Review: ColourPop Summer Tie Dye Collection

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ColourPop Tie Dye Collection


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Until I ordered the ColourPop Summer Tie Dye Collection, I think I was the only writer in the blogosphere who hadn’t sampled the brand. I’d seen plenty of reviews and swatches, and each time, I would tell myself I needed to order up some ColourPop. I’ve always been nervous about ordering makeup online, unless I had seen the product in person first or already tried it out, because you never know what you’ll actually receive.  When I saw the new Limited Edition Summer Tie Dye Collection, I decided it was time to join the ColourPop bandwagon, and, just like those who had gone before me, I am very glad I did.

 The ColourPop Summer Tie Dye Collection launched in limited run on July 4th, and I was lucky enough to purchase three of the four items offered, before they disappeared on the sixth. (Don’t ask me why I only chose three, instead of all four. I seriously, can’t remember the reason.) I chose the highlight, Road Trip, $8, and two of the eyeshadows, Flamingo and Rip Tide, $5 each. All three products are part of ColourPop’s Super Shock line, and as the card below states, each features a feather soft formula in kick ass shades, kissed with glitter and tweaked with multiple fabulous finishes. Plus, they are cruelty free, and made in the City of Angels.

ColourPop Product Card and Note

I love the fun note ColourPop included; “If we have to choose between a Netflix marathon and you, we’d choose you.”

The Highlighter – Road Trip, $8

 Road Trip - Highlighter

Road Trip Swatch

Road trip is a cool toned silver beige, with warm glittery accents. Not to sound cliché, but when I applied Road Trip for this first time, I found myself saying, “But that highlight, though.” Oh, yes, I went there, even to my dismay. This is how much I loved Road Trip. It is absolutely gorgeous, applied like a dream, and was long lasting. If I could cover my entire body with this heavenly glow, I wouldn’t hesitate. It is a dream highlighter that sparkles and shines, without looking too glittery or too frosty.

The Eyeshadows– Rip Tide and Flamingo, $5 each

 Rip TideFlamingo

The Tie Dye LE Collection featured three shadows. I choose Rip Tide, a warm coral, pink with glitter highlights, and Flamingo, an icy metallic light blue. Am I the only one who thinks the names should be reversed, since flamingo are pink and a rip tide would be more blue in tone? Actually, I kind of like the irony of the names.

 Rip Tide SwatchFlamingo Swatch

Like their highlighter partner, Rip Tide and Flamingo also applied like a dream, are long-lasting, and absolutely gorgeous. It was fun to play around with the application. ColourPop suggests using your finger or a flat, fine tip synthetic brush to make the max coverage magic happen.

I know I will get a lot of use out of Rip Tide, as I think it works great on its own, or over other neutral or mattes shadows, when I want to add some drama to my look. As for Flamingo, I think I need to play around with it more, but I found I liked it best when used to line my upper or lower lash line. The other night, I actually did both, lined one eye on the bottom, and the other on the top (Don’t worry, I didn’t go out in public looking this way). I couldn’t decide which I liked better. If definitely gives me options.

ColourPop Tie Dye Collection Swatches

The Tie Dye Collection Works So Well Together

Bottom Line: As many other bloggers have said before, ColourPop is a revelation. I don’t know how they produce such unique items for such an affordable price.  I’m more than sold. I am a ColourPop convert. I can’t wait to try out more shadows, lippies, highlighters, blushes, etc., or to see who the brand collaborates with next.

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  1. Heather ツ says

    Love the highlighter!!

  2. My favorite as well.

  3. Allison @neversaydiebeauty says

    No, I’m the last blogger who hasn’t tried ColourPop yet. I keep getting overwhelmed with all the choices on the website, lol

  4. I finally caved and made an order yesterday. I know I’m going to regret the metallics but I had to try them and at about $5 each I figured I’m okay if some fail.

  5. I am with Allison, I need to try out Colour Pop not sure why I am hesitant about it but I will for sure before the end of the year hehe

  6. The colors are so pretty!

  7. Flamingo is a very pretty shade! I need to try Colour Pop. I’ve been hearing great things about their lippies as well.

  8. Very pretty colors, especially the aqua shade.

  9. They’re so pretty! I love all my Colour Pop Shades!

  10. FabZilla_Kath says

    So far I’ve only tried the lippie stix. These are lovely e/s

  11. I picked up the eyeshadows, but now I wish I’d gotten the highlighter! So glowy. I’m with ya on the names – I actually looked online at different reviews to see if mine just had the labels reversed!

  12. Betzy Carmona says

    The shadows are very pretty indeed !

  13. Lisa Marie Heath says

    Very pretty shades!

  14. Miki Nyckel says

    I agree, I don’t know how Colour Pop does it either. Their eyeshadows are insane! I’m hooked.


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