PMD Beauty KISS Anti-Aging Lip Plumper!

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I have small lips and to be honest, it never bothering me until the last few years. When I was a young adult getting into makeup big lips were not the norm nor considered to be a mark of beauty. Damn you Angelina Jolie and Kylie Jenner! I don’t want a trout pout, but I would like a little extra plumpness. My friend had injectables and it was painful and expensive sso that is not an option. So, I’m going for a safer lip plumping option that gives immediate results, isn’t toxic and doesn’t cost a months salary. The PMD Kiss Lip Plumping Device is the beauty tool that gives you the perfect pout!

PMD® Kiss is a smart anti-aging lip plumping treatment. It uses pulsating vacuum technology and specially formulated serum to create a fuller appearance of lip volume and restore youthfulness to lips. With daily use, PMD Kiss will boost collagen and create long-lasting plumped up results.

As we age our lips lose volume and color. We begin to see more lip lines & wrinkles. PMD Kiss safely boosts collagen to reduce the appearance of lip lines and wrinkles while increasing the look of lip volume.

What Does It Do?

Increases the Look of Fullness & Volume

 Reduces Appearance of Lines & Wrinkles

 Restores & Revitalizes Natural Lip Color

 Creates Instant & Long-Lasting Results with Daily Use

How To Use

  1. Apply PMD Kiss Smart Lip Plumping Serum onto clean, dry, lips. Use only on the lips.
  2. Power on PMD Kiss. Place Plumping Tip firmly & directly onto your lip creating a tight seal for suction.
  3. Use PMD Kiss in the 6 sections of your lips as shown – you will hear and feel the PMD Kiss working.
  4. Allow PMD Kiss to pulse 15-20 times on each section of your lips. You will be able to hear the pulses while the PMD Kiss works.

I’ve been using the PMD Kiss beauty device for a few weeks now and I can say my lips definitely have more color and are plumped slightly. I didn’t want or expect anything bigger or unnatural. Your lips will remain fuller and rosy for up to 2 hours. With continued daily use boosts collagen which increases the look of fullness and fades the appearance of lip lines & wrinkles.


The PMD Kiss Lip Plumper is super easy to use and is not painful at all. It comes with a lip plumping serum that you apply to clean lips prior to using the tool. Although using this special serum will garner the best results, you can use any serum or gloss. The serum tingles a little bit but it actually feels nice. Press the device to the six sections of your lips: left, center and right on both the upper and lower lip. PMD recommends to let it pulse 15-20 times in each section. My lower lip is much fuller than the upper so I do 10-15 pulses on the bottom and 15-20 times on the upper lip.  I use the device just before bed and wake up with full pink lips.

I love that the PMD Kiss doesn’t just give immediate gratification but that the improvement is cumlative. It’s a fabulous anti-aging device for older lips and not only plumps, but also helps with lip lines. If you want fuller, more youthful lips, I highly recommend the PMD Kiss Lip Plumper for us over 40 beauties!

The PMD Kiss Lip Plumping Device is available from PMD for $139.00 for the kit that includes both the device and the serum. Still less expensive and painful than lip injections!

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  1. Allison @neversaydiebeauty says

    I have a manual lip plumper, and I found that it did work with continued use. Definitely a choice than lip injections IMO!

  2. I have like NO top lip, so I would love to try this. It sounds like JUST what I need!

  3. Melissa Chapman says

    I am lucky that I never had to plump up my lips but I know so many women who would love this. I think having immediate gratification and avoiding injections make this a good option.

  4. all_the_words025 says

    This sounds like such an interesting gadget! I love that there are visible results, but they’re not over the top looking.

  5. Krystal Butherus says

    Your results are incredible! I’ve heard a little about this Kiss gadget, and people have had similar results.

  6. I can definitely see a difference. Awesome product for sure. Love the discount!!

  7. Amber Nelson says

    I have never heard of this gadget, but it definitely looks interesting! Results look subtle and not too overwhelming!

  8. Laura Samson-Exner says

    I have never heard of this but it looks really neat. I like that the results aren’t crazy like intense Goldie Hawn lips. I have very fine lips and would definitely be willing to give this a try.

  9. How long does it plump the lips from the time you used it?

  10. I like that it’s different from the other lip plumpers where you have to put your whole lip in the device. This one is much more convenient to use!

  11. You got very good results! It’s always great to find a beauty gadget that works.

  12. What a great idea! I admit I see those signs of aging around my lips starting now. Seems like it crept up on me all of a sudden now I’m heading on the downward slope of the mid 40’s!

  13. it looks like it worked well for you!

  14. Katie Saville says

    Wow, you can really tell the difference between your two pictures! What a great product!

  15. I’m so tempted to buy this. I feel like my lips look thinner every month. I have friends who’ve had injections and they look so fake. Plus I bruise so easily that I’d look like a prizefighter for a few weeks after.

  16. Maria Katsulos says

    This is really interesting. I totally agree with you, no injections!! Why would anyone want to look like they got punched in the mouth?

  17. Shandy Kaye says

    Nice! what a great product! I hope I can try it too and share this to everyone.

  18. That looks like a winner! It doesn’t take a lot of time, yet, it works over time! I will have to give this a thought or two. I could use plumper lips, too!

  19. Reesa Lewandowski says

    What an interesting product. I like that it works over time. I am intimidated by injections, so this is something I would love to try!

  20. Your lips really did look plumper and the color was better as well! I wasn’t expecting to see such a drastic difference!

  21. I have been so cutious about this device! I hope to try it this year!

  22. I had just heard of something like this. Interesting review. It is so odd watching myself lose fullness in my lips as I age.

  23. Censie 'Mumby' Sawyer says

    I love learning about new skin care routines, now especially as I get older. UGH! My skin is changing and I hate it. I will have to give this a try. Thank you for the reveiw.

  24. Kimberly Lewis (Lou Lou Girls) says

    I probably need to look into this. I have no lips and this would probably help!

  25. Ashley Hargrove says

    This is AMAZING!!!!!! I seriously need to try this out! I can’t believe it works so well.

  26. What a great little fix for thin lips! Will have to check this out and possibly incorporate into daily routines.

  27. Lisa Marie Heath says

    I really didn’t think I wanted or needed one of these, but so many blog posts convinced me otherwise

  28. This sounds perfect for me. I have always had a thin upper lip but don’t want to do injections.

  29. Jeanine @ says

    Wow this sounds awesome. The before and after is pretty great. I think this is something I’d like to use on myself, actually!

  30. Oh wow. This is so cool, I haven’t seen anything like it. I need to look into it more

  31. This is such a great way to pump your lips without surgery or injections. It actually did seem to make your lips seem a little fuller.

  32. I think injections usually look weird and unnatural looking. Thankfully, there are non-invasive and natural looking options like this!

  33. Krystle Cook says

    I have always wondered what this product was like. Thanks for sharing your experience!

  34. I’ve seen this product online before and have always wanted to try it! I would never do injections but this is something I wouldn’t mind!


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