PÜR Cosmetics PRO X Etienne Ortega Eyeshadow Palette

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I always get über excited when a brand collaborates with makeup artists for a special offering. After all, who knows what works better than the makeup artists themselves? PÜR Cosmetics newest launch is the PRO X Etienne Ortega Eyeshadow Palette, curated by celebrity hair and makeup artist Etienne Ortega and it’s PÜRfection!

About Etienne Ortega: Mexico-born and Los Angeles-based celebrity hair and makeup artist Etienne Ortega (@etienneortega) is renowned for his socialite and A-list clientele which includes the Kardashians, the Jenners, Kate Beckinsale, Christina Aguilera and Nicki Minaj to name a few. His signature glamazon looks have graced the pages of countless publications such as Vogue, Allure and Glamour and has secured his place as one of the most talented artists in the industry.

The palette features 18 blendable and buildable shades that go from basic everyday shades to smoky to red carpet looks because ya’ know I have to be ready or those red carpet moments at ALL times! There are a mix of mattes and shimmers, warm and cool shades with a few transition shades thrown in for good measure.

This palette contains:

  • Stripped (nude shimmer)
  • Legend (tan shimmer)
  • Popular (warm tan matte)
  • Penny (copper shimmer)
  • Monii (red-brown shimmer) 
  • Muddy (matte brown)
  • Dreamer (light gold shimmer)
  • 1988 (matte warm taupe)
  • Adobe (matte brick red)
  • Bossy (rose gold shimmer)
  • Faux (bronze shimmer)
  • 3 A.M. (matte black)
  • Zenon (silver shimmer)
  • Lola (cool taupe matte)
  • Paradise (purple shimmer)
  • Billionaire (dark olive shimmer)
  • Midnight (dark blue shimmer)
  • Galaxy (black shimmer)

First row left to right: Stripped, Legend, Popular, Penny, Monii and Muddy

Second row: Dreamer, 1988, Adobe, Bossy, Faux and 3AM

Third row: Zenon, Lola, Paradise, Billionaire, Midnight, Galaxy

The Pür Cosmetics PRO X Etienne Ortega Eyeshadow Palette ($42) is a versatile and timeless palette you will you reach for over and over. The shades are smooth and pigmented and there are so many of them the options for creativity are endless. As Ortega says “This collection was inspired by all the different kind of women I work with,” says Ortega. “I work with so many types of skin colors and ethnicities so I thought: Hmmm, what palette can every single one of my clients use? So, I created something versatile!”

You know I love me some shimmah and this shimmer is age appropriate–no glitter, just a beautiful gleam. For me, the standouts shades are: Penny, a beautiful copper, Bossy a lovely rose gold, Paradise a pretty purple and Midnight a stunning navy blue. Popular, 1988, Adobe and Lola are beautiful transition shades and I normally don’t get excited about transition shades but these blend with the rest of the palette SO beautifully! All of the shades were personally named by Etienne and evoke a personal moment or memory in the artist’s life. Both Etienne’s mother and sister are named Monica and the shade Monii is for them (the two ii’s represent each Monica). Adobe was inspired by the ranch he grew up on.

Eitenne has several YouTube tutorials using his palette and I tried a few looks from the tutorials. I am not a makeup artist so please be forgiving of my clumsy efforts! The first one is a daytime look. Apply Dreamer all over the lid and up to the brow bone as a base. Apply Adobe in the outer corner and into the crease, shimmery Penny on the lid, Adobe on the upper and lower lash lines.

To add more drama and take this look into night, take Monii and add into the outer corner and crease. Next, take a smudge brush to apply Monii along the lower lash line, then use an eyeliner brush and use Muddy to line the upper lash line and just one-third under the lower lash line. Use a black eyeliner on the waterline.

The last look is really out of my comfort zone. I don’t do blue eyeshadow, but love agood blue eyeliner. Very deep smoky eyes are not my thing either but this palette is really inspiring me to try new things! This look basically only uses two shades: Lola on the outer corner and into the crease and Midnight on the lid smoked out. Dreamer is on the brow bone and a touch on the inner corner, 3AM to lightly line.

The packaging is sleek and has a cool vibe with Etienne’s signature scrawled across the front. It’s made of sturdy cardboard with a full-sized mirror. It’s quite large so it may not be as easy for travel as others. I’ll find out because I’m taking with me this week on a trip so I’ll find out. The shadow shield has Etienne’s makeup philosophy written on it “Makeup is self-expression. No rules!” Watching his videos has really inspired me to try new looks!

Bottom Line: This palette definitely can take you from day to night, quiet to smoky and it’s perfect for over everyone! I am totally smitten with this palette because of the wide variety of colors and finishes. Neutrals pops of color, liner shades, smoky shades–the PÜR PRO X Etienne Ortega Eyeshadow Palette is a winner. It’s also a value–18 eyeshadows for $42 ain’t bad!

What are your thoughts on this palette? Do you have a go-to eyeshadow palette?

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  1. This is a gorgeous eye color palette! I’m always drawn to neutrals since I’m not too adventurous when it comes to applying makeup. The hint of shimmer is really nice.

  2. I just bought this but I haven’t used it. I’m even more excited about it now that you’ve shown the shades.

  3. I love PUR cosmetics. I just can’t do the metallic shimmery glitter pallets. Shimmer is very not flattering on mature skin.

  4. Cassie Liz says

    Another gorgeous palette here. Another brand I haven’t heard of either! Paradise is my favourite shade

  5. It’s really a beautiful palette! I love the colors especially the pigmentation. It’s perfect because it has all the colors you need.

  6. Glad to hear the shimmer is age appropriate. I never understood what my mother was going on about avoiding too much shimmer until I got to 47 myself. It’s like that enemy that lives to make you look bad!

  7. It looks like the only palette that you need! It’s definitely something that I would want in my collection especially since it has all the shades that you can use everyday or when you’re attending events.

  8. Melissa Chapman says

    There really are so many different shades and they cover any mood or look you could need. I love the names like 1988, and muddy.

  9. Emily Eileen says

    That is a really good value for a pallet. I am surprised at how many colors are included. I have used their powder foundation and liked it.

  10. Kelly Hutchinson says

    My daughter was just saying she needed new eye shadow. The Pür Cosmetics PRO X Etienne Ortega Eye shadow Palette would be perfect for her.

  11. These colors look great. I’m not a huge eye shadow girl but I wish I were. Such a pretty palette.

  12. I love this palette! I tend to stick with gold and shimmery versions of it. I love all the colors on this!

  13. That is a really nice palette. I really like the variety of colors that are included in there.

  14. Kristi McAllister says

    You do exactly what I do: try the colors on your wrist! I tend to stick to neutrals just because I’m sort of afraid of color–or not applying it right. I do like the palette you’ve featured though and I sorta want to buy it 🙂

  15. These are some great colors. Some of them I wouldn’t wear, but many that I would. I love when a palette is so large.

  16. I think it’s great that we’re living at a time when makeup companies can offer Youtube tutorials to help their customers best apply their makeup. Those are some pretty impressive pallets. Lots of pretty colors.

  17. Chei Pangan says

    I love the shades. I definitely want to give my mom one. She’ll love this kind of cosmetics.

  18. I have always liked Pur Cosmetics. This pallet looks like it is stunning! I love the every day colors and then the few pops of color to make it really stand out.

  19. Beth Davidson says

    That’s a really cool story about how the maker came up with the names of the shades. I like that it’s personal!

  20. The palette is impressive, the pigmentation and colors are just really cool. I love the packaging as well. It’s easy to take with you when you’re on-the-go!

  21. You have created some really pretty combos there. That is a very comprehensive palette. You can do about anything you want!

  22. Firenze McCowald says

    Wow, what a fabulous collection of eyeshadow shades for the fall! I love fall makeup colors the best, and I would love to have that set!

  23. Kristine Nicole Alessandra VA says

    That is one eye shadow palette every make-up loving woman should have! I love how deeply pigmented they are, so you are actually saving a lot! I am getting this for my daughter and my niece. Oh, they will have so much fun trying on the different shades.

  24. Jeanine @ sixtimemommy.com says

    So many gorgeous colours. A really gorgeous palette. My girls are starting to really get into make up so this would be perfect for them!

  25. Krystel Seijo says

    Third row seems like its perfect for those nights out. i like the diversity.

  26. This eyeshadow palette has some beautiful colors. I could match them with quite a few outfits that I currently have in my wardrobe.

  27. Lara Ziobro says

    I love me a good eyeshadow palette! My go to is definitely the Naked ones by Urban Decay. This one though has a ton of options. I love that it is shimmery (always a plus in my book) and there are some super dramatic options. Will have to check this out!

  28. Great post! I really like the color selections in this palette. My favorite shades have to be the one on the first row. So pretty shadows!

  29. Those swatches are to die for. What beautiful colors! I’m loving the neutrals/coppers. So pretty.

  30. Adaleta Avdic says

    This palette looks so cool! I would love to try out these shades myself. Great colours and they look great on you!!!

  31. Nicole Kamai Couchman says

    This palette looks like everything that I need in an eye palette! I need to add this too my list of products to buy!!

  32. The color palette is so pretty! I don’t wear a lot of eyeshadow, so your tips on applying it are very helpful!!

  33. Nayantara Hegde-Karkhanis says

    How beautiful are all those shades. I totally buy shades which give you the chance to use them for day or evening outs. So versatile.

  34. While I received the Soiree Diaries (I think it was?) palette in my BoxyCharm, I haven’t tried it out yet. The only palette of PUR’s that I’ve tried is the Troll palette that was full of bright colors. I would love to pick this one up as the shades and swatches were GORGEOUS!

  35. What a beautiful palette! The variety of shades is lovely, and it looks very versatile.

  36. I am all about smokey eyes for Fall and judging by your results, this palette is PERFECT. I’m totally taking a look at it.

  37. What a complete color collection! This looks perfect for fall.

  38. Such a beautiful pallet! Perfect colors for fall!

  39. Angela Milnes says

    Wow! such a beautiful palette and all the colors was so lovely glad you share this with us

  40. All of these eyeshadow shades are gorgeous, especially the first row. They’re perfect for the autumnal season!

  41. I’m so impressed with this palette! You definitely wouldn’t need any more in your collection if you had this one. I love the looks you’ve recreated 🙂


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