Red Apple Lipstick – A Delicious Treat!

One of the best things about being a beauty blogger is getting to try new products and even more than that, finding new brands. A brand called Red Apple Lipstick contacted me and I wasn’t really expecting much but I thought if the product was an epic fail I could always give the products away. Fast forward to a few weeks later when I was finally able to try the goods and they’re are not going to be pried from these paws!

Before we get into the performance of the products, let me tell you a little about this unique company. Red Apple Lipstick  is the brainchild of one Jay Adam Harper from Houston, Texas. This project was started in 2007 and it’s been nothing but innovation from there. Red Apple only uses super-good-for-you ingredients none of those yucky parabens, lead, soy, there are even gluten-free! Red Apple lipstick does NOT test on animals and neither do their suppliers. All products are made in the USA!

When Jay started Red Apple Lipstick, the choice of making his product anywhere other the USA was out of the question. As a company, we never even consulted with groups outside of the USA.  Americans manufacture all Red Apple products in the US. Jay, being a veteran and a patriotic, red blooded American wanted his products made here, by Americans. He wanted to provide jobs for people here that needed them and he knew that in the end, the product would be superior. Let’s face, Americans DO know how to manufacturer quality products and Red Apple products are prime example of the American spirit and ingenuity this great country of ours offers to the world.

I was sent Mauve Me and Pinky Promise lipsticks, Blush Retractable Lip Pencil and Metropolis Lip Gloss.  Mauve Me is both a bright and deep pinkish purple with a satin finish and the tiniest bit of frost. There is a slight scent but I can’t tell what it is.

Red Apple Mauve Me

Pinky Promise is a baby pink with a frosty finish and a fruity scent. There is no shimmer or glitter.  This is too frosty for me to wear alone, but it works beautifully layered over different lipsticks. That being said, the sheen on this is really beautiful.

Metropolis is my favorite of all. This high shine medium pink gloss has no shimmer of glitter but still has dimension. It feels fab on the lips and glides on! The texture is on the thin side and it is not sticky at all.  Metropolis does double duty looking fabulous on it’s own and amazing over any lipstick.  It has a slight vanilla scent. I think this shade will flatter all skin tones. I wear it over Blush Lip Pencil to create a deeper shade. I’ll need several back -ups of this one and you know me, I NEVER get back-ups!

Red Apple Metropolis Lip Gloss

R to L: Mauve Me, Pinky Promise, Metropolis Gloss & Blush Lip Pencil

top-Blush Lip Pencil + Metropolis Bottom-Metropolis alone

Overall:  I’m so impressed with Red Apple Lipstick!  The products are high quality, reasonably priced and gluten, paraben and allergy-free! I love that Red Apple does NO animal testing and the products are made in the USA and vegan.  This is brand I can really get behind and the products are awesome!

As if that’s not enough, Red Apple Lipstick offers a 30 day money back no questions asked guarantee!  You have nothing to lose !

Prime Beauty Grade: A – This Red Apple is of the delicious variety–so glad I got to take a bite!

Purchase Red Apple products at  and check out their Facebook page! Prices range from $17.50 to $27. They have gluten-free eye shadows now too!

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  1. i really like the pinky promise.. it looks so naturally pink.. em surely gonna buy it..

  2. I agree with you – Metropolis looks gorgeous! It reminds me of one of my favorite lip products – NYX Mega Shine in Beige (which isn’t actually beige – that name is really misleading). That sort of shade instantly brightens my face, it’s such a fresh healthy looking color

  3. I found this line while watching youtube. I ordered and was so impressed, I called the owner and suggested he contact you and Marcia to get in with the mainstream fans.

    I love Metropolis too.

  4. WOW, these are stunning!! I have never heard of this line before. Metropolis is a real beauty!

  5. Wow. How pretty. I hope he contacts my blog since I’d love to try these. That gloss is gorgeous.