QR Cream – the Quick Relief Pain Cream you need

Don’t start the year in pain like I did. Instead find a product like QR QUICK RELIEF PAIN CREAM and keep it in your home for the occasions that pain finds you. I can’t begin to tell you how much Quick Relief Pain Cream has helped me this year.

Unfortunately I ended 2020 by falling. I severely sprained my wrist and even now almost 3 weeks later I’m still suffering the after effects. But thanks to this miraculous pain cream I’m doing better every day. I began my ordeal breaking a fall and landing on my hand and wrist. After icing and wrapping the swelling started going down but the pain persisted. That’s when I remembered I had been sent QR Cream.

QR Cream

This unique pain cream is the only one to contain Mannitol*, a natural ingredient that has been studied and found to help with pain in your neck, back, shoulder, wrist, finger, knee and foot pain, as well as nerve pain. Prior to this cream being released the only way you could get relief with Mannitol was by injection.

Not only does Mannitol contain fast acting and long lasting relief from pain but it also helps with relief for the itch associated with poison ivy and psoriasis. It is recommend to relieve pain from arthritis, neuropathy, migraines, shingles, and pain and itch from insect stings/bites. Sounds pretty miraculous and it is.

QR Cream – Quick Relief Pain Cream

There is nothing I can do to speed up healing the ligaments that were damaged but QR Quick Relief Pain Cream does relieve the pain that I’m having on my hand and wrist. I apply it about 3 times a day and massage it in. Within about 5 minutes I feel relief from the burning sensation in my hand. As time goes on I can use my hand more efficiently. I never could have typed this without QR.

QR Cream effectiveness

Not only does QR Quick Relief Pain Cream contain 30% plant powered mannitol it also contains 1.25% menthol. Therefore at first I’ll notice a medicinal scent but that soon dissipates. My hand feels better for hours. And the best part is that it’s not the least greasy. You can apply this anywhere without worrying about how your clothing will look. This is creamy and fast drying.

It’s my feeling that this needs to be in your medicine chest. You never know when something will happen so why not be ready with the best there is.

QR Cream, Quick Relief Pain Cream is available at Amazon for $29.95. Don’t waste a minute to give yourself some peace of mind and a painfree existence.

This revolutionary pain cream was developed by Hélène Bertrand, MD, CM, a family physician and scientific researcher, and Marylene Kyriazis, B. Pharm, Pharm D, a clinical pharmacist with a focus on pain management and palliative care. In 2010, Dr. Bertrand started working with patients who were suffering from pain. When she injected mannitol around inflamed nerves, the pain would frequently disappear before she removed the needle from the skin. She believed that it might be possible to use a skin-penetrating cream to deliver mannitol to those nerves. She began collaborating with Dr. Kyriazis, and QR Cream™ was born.

“Common topical pain relievers work by reducing inflammation, numbing the pain or irritating the skin to distract the brain from pain,” explains Dr. Bertrand. “But QR Cream™ works in a new way by interrupting the pain signal from the nerve to the brain. Clinical studies have shown that QR Cream™ relieves pain better than acetaminophen, narcotics and anti-inflammatories taken by mouth.”

Adds Dr. Kyriazis, “QR Cream™ works without contraindications or drug interactions. Plus, results are cumulative—the more you use it, the less you need it.”


Our nerve cells are like wires that carry the body’s sensations in the form of electric signals to the brain. Your brain is where you feel. When your toe is injured, the pain sensing nerves supplying your toe will send an electric pain signal to your brain. When your brain receives that signal, you feel pain in your toe. Mannitol blocks the nerves’ pain signal. When your brain stops receiving a pain signal from your nerves, you feel no pain.

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