Relieve Sore Muscles with Village Naturals Therapy!

Good morning beauties! So I may have already told you this, but just in case–I got a new part-time job! I’m working in a Salon and Spa a few days a week and I love it. What I don’t love is standing and walking 8-9 hours a day.  I work on a concrete floor and am going back and forth from the front desk to the back room 17 billion times a day so my feet and legs get very sore. So sore, I get cramps in my calves and feet at night. When Village Naturals sent me these products, they came at the perfect time.

Whether your sore and tired muscles are from working too hard, gardening or overdoing it at the gym, give your body some extra TLC with a three-step therapy and spa treatment that costs less than $15 and can be found at your local drugstore!

The first thing I tried was the Epsom Salt Bath Bomb. I’ve read about the benefits of Epsom salt but had never tried it. In addition to the Epsom salt, this bath bomb is infused with soothing Spearmint and Eucalyptus Essential oils in a convenient single-use bath bomb you can use in the bath or shower. Available at Walgreen’s for $3.42.

Next, turn up the heat with the Village Naturals Therapy Heated Body Scrub. This fast-heating, moisture-rich scrub is water-activated and provides three benefits in one: provides deep muscle relief with Epsom salt, exfoliates and softens rough areas with coffee seed, and hydrates and nourishes tired skin, courtesy of shea and cocoa butter. OMG, this feels sooooo good on my neck and shoulders where I carry all my stress! I use this when I’m soaking in the tub or shower and then apply a heated rice pack after I dry off and I can say adios to my soreness. The body scrub is available at Walmart stores for $6.47.

Finish your treatment with the Village Naturals Therapy Warm & Tingly Massage Oil Bar. Melt away tension, muscle aches and cramps naturally with the gentle warming effects of cinnamon and soothing properties of menthol. Your skin will also be left feeling moisturized and soft from the nourishing combo of shea and cocoa butter. The unique form is perfect for on-the-go and with less packaging waste than typical massage oils, you can also feel good about reducing your carbon footprint. The bar is available at Walmart stores for $4.97.

Another product that I really like is the Village Naturals Therapy Aches & Pains Muscle Relief Hand and Body Lotion. This lotion gives instant relief to my tired legs and feet after a warm bath with the Epsom Salt Bath Bomb. This lotion contains Eucalyptus to revitalize and restore, Aloe to refresh and renew and Menthol to soothe and comfort. Gosh, I like this stuff–it feels cool and tingly and provides great pain relief. It’s not sticky or greasy and seems to help prevent my cramps. It also helps with arthritis in my hands. Available at Walmart, Kmart and online at Walgreens $5.99 for 16 oz.

For those of you like me that suffer with seasonal allergies, Village Naturals Therapy has two products that can help with the sniffles and congestion.

Allergy suffers rejoice with the return of the Village Naturals Therapy Cold & Allergy Relief Concentrated Mineral Bath Soak. Available in a single use, two-ounce packet for 98 cents, the inexpensive soak contains a powerful combo of Epsom & Sea Salt, soothing menthol, Echinacea and uplifting essential oils. Perfect for at-home or travel, the bath soak is available at Walmart.

 For those who prefer combatting their colds standing up, the brand has also introduced the Village Naturals Therapy Cold & Allergy Shower Bomb. Place the shower bomb on the floor of your shower so that it slowly breaks down while releasing eucalyptus and menthol vapors that mix with the steam. The Village Naturals Therapy Cold & Allergy Relief Shower Bomb is available in a two-pack and retails for $2.97 at Walmart.

Other products available in the line are foaming bath soak aches & pain pain relief, aches & pain nighttime relief, mineral bath soaks and foaming bath oil & body washes in tension relief, muscle relief and nighttime relief.

What do you do for sore muscles?

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