Protecting Eyes Everywhere with Benefit Eye Patrol

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Benefit Air Patrol Benefit Air Patrol Packaging

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Before I used a primer for my face, I used a primer for my eyes to help my makeup last longer, and to prevent creasing. Though I used moisturizers or foundations with SPF, and other skin nutrient rich ingredients, I never thought about doing the same for my eyes. Although I was concerned for my eyes, especially since they are blue and very sensitive, my idea of protecting them from the elements was to wear sunglasses and use gentle cleansers and moisturizers at night.

Then, Benefit introduced their revolutionary new eye primer, Air Patrol with broad spectrum SPF 20, $29, and I thought, well, duh, putting sunscreen on your eyes makes total sense. Why hasn’t anyone thought of this sooner?  And, when can I try out this brilliant new product?

Benefit’s Air Patrol is infused with EnviroDefend complex, which is designed to protect the delicate skin on your eyes against sun, smoke and pollutants. It also extends the wear of eye makeup, and prevents creasing, fading, and smearing. According to the Benefit website and Air Patrol packaging, a consumer panel survey of 70 women who used Air Patrol for 1 week found:

  • 93% said it feels calming & soothing
  • 94% said it relieves dryness
  • 91% said it extends the wear of eyeshadow

Those are pretty high standards to live up to, but I have to agree with those 70 women. Air Patrol felt cooling, helped my eyeshadow last without creasing, and relieved my dry eyelids. Since it is designed to help with dryness, I’m not sure how well it will work for those with oily eyelids. However, it does feel a little sticky after application, and you have to let it dry before applying shadow, which may mean it won’t cause your makeup to slide, even if you have oily lids.

Benefit Air Patrol

Before I go further into talking about the formulation and applicator tip, I have to take a moment to pause and admire the packaging. One of the reasons I have always been drawn to Benefit, besides for the quality of their products, is for their packaging. They do a fabulous job designing whimsical and engaging items that call out to you to try them. Air Patrol is no exception. Just look at the stylish, retro-inspired airplane wing on the cap, as well as the tiny airplanes flying around the logo, and the silver stars on the twist bottom. Applause, Applause, Applause.

Benefit Air Patrol Product ShotBenefit Air Patrol Applicator

And speaking of inspired designs, the applicator tip definitely registers as one of a kind. Benefit calls it a CushionCalm™ tip. It is very cushioning and very gentle to use. It doesn’t tug or pull on the delicate eyelids. My only compliant with the cushion is it gets a big caked up with the product, but I was able to clean it off with a little micellar water. Another great feature of the Air Patrol is the click or twist base, which only needs one click per eye. This helps prevent product waste.

You can wear Air Patrol with or without makeup, since it is essentially a sunscreen for your eyelids. Plus, it helps even out skin tone. I need to remember to start using it both ways, as it is hard to break the habit of only using an eye primer when I am wearing eye makeup. But hey, these eyes and the skin on them, isn’t getting any younger. It must be cared for and protected, not just adored in glorious eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara. Like I said before, “Why hasn’t anyone thought of this sooner?”

Benefit Air Patrol Swatch

Left Swatch: product blended in to skin. Right Swatch: initial product application.

Bottom line: Benefit Air Patrol, $29, has already received rave reviews, and not only from me. It has won beauty awards from Oprah Magazine, Nylon Magazine, and OK! Magazine. Though the price point is a bit high, the fact that it is essentially two products in one makes it worth the investment. And don’t forget, you can use Birchbox points and discounts (which is what I used), or Ulta Rewards to help cut down on the cost.

Have you tried Air Patrol? What are your thoughts on the eye primer/sunscreen combo?

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  1. Allison @neversaydiebeauty says

    I’ve been using SuperGoop eye cream with SPF but what a great idea to add the spf to an eye primer. I have just gone back to my Benefit They’re Real Mascara, and I will check this out next trip to Ulta or Sephora.

  2. I have so much to learn about makeup! I don’t use anything for under my eyes. I need to look into this.

  3. Yes yes yes to eye products with SPF- why are they so few and far between?! I need this!

  4. I have been debating if this was gimmick or a good product. I will def try it out now!

  5. Di Hickman says

    I’ve been using foundation/SPF combo for a few years and love it. Along with the SPF in my day cream.

  6. This is on my wishlist. It will be mine during my Holiday haul lol

  7. Unfortunately it has a chemical sunscreen. I’m glad that you love it, tho.

  8. I love the packaging, but not too sure about the product itself 🙂

  9. I’ve heard wonderful things about this. I think I’ll pick it up on my next ULTA Trip!

  10. Never heard of this! Sounds like a great product!

  11. Norah Salazar says

    I haven’t heard about this new primer, thanks for the heads up!

  12. Cynthia @craftoflaughter says

    This looks like a great product. I will have to check it out. Thanks for your review!

  13. Relieves dryness? I definitely need to check this out! My skin can get so dry sometimes!

  14. Winifred Jac says

    Looks like an amazing product. I want to get into all these amazing brands, but I just know it’ll take away from how much clothes I can buy. Lol. Some of these makeup brands are so expensive…. amazing, but expensive.

  15. I’ve been curious about this since I think an e/s primer is a necessity. I like that it has SPF but I’m not sure about the color. Does it affect the shadows you use?

    • It doesn’t affect the shadows, as long as you let it dry first. Otherwise application is a challenge with some colors. It does help them stay on longer.

  16. Smart idea to use ULTA points!! I’ll definitely have to check this.

  17. Lisa Marie Heath says

    Ohh I need to check this out!

  18. FabZilla_Kath says

    Oh I have oily lids so I’m not the target demographic 🙂

  19. Laura Londergan says

    I will have to check this out the next time I am in Ulta.

  20. polarbelle says

    this is like an omg moment! When I’m outside, at the pool, I put spf 70 on my lids because they’re red already and they burn easily, however, during the day, going in and out of buildings and being exposed to the sun, I have no spf on the eyes….and I didn’t even realize it until right now!!! I really need this so that SPF on the eyes is easy and doesn’t interfere with shadow. Yikes, being in Phoenixfor nearly a year, the sun goes over the top of the sunglasses and I hate to think how much skin damage that has been. This product could be an eye savior.

  21. Debra Hawkins says

    This sounds so cool! I will have to look into it!

  22. I have oily eyelids but I will recommend this to my friends

  23. I’m not familiar with Air Patrol, but I like the idea of a sunscreen for my eyelids. I can always use more sun protection.

  24. Erin Shebish says

    Oh, looks like another product to add to my list! I love eye products!

  25. Sounds fabulous!

  26. I love eye shadow primers. Does it have a sunscreen smell?

  27. I’ve had my eye on this! I’ve only heard good things.

  28. Jennifer Walker says

    I’m a sucker for good packaging too. This sounds like a fabulous product!

  29. CourtneyLynne Storms says

    Omg this product sounds pretty great!!! I’m a makeup and product junkie so I can’t believe I haven’t heard of this until now!

  30. Lexie Pyfrom says

    absolutely love the idea! I didn’t even know that this was out there but I am definitely going to have to try it!

  31. I’ve been wondering about this!

  32. I love primers! I used both a primer for my face as well as eye primer. It’s so nice to be done with work and still have your makeup on thanks to primers!