Rejuva Minerals Multi-Action Eye Cream!

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Rejuva Minerals Multi-Action Eye Cream

Rejuva Mineralsis an environmentally conscious company using eco-friendly packaging and implementing in-house recycling. Rejuva Mineral products are made in an FDA-approved lab in the USA by a team of “green” chemists.

Rejuva Minerals Multi-Action Eye Cream has a Vegan-friendly formula that is great for dry, mature, normal, combination and even the most sensitive skin types. 

Packed with high potency actives, including firming peptides, plumping Hyaluronate Acid, firming & tightening botanicals, and antioxidants.

I love the light, silky texture and all-day hydration. It works perfectly underneath concealer and doesn’t dry out or pill up. I can’t speak to the firming, but the moisture is excellent without being greasy or sticky.

Unique Ingredients

  • Leontopodium Alpinum Callus Culture Extract – helps to smooth out crow’s feet wrinkles. Protects against oxidative stress (air pollution, UV radiation) and recreates skin tension by restoring the mitochondrial dynamism, the first active ingredient to provide a visible lifting action. 
  • Cassia Angustifolia Seed Polysaccharide – Helps to restore collagen and boost hyaluronic acid synthesis. Increases skin hydration and radiance.
  • Palmitoyl Tripeptide-56  –  supports the reduction of crow’s feet after 6 weeks by stimulating collagen fiber production. 
  • Palmitoyl Tripeptide-38  – significantly increases the synthesis of 6 major constituents of the matrix and dermal-epidermal junction.  After 2 months with twice daily application, crow’s feet wrinkles are evened out with lifting effect.

The pump dispenser pumps just the right amount and is more sanitary than a jar.

Right now Rejuva Minerals has a special introductory price of $24.95!