Review: Julep rethink your shower & it’s fun to exfoliate

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Is it possible for a company, known for its nail polish, to gain recognition for its amazing skincare products, as well? It is if it’s Julep. Started by Jane Park, the company has quickly become one of the fastest growing omnichannel beauty brands in the world.

I first discovered the Julep about a year ago, through its Maven beauty box subscription service. My nail polish collection quickly grew as a result. While I loved discovering new colors and polish finishes, what I loved most were the other items that made it into my box; many of which have become all time favorites. These extra goodies included a cleansing face oil, body frosting, sea salt texture spray, foot treatment & friction stick, and a sleeping mask.

 Julep product card

This month, Julep upped the ante and introduced it’s fun to exfoliate, an all-natural body konjac sponge, $16 ($12.80 for Mavens), and rethink your shower, a hydrating body cleansing oil, $38 ($30.40 for Mavens), both of which I choose as my picks for my July Maven Box month. (I paid $19.99 for my box, but Julep recently changed their box prices and tiers.) They have quickly become two of my favorite shower products.

rethink your shower- Hydrating Body Cleansing Oil

 Julep rethink your shower

“Oil and water do mix! Our lightweight body cleansing oil reaches deep to dissolve skin impurities then rinses away to reveal silky, nourished skin.”

 If you’re familiar with Julep’s Bare Face Cleansing Oil, then you will like their rethink your shower body cleansing oil. Both products have the same refreshing citrusy/nutty scent, are made in the USA, and are paraben and cruelty-free.

To say I adore rethink your shower would be an understatement. I think I may have already become obsessed with it. I love how it lathers and applies in the showers, especially when paired with the konjac sponge, but mostly I love the way it leaves my skin feeling after my shower; refreshed, hydrated, protected, and nice and clean. This feeling is definitely the result of all the good ingredients in rethink your shower.

  •  Grape seed oil soothes and tightens pores
  • Coconut oil prevents dryness
  • Kukui nut seed oil moisturizes and protects
  • Grapefruit peel oil cleanses and evens skin tone

Another small, but much appreciated perk, I must mention is the the handy pump. It makes using the product so easy. Julep always does a great job with their packaging, not only is the design very clean and modern, but also highly functional.

it’s fun to exfoliate- All-Natural Body Konjac Sponge

Julep it's fun to exfoliate

“Slough, smooth, soften, and clean. We took our cult-favorite, all-natural Konjac face sponge and made it big enough to use from top to toe.”

 Of the two products I choose for my Maven Box, this was the one I was most excited to try. I was familiar with the idea of a konjac sponge, and had seen many other bloggers and YouTubers talk about how well they worked on their face, but no one ever mentioned anything about a body sized konjac. The it’s fun to exfoliate is made from two ingredients, which are designed to help exfoliate and detoxify your skin.

  •  Konjac root gently exfoliates and stimulates blood circulation to promote cell turnover
  • Bamboo charcoal powder detoxifies and cleans deep within your pores

it’s fun to exfoliate arrives damp in a clear, sealed package. Sending the sponge wet helps keep it from breaking up during shipment, since a dry konjac sponge is very hard, and can easily crumble. The sponge comes on a string, so Julep also included a suction cup for easy storage. Unfortunately, my string broke while I was taking pictures for this review. This was extremely disappointing, but I have contacted Julep about the issue. Right now, I have it stored on a slotted shelf of my shower caddy, which I guess is where it will stay until I replace it in 2-3 months, as recommended.

But enough about the broken string, let’s talk about the amazing sponge itself. I adore it as much as I adore the cleansing oil. The size of the it’s fun to exfoliate is perfect; it is about as big as my hand. This makes using it in the shower, so convenient. The texture is hard to describe, it’s definitely has a spongey feel, but not like that of a sponge you would use to clean your dishes. It’s squishier, but not in a slimy way. It absorbed the the oil so quickly, I almost wasn’t able to capture it the picture below.

 Using cleansing oil and konjac sponge

What was most surprising about the konjac sponge was it stayed cooled during my entire shower. It was so unique, and I loved it. The combination of using it’s fun to exfoliate with rethink your shower made for a divine experience. I added a few pumps of the oil to the sponge, and then gave it a squeeze to activate the lather. As instructed I used the konjac sponge in a circular motion, and the cool sensation against the warm water really made my skin feel both clean and refreshed. After my shower, I didn’t even need to apply moisturizing lotion. When I did, the lotion absorbed much quicker, and my skin felt hydrated the entire day.

Bottom Line: If you can’t tell from my review above, rethink your shower and it’s fun to exfoliate, are my new favorite, must have bath products. I can’t recommend them highly enough. Though they are a bit on the pricey side, $38 ($30.40 for Mavens) and $16 ($12.80 for Mavens), respectively, they are more than worth the investment. By becoming a Maven, you can receive a discount on both items, or accumulate Jules points to add them as box add-ons or for discounted purchases.



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  1. Allison @neversaydiebeauty says

    I had no idea that Julep was into bath & body products. Both sound fabulous!

  2. Wow they are really branching out product lines! Everything should have a pump. Love it!

    • They are so innovative. I just love it. Even when I told them about the broken string, they asked for pictures to send to their development team so they can prevent this from happening again.

  3. I would love a body-sized konjac sponge – I’m making do with a face one on my body, but I have a lot of body, and it’s a tiny sponge! lol. If you’re crafty at all, thread some cooking twine or heavy string through a large needle and create another drying loop for your konjac. You’ll want it to hang so that all sides can dry out. Moldy konjac is yucky.

    • Thanks for the tip. I will definitely try this. Julep was going to send me a new one, but they are sold out. I don’t want my konjac to become moldy.

  4. This duo sounds like a little bit of shower heave, to be sure.

  5. I love using body cleansing oils – my favorite one is by L’Occitane. I have to check this one out!

  6. I didn’t know Julep was doing skincare! I love my konjac sponges and have a square sponge for the body (it has a thread to hang in the shower). I haven’t tried it with cleansing oils, though – just shower gels.

  7. I also love a good cleansing oil, and wasn’t aware that Julep had these products!

  8. I always think of Julep as nail polish but I know they’ve expanded way beyond that.

  9. I love the konjac sponge!

  10. I didn’t know they were doing bath products, wow they’re really expanding!

  11. Dorothy Abernathy says

    Now I’m excited. On the big letdown of Amazon’s “Prime Day” the only thing I bought were 3 body sized charcoal konjac sponges. It was a deal in the beauty department. Each sponge was $12 and the third was free. I haven’t tried it yet and they have to be soaked for 5 minutes before the first use but they do have strings for hanging. A friend of mine got the same deal a few days after “prime Day” so it might be worth checking if anyone is interested. Oh, the konjac sponge is sold under the brand name “Prettilicious” and you can choose from charcoal, red clay or plain. I’m looking forward to exfoliating with it tonight.

  12. Good on them for expanding! I guess they are picking up new products.

  13. You do sound enthusiastic, cool! 🙂

  14. Love that they are branching out! These sound really great!

  15. Aleya Bamdad says

    I’ve been wanting to try the konjoac sponge. This sounds so exciting.