlight and define for the ultimate dimensional eyes. Pigmented, blendable eye shades in a portable palette curated by Weylie are teamed up with a 2-in-1 black kohl pencil and liquid eyeliner duo to make this kit the perfect everyday eye essential. 

This little gem has six matte and shimmer neutral eyeshadows plus a double-sided black eyeliner for $20. Pretty basic but I can appreciate that it’s great for quick and easy looks.

The shades are:

  • Itty Bitty shimmery champagne
  • Gurl! shimmery cool icy pink with glitter
  • Potato warm matte light brown
  • Sista warm matte terracotta
  • Bomb deep brown shimmer
  • Beautis matte brick red

The quality of these shadows is quite nice, especially the mattes. Itty Bitty is great as a highlight shade, Gurl! has a bit of a chunky texture and more glitter than I like but it’s not bad and the color is beautiful. Potato is fab for the crease of a transition shade, Sista and Beautis are pretty warm shades that I will use often and finally, Beautis is a gorgeous shimmery dark brown that looks great in the outer V, under the lash line or on the lid for a soft, smoky look. With the exception of Gurl! they all perform well and are nicely pigmented.

The eyeliner has a black felt tip on one end and a black kohl on the other end. The felt tip does bleed a bit as you can see on my swatch. The kohl liner is nice and creamy.

Overall this is a nice inexpensive kit that will allow you to create day and nighttime eye looks. The shadows perform well and are nicely pigmented.

Pixi +Chloe Morello

I’m probably not going to be too popular for my thoughts on the Palette Chloette ($24). On the plus side, it has the same layout as the Rosy Radiance palette which I love–it’s very convenient to have blushes, eyeshadows, brow/liner products and highlights all in one palette. Unfortunately, that’s where the comparison ends.

I was SO looking forward to this palette because Chloe explained on her YouTube channel that all the shades were inspired by love, romance and her wedding. I’m a sucker for soft romantic looks but I am disappointed with this palette. I’m not trying to be negative but I calls ’em like I sees ’em and you trust me to do just that.

What I do like about the Palette Chloette are the blushes. They are all pretty and pigmented. Promise is a pretty peach, Bouquet is a bright pop of pink and Romance is a dusty rosy pink. The brow/liner shades are great, I hit pan on them in the Rosy Radiance palette so I’m glad to have more and I think it’s a nice touch to include these type of shades in the palette.

Now for the bad news: the eye shades have no pigmentation and are so common and boring! Huh, what? Oh sorry, I fell asleep while trying to get these eyeshadows to show up on my lids. I tried dry, wet, with fix plus and no dice, no way, nada. Now, in Chloe’s defense, she says they are highlighters that can be used as shadows. Sorry, Chloe that doesn’t help. As highlighters, they are way too small! If you intended them to be used as a highlight, why not make the pans big enough to get a fluffy brush in them? So, in my opinion, they don’t work as shadows or highlighters! And what’s up with that pathetic strip of mirror you claim is perfect for applying eye makeup? I would have preferred a brush to that skinny strip of a so-called mirror.

Pixi +Chloe Morello Lip Icing ($14)

Following the love, romance and wedding theme, the lip icing is called Cake. This clear gloss with 3D glimmer that can be worn alone or over top of lipstick. In the packaging, it appears as a rose gold but it really has a warm base with pink and iridescent sparkle. It’s comfortable on the lips, not gritty like some glitter glosses and gives lips dimension. It does have a scent, though I can’t place it: it’s not vanilla and doesn’t smell like cake. Cake is very pretty but I can’t help but compare it to the NYX Holographic gloss in Fairplay for $8.

Overall: I’m disappointed with the quality of the Cholette Palette, it doesn’t have good pigmentation and none of the shades are unique. And this is coming from a neutral lover! The gloss is very pretty though I think a bit overpriced.

I hope Blythe fares better with the Dulce Candy collaboration palettes.

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  1. Jen Sky Walker says

    This is the first I’ve really heard anyone say they are disappointed with this palette. I’ve not tried it myself and now I’m not sure if I should get it.

  2. Jen Sky Walker says

    This is the first I’ve really heard anyone say they are disappointed with this palette. I’ve not tried it myself and now I’m not sure if I should get it.

  3. Oh that’s disappointing about the pigmentation! I need to swatch mine too!

  4. Oh that’s disappointing about the pigmentation! I need to swatch mine too!