Rahua Leave-In Treatment Light!

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Rahua Leave-In treatment light

Rahua Leave-In Treatment Light $45 offers fine hair types a lightweight finish and is a perfect protective and healing anti-frizz treatment for heat styling or air drying.

It does triple duty by taming frizz, protects from heat and breakage and prevents split ends, helping hair to grow longer and stronger. Crafted using omega-9-rich Rahua oil, it acts as a heat protectant, guards hair from the stress of blow-drying and styling tools, and adds definition and separation when air drying.

Rahua Leave-In Treatment Light

Why a Leave-In?

When it comes to caring for our hair, we shouldn’t stop at conditioning in the shower. Our hair needs some extra love to keep it healthy, protected, and vibrant.

Our daily routines can damage our hair without us even realizing it. Hot styling tools and the sun’s UV rays can take a toll on our hair’s health, leaving us with split ends and dryness that take away our natural shine. And when we bleach or color our hair, we cause even more damage that can make healthy hair hard to achieve.

Rahua’s Leave-In Treatments are perfect for:

  • Improving hair health
  • Protecting hair from hot styling tools and the sun
  • Adding moisture
  • Extending the life of your hair color
  • Elevating shine
  • Allowing hair to grow longer and stronger
Rahua Leave-In Treatment Light

I have very fine wavy hair that can get frizzy. This treatment tames my frizz, makes my hair very smooth, soft, shiny and healthy-looking. It doesn’t weigh down my fine hair or make it greasy. I apply when my hair is wet just from mid-shaft to the ends. Being able to use when I air dry my hair is a big plus for me. There is no strong fragrance so I think those with sensitive noses can tolerate it.

Rahua Leave-In Treatment Light

Rahua Leave-In Treatment Light is vegan, cruelty-free, and formulated without gluten, silicones, and synthetic fragrance.

Bottom Line:I’m so glad I’ve discovered a leave-in hair treatment that works for my fine hair!

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