Review: Benefit “I’m Glam….therefore I Am”

Benefit’s I’m Glam…therefore I Am  kit was part of their Holiday 2011 Collection. I purchased it with a gift card I received from Ulta as a Christmas gift. I was surprised and delighted it was still in stock after the holidays. I was originally pretty indecisive about the kit because all the reviews I had read said it was very cool-toned. Although I can wear cool tones, with my pale skin I have to be careful they don’t wash me out.

I’m so glad I was able to swatch this kit in person because I freakin’ love it! I feel like a frickin’ Glammy Glam Fairy in it! Ooops, sorry too much Jerseylicious  TV over my break. Ahem, back to the review. I have always loved this time of year in the makeup world–now that the holidays are over, and the metallic eyes and red lips are put away for awhile, the what I call “Ice Princess” look can thrive. Have you ever noticed in the deep winter months, (January and February) that colors change from deep fall shades and gold/silver to pastels? Me too! Not the Easter egg pastels of spring, but deeper, more dusty pastels–dusky lavender, icy blue, dirty pink, sage green, pearly grey–the look is soft and feminine but decidedly cool and a little aloof–the Ice Princess Cometh!! I love this look, it makes me think of snow bunnies, ice skaters, and regal Russian royalty. That’s the look I get with Benefit’s I’m Glam…therefore I Am! It’s warmed up a bit with the addition of the fabulous Glamming Face Powder. Pssst, hey Benefit please release this as a single blush–it’s what I wanted Sugarbomb to be!

The kit includes:

  • Girl Meets Pearl a liquid pearly pinky gold luminizer

  • 4 eye shadows in Pink Fancy, Icy Lilac, Posh Amethyst and Precious Pewter

  • Glamming Face Powder & Brush- a delicious mix of rose and peach with sheen

  • A deluxe sample of BADGal Mascara

  • Lip Gloss in Life On The A-List

  • Instruction sheet

Everything in this kit is a winner. More often than not, there is one product you won’t use or that doesn’t suit you making kits quickly lose their value. For me, the lip gloss Life On The A-List isn’t a gloss that I would pick myself, but it does work well with the eye shadows and the Icy Bitch Princess.

The eye shadows are soft, pigmented and blend easily. They have no glitter or sparkle, just a lovely sheen, very similar to the Benefit Velvet shadows. The instructions give details on a “Daytime Dahling” look and “Evening Goddess” look.

Here’s a quick Evening Goddess look I did:

I was most surprised by Girl Meets Pearl–I expected a glitter fest but it’s really quite pretty. Just a tiny bit on the cheekbone, bridge of nose and cupids bow really brings a soft glow to the face. As I mentioned before the Glamming Powder is what I wanted SugarBomb to be–a mix of soft rose and peach with a slight sheen–it is beautiful on the skin imparting a lovely flush. It’s looks fairly glittery in the pan but is more subtle on the skin. Life on the A-List is a bit pale for my fish belly lips, I would have preferred a medium pink or something slightly brighter.

And ta dah….the total Daytime Dahling  look! Can’t you just feel the icicles dripping off my icy heart?

Overall Thoughts: I’m so glad I got the chance to see and try this in person–after all the reviews I surely would have skipped it. This is one of the best kits I’ve purchased this year. I certainly think that warmer toned girls can wear this palette. I will say however, that it is best suited to fair complexions–I’m not sure it would show up on darker skin tones. At $36, you’re getting a full face (minus the foundation) and that represents a terrific value. This kit is super flattering on us pale ladies. All hail the Ice Princess!

Prime Beauty Grade: A  If you can still find this, at least play with the tester–I think you’ll be surprised at how flattering it is.

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  1. Love the eyeshadow colors. This set includes so many lovelies! I really want to try Girl Meets Pearl now!

  2. I rarely look at Benefit and I’m not sure why. The kit looks great and you look amazing in it.

  3. I love benfit; big fan of their Eyebright! I would normally would walk past a pallette like this as I’m quite pale as well and would choose warmer colors, but maybe I should look into a pallette like this.

  4. Eyeshadow colors are really pretty! I like to look your created with this palette.

  5. This look is absolutely beautiful on you! What a great kit 🙂