Review and Pics: Shu Uemura Art of Hair Volume Maker

Looks just like me doesn’t she?

Confession time: I have a love hate relationship with my hair. I love the color; hate how fine the texture is. It makes me look like a flathead. Remember those stupid dolls that were popular for a while? They looked like old fashioned paper dolls but they were a much, much heavier cardboard and they were called “Flatsy” I think. Well, I feel like a flatsy most of the time. I am constantly searching for something to give my flat hair some volume, some poof, some life!

Iconic cosmetic brand, Shu Uemura has a line for hair called Art of Hair.  Who knew? The new Shu Uemura Volume Maker is the first precision powder brush designed for hair, containing ‘invisible’ powder that adds instant volume, texture, and lift to the roots. Can this product save me from the flatsy’s? I have high hopes.

I’ve used hair powders before; some were successful, some not so much. My usual complaint about hair powder volumizers is that too often they leave my hair feeling dirty and gritty. This powder itself is micro-particled sized and invisible which spreads across the roots to supports the hair styling. You can amplify shape with this brush or even create up-dos.


So, what makes Shu Uemura Volume Maker different? Two things:

  • The powder is invisible—most are white and can make you look like you have grey hair—no thank you!
  • The unique packaging! The application method is a brush. This makes getting the powder to the roots a snap! There is also no fallout, spillage or powder getting all over the bathroom.

The packaging is ingenious! Designed like a makeup brush, the powder is in a round tube and the brush is retractable!  Press the button three times and then brush on the roots of dry hair. Use circular motions to distribute through the roots (the brush makes this SO much easier) and then brush through. The compact applicator allows for travel and touch-ups and is absolutely gorgeous with the sleek black and decorative red print.

Shu Uemura Volume Maker does an excellent job at adding volume—my co-workers even noticed my poofy hair! I mean my hair looked really, really good! The one con is the price–$48!

Prime Beauty Grade: B+  beautiful and convenient packaging, mess free, it really works!  I’m kind of on the fence beauties–the result is awesome, but I just wonder if I can find something less expensive.

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